Best Pizza in London

Looking for the The Best Pizza in London? Pizza may be Italian, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great slice of pie here in Britain! London is a foodie-capital and there are plenty of places to pick up a pizza that will leave you (and your stomach) incredibly satisfied.  Be sure to also check out our London food tours page for information on both guided and self-guided London Food tours as well as our Guide to London on a Budget for articles on eating cheap in London.

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London best pizza map

Homeslice [Covent Garden] – Homeslice offers whole pizzas, but also specialises in pizzas by the slice. Ingredients can also be a bit avant guarde: bone marrow, yogurt, Brussel sprouts and a variety of British cheeses. For those who like to try something a bit different, Homeslice is for you.

[[Budget Watch: A slice of pizza from Homeslice is as little as £3.25 – easy for any budget!]]

Pizza Pilgrims [Soho] – Originating at Berwick Street Market, Pizza Pilgrims now has a permanent home in Soho. Pizza Pilgrims specialises not just in dining in, but also taking out which makes it popular with Londoners working in the area. With a rotating menu that usually features around 10 different pizzas, as well as a delicious dessert menu, Pizza Pilgrims is a London staple and worth the wait, as tables cannot be reserved.

[[Budget Watch: A traditional margherita pizza is only £7.00!]]

Fundi Pizza [Hawker House Street Feast / Kerb Clubhouse] – “Hand Built Ovens – Wood Fired Pizzas” So goes the motto of Fundi Pizza, the creation of brothers Charlie and Rory Nelson. Having built their wood-fired pizza oven themselves (!!) they now specialist in outdoor cookery, which means these pizzas can only be picked up at street market stalls located throughout London. All their pizzas are cooked to order and are ready to be eaten in a shockingly fast 90 seconds!

Pizza East [Shoreditch] – Pizza East burst onto the London gastronomic scene a couple of years ago and is still just as popular as ever. Their original site – Shoreditch – is a converted warehouse, which fits in with the trendy-east London locale. Pizzas here are reasonable, not cheap, but the quality of fresh ingredients are worth the price. With a great wine menu, various starters highlighting an amazing cheese selection, and particularly delectable desserts (keep an eye out for the chocolate and salted-caramel tart) Pizza East is a fabulous meal from start to finish.

Santa Maria [Ealing] – Definitely out of the hustle and bustle of central London, Santa Maria is the brainchild of owners Pasquale and Angelo who wanted to bring their native Naples-style pizzas to London. Cheap, tasty, hot and fresh, Santa Maria is worth the short tube ride to the suburbs of London.

[[Budget Watch: The classic margherita pizza at Santa Maria is just £6.95 – tasty!]]

Santore [Exmouth Market] – We’ve got to be honest here: Nobody comes to Santore’ for the service. The somewhat abrupt staff divide Londoner’s opinions but many are of the belief that the quality of the food makes up for the lack of customer service. Here pizzas can be ordered by the METRE with hundreds of topping combinations you can choose from – they also offer ‘I panuozzi’ pizzas where the dough is baked, then filled with fresh toppings. Tasty however you take it.

Pizzametropizza [Notting Hill and Battersea] – The pizzas here are pure Italy, topped with genuine ricotta di bufala and mozzarella di bufala that tastes fresh and delicious beyond description. The pizzas here are thin and the emphasis is on quality not quantity, which means the pizzas are delicately created using only the finest Italian ingredients.

Saporitalia [Notting Hill] – A popular haunt for West-London locals, Saporitalia is located right in the heart of bustling Portobello – making it a great addition to a visit to the Market. Charming atmosphere, an authentic Italian menu, and a wide variety of pizzas to choose from – the baking of which you can see in their large wood-fired oven – all comes together to create the perfect pizza experience.

ICCO [Goodge Street] – Don’t judge a book by its’ cover! ICCO is low on the décor, looking somewhat like a 1970’s cafeteria, but the pizzas here are fresh, delicious, and SUPER cheap (a Margherita is just £3.95!). Whole pies, or by the slice, ICCO is great to dine in and take away. Chefs prepare the pizzas right in front of your eyes before popping them into the massive pizza-ovens that dominate the back wall and then serve it up hot and fresh!

[[Budget Watch: With an entire pizza setting you back just £3.95 this is the most affordable pizza on the list!]]

Franco Manca [Various Locations] – Now located throughout London, Franco Manca started off at the vibrant Brixton Market and rapidly became famous for their particular sourdough base. They’re still making their classic pizza standards, topped with UK-sourced ingredients with Neapolitan flair and a price tag to suit every budget.

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