How to Get From Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Centre

This post provides details about how to get from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam city centre, including information about various transfer services and opportunities to save money on this service.




The Dutch National Rail (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) offers trains from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station in an average of 14-17 minutes.

This option will cost about €5.50 per person with a €1 surcharge for disposable tickets. You can purchase admission at either a ticket machine or a ticket desk.

Of course, if you want to take all the guesswork out of it, you can also purchase an Amsterdam & Regional Travel Ticket. 

This type of ticket is good for 1-3 days at a time, and it is valid across pretty much all public transportation in Amsterdam.



For more details, please read our post covering Amsterdam public transport. Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets here or learn more.

You can also get a train ticket with at least one Amsterdam tourist pass, which we will cover in our discounts section.

If you’re looking for a potentially cheaper alternative, consider taking the train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Zuid station. These tickets only cost €4 second class (with €1 disposable ticket surcharge).

At Amsterdam Zuid, you can transfer onto metro line M52 and head towards the city centre. This option is also available if you get an Amsterdam & Regional Travel Ticket.

Each arrival point at Schiphol Airport is pretty close to the main station hall. There are 6 underground platforms to depart from, but you should head to platform 1, 2, or 3 to take a train to Amsterdam.

You can reach the underground platforms by escalator or stairs from the main station hall.


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If you don’t mind a slightly longer wait, there is also a shuttle bus available from Connexxion for just €6.50. This option will take approximately 30-45 minutes depending on traffic and other factors.

The line which will take you to Amsterdam city centre is bus 397, and you’ll find it at bus stop B15 just outside the main station hall at Schiphol Plaza.

One of the main advantages of this option is that the shuttle bus runs up to 8 times per hour between 5:00 am and 12:30 am, so you can usually rely on the bus to be there when you arrive.


Amsterdam Airport Shuttle Bus


Another bonus is that your ticket is good for 1 ½ hours and it can be used on all other public transport in Amsterdam. 

Since the ride to the city centre usually only takes half an hour, that gives you plenty of time to use your transfer to reach another part of the city if needed.

Tickets can be purchased from the driver or at the Public Transport Service booth near stops B9-B15. Alternatively, you can also purchase tickets online ahead of time to avoid worrying about paying fares on site.

If you’re looking for an even cheaper option, you can also take bus 69, which will take you to the Sloterdijk station. 

This service only requires a 1-hour ticket which is €3.20 per person. This option will take 40 minutes, but you should have enough time to connect onto bus 22 which will take you to Amsterdam Central.

Alternatively, you can also use your transfer to hop on tram 12, which will take you to the Museumplein area. 

Even better, if you’re not interested in paying for individual tickets, you can also use a 1-7 day bus pass to hop on bus 69 and take your time traveling around the city.

Some of these day pass options are included with tourist passes, allowing you to save money on public transportation. For more details, please check our discount section.


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There are several private shuttle services available in Amsterdam which offer transportation between Schiphol Airport and the city centre.

The most popular options are either by car or luxury van, and each of them provides door to door transfers from the airport to just about any destination in or around Amsterdam.

As if that weren’t good enough, these services are available pretty much 24 hours a day, so they’ll always be ready to pick you up no matter when you arrive.

Unfortunately, there are no discounts available on private airport transfers to Amsterdam city centre. 

While this is a great option if you don’t feel like waiting for a bus or train and you want a break from the public, it’s worth noting that you’ll save a lot more money with another type of transfer service.

Most private shuttles will meet you at the airport and lead you in the direction of the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost trying to find your shuttle!


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In addition to line 397, Connexxion also provides a minibus shuttle service from Schiphol Airport directly to your hotel. If you’re looking for a transfer which will get you straight to the hotel, this is an excellent alternative to private shuttles.

The Connexxion Schiphol Hotel Shuttle departs every 30 minutes from 6:00 am – 21:30 (9:30 pm) and you can find the minibus at bay A7 outside the station hall.



These buses have around 8 seats, so they’re almost as good as a private car, and ticket prices are a little more reasonable as well.

Adult Prices

  • €18.50/One Way
  • €29.50/Return

Children Prices (4-14)

  • €9.75/One Way
  • €14.75/Return
  • Free for kids under 4.

Discounts are available for groups of 3-8 people. The max discount available is for 8 people, and the total cost for this service is €76 one way and €128 for return tickets.

You can purchase tickets at the Connexxion desk in the Arrivals Hall 4. Alternatively, you can also pay for this service separately at the I Amsterdam Visitor Centres or participating hotels.


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As with pretty much all airports, there are almost always taxis waiting at Schiphol to take you to your destination in Amsterdam.

Although this option isn’t usually the cheapest, taxis will usually cost about as much as a private car or van at an average rate of about €45-€50 for a trip to the city centre.

You’ll find taxis right outside the main station hall and to the left. You can expect a trip to Amsterdam to take around 30-40 minutes on average, but it could be as quick as 20-25 minutes depending on traffic.

If you’re worried about taxi rates getting out of control due to heavy traffic, consider using Taxi-Electric. This company exclusively uses electric cars and they offer a fixed price of €40 to central Amsterdam. 

They also have a fixed rate of €30 to Amsterdam South – and city centre if they have a car nearby when you call from the airport! To request a Taxi-Electric ride, call +31(0)88-1004444.

Alternatively, you can also use the Uber service on your smartphone in order to get a rideshare from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city centre. Depending on which service you choose and where your destination is, you can expect rates between €30-€60.


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If you’re looking to save a few bucks on shuttles from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city centre, this section will provide details about the best deals available including information about tourist passes and discount sites.

Tourist Passes

In addition to helping you save money on admission to dozens of attractions, tours and other activities, tourist passes can also be used for discounts on shuttles from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central.

There are currently two ways to save money on airport transfers in this city: either through a public transport pass or actual shuttle services included with various passes.

The following tourist passes include anywhere from a 1-5 day public transport pass at no additional cost:

  • The Holland Pass
  • I Amsterdam Card

While a public transport pass does not specifically cover shuttles from Schiphol Airport, you can work around this by taking bus 96 to Sloterdijk station and then transfer to another line which will take you to the city centre.

This isn’t necessarily the easiest or quickest way to reach Amsterdam Central, but if you’re already going to be using one of these passes, it’s worth noting that it is an option that won’t cost anything extra.



Alternatively, you can also use the following options to reach the city from Schiphol Airport:

  • The Holland Pass | 10% off Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
  • Amsterdam Pass | Connexxion Shuttle Bus included.

The easiest choice here is the Amsterdam Pass which simply includes a ticket for the Connexxion shuttle bus (line 397) to the city centre. 

That said, if you’re planning to visit more locations in the Amsterdam area, the 10% discount on Enterprise Rent-a-Car services is included with any purchase of the Holland Pass. 

Although that might not be a huge discount, it’s better than paying full price!

Of course, tourist passes are valuable for more than just an airport shuttle. Here are a few of the most popular tours, museums, and cultural landmarks included with the services we’ve listed above:

  • Hop on Hop off Boat Tour | €26
  • Hop on Hop off Bus Tour | €26
  • Nemo Science Museum | €17.50
  • Heineken Experience | €21
  • Amsterdam Dungeon | €24
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not! | €21.50
  • Madame Tussauds | €24.50
  • Van Gogh Museum | €19
  • Stedelijk Museum | €18.50
  • Rijksmuseum | €20

Depending on which type of pass you choose, you should be able to save anywhere from 20% – 50% off general admission prices – or more!

For more details, please read our post covering Amsterdam tourist passes.

Discount Sites

If all else fails, you can always check sites such as Groupon to see if they’re currently offering any deals on shuttles or car rentals from Schiphol airport.

These services usually provide discounts on various transportation options, and they also frequently offer additional coupon codes for an extra 10% – 20% off.

Before you make a purchase, check both the top and bottom of the page for any banners which may include a coupon you can use to save even more money.


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Rembrandt House Museum Tickets and Discounts

This post provides details about how to get tickets for the Rembrandt House Museum, including information about ways to save money on admission and even a few of the highlights you might want to see while you’re here.




Enter the former home of the famous Dutch artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, a historic building that has since been transformed into a museum celebrating his work.

Rembrandt was a master of three different types of media including work as a draughtsman and printmaker, but he was probably best known for his paintings.

Whether you’re a fan of his work or you just want to learn more about him, a trip to the Rembrandt House Museum is an absolute must.



In addition to housing several historic paintings, this museum also includes several drawings and etchings by the artist, including several wonderful self-portraits.

Located just a block away from the Waterloopleinmarkt, the Rembrandt House Museum is open from 10 am – 6 pm each day.

Tickets can be purchased on-site, online or even at a discount through several tourist passes.


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There are three different ways to pay for admission to the Rembrandt House Museum. The most obvious option is to pay for a ticket when you arrive, but you may have to wait in line with this method.

If you want to save time, you can always purchase admission for this museum online. Once you arrive, all you need to do is present your digital ticket at the entrance.

Alternatively, you can save both time and money by using a tourist pass. Many passes include entry to the Rembrandt House Museum, and as with a digital ticket, you only need to present your pass upon arrival!

For more information about how a tourist pass can save you money on this attraction, please check our discounts section.

Here are the current standard admission ticket prices:

  • €14/Adults
  • €5/Children (6-17)
  • Free for kids under the age of 6.

Purchase tickets or learn more.

NOTE: All tickets include an audio guide for the museum, making it easier to find your way around the building and learn about Rembrandt.


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The following section covers the best ways to save money on admission to the Rembrandt House Museum, including details about tourist passes and discount sites.

Tourist Passes

If you’re planning to visit several attractions while in Amsterdam, you may want to consider getting a tourist pass to save money on general admission prices.

The Rembrandt House is currently available on the following passes:

  • Holland Pass
  • Amsterdam Pass
  • I Amsterdam Card
  • Amsterdam City Pass
  • Museumkaart

Depending on which pass you choose and how you use it, you could save 50% or more off ticket prices for the activities you want to enjoy.

There are three basic types of tourist pass in Amsterdam: all-inclusive, preset packages and build-your-own/flex passes.

The easiest option is a build your own pass which will allow you to pay one flat price for a set number of attractions. Not only is this the least expensive choice, but it also provides the freedom to select only activities that interest you.



An all-inclusive pass offers access to dozens of different attractions for either a specific amount of time or one flat price. 

While you can save the most money with this option, you’ll need to use it for as many attractions as possible in order to get a good deal.

Finally, the preset package provides admission to one or two activities and a 20% discount on dozens of additional attractions, tours, and even day trips. 

Preset packages typically cost about as much as the price of every attraction and service that is included, so the best way to save money with this type of pass is to use the additional 20% discount as much as possible.

Here are a few other attractions and activities of note that are included with these tourist passes:

  • Rijksmuseum | €20
  • Van Gogh Museum | €19
  • Stedelijk Museum | €18.50
  • Hop on Hop off Cruise | €27.50
  • Hop on Hop off Bus Tour | €26
  • Heineken Experience | €21
  • Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century | €18
  • The Amsterdam Dungeon | €24
  • Madame Tussauds | €24.50
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not | €21.50
  • And more!

If you’re interested in even just a few of the locations or tours listed above, it might be worth it to consider a tourist pass. Not only will you save some money, but you also won’t need to stand in line and wait for the tickets!

For more details, please read our post covering Amsterdam tourist passes.

Free or Cheap Youth Admission

If you’re bringing anyone young to the museum, don’t forget that they offer either free or discounted admission for anyone who isn’t an adult.

Visitors between the ages of 6 – 17 are eligible for €5 tickets, which means that most teenagers will also be able to take advantage of this pricing.

All children under 6 get in for free with the purchase of an adult ticket from their parental guardian.

Discount Sites

Although admission to this attraction is not currently offered by any discount sites such as Groupon, it’s worth noting that museums like this often provide deals on tickets through these services.

In addition to any future discounts they may offer, admission to the Rembrandt House Museum is sometimes included with the price of art tours in Amsterdam.


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This section details some of the more notable and interesting pieces of art, history and things to do at the Rembrandt House Museum, including exhibitions, events, paintings and more.

Limited Exhibitions

Every few months, the Rembrandt House Museum holds a special exhibition focusing on one or more elements of the life of this famous artist.

In years past, subjects have ranged from how Rembrandt used his network of friends and acquaintances in his art to artwork that was inspired by his style.

To find out what will be available when you visit, check this list of upcoming exhibitions.

Etching Demonstration

This museum offers two demonstrations every day providing an example of how Rembrandt created his etchings. Visitors can expect to learn all about the technique and see how an etching is printed.



If you’re interested in this activity, head to the printing studio at either 10:15 am or 1:45 pm.

Notable Etchings

There are over 280 Rembrandt etchings at this museum, giving visitors a chance to see plenty of his work. Here are a few of the more popular examples in their collection:

  • The Three Trees, 1643
  • The Raising of Lazarus, 1632
  • Christ Preaching, 1657
  • The Three Crosses, 1653
  • Woman with an Arrow, 1661

With so many etchings to see, it might be difficult or nigh impossible to see them all, but we recommend these for both the uninitiated and those who are familiar with the work of Rembrandt.

Paint Preparation Demonstration

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how a masterful artist like Rembrandt prepared to paint, this demonstration will be an invaluable opportunity.

During this activity, a painter will reveal 17th-century techniques used to prepare paints so that they would produce the results that artists were trying to achieve.

This event is held every day from 10:15 am to 17:10 pm (5:10 pm).

Famous Paintings

The Rembrandt House Museum currently has several historic paintings from artists who preceded Rembrandt, including the following examples from his former teacher, Pieter Lastman:

  • The Crucifixion, 1616
  • The Lamentation of Abel, 1623
  • The Sacrifice of Abraham, 1612
  • The Triumph of Mordecai, 1617

These are just a few of the beautiful paintings you’ll see here, but there are many more adorning the walls.


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