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Celebrity Homes in London

Updated: April 4, 2024
 By Margaret

Everybody knows that London is home to world-famous celebrities from all across the globe.

Neighbourhoods like Kensington and Chelsea, Belgravia, and St. John's Wood are filled with some of London's most expensive luxury homes and are lived in by some of the most recognisable faces on the planet.

If you're wondering where your favourite celebrity lives in London - check out our post below!

You'll find out where rich and famous Londoners live and also how to see these homes for yourself in person.

(Note that you will find some names in multiple neighbourhoods as many celebrities own more than one home in the capital!)

Holland Park

With an average property price estimated at about £17.5Million, Holland Park is one of the most desirable neighbourhoods for London's rich and famous.

With beautiful tree-lined streets and close proximity to High Street Kensington and Notting Hill, this beautiful area is home to a number of luxury hotels as well as celebrities.

Holland Park residents include Sir Richard Branson, the Beckhams, Elton John, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Page, Robbie Williams, and Ed Sheeran just to name a few!

David and Victoria Beckham

This is the primary London home of the Beckham family (they also have a country estate and a Miami villa).

They bought it for £31.5Million a number of years ago and the family members are often seen out and about in the area.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin and self-made billionaire, lives across the street from the Beckhams at this house.

Jimmy Page at the Tower House

Built in the 1870s, the Tower House is a charming Neo-Gothic Victorian mansion with an illustrious list of owners and residents.

The house has been the home of poet John Betjeman, Lady Jane Turnbull, and actor Richard Harris.

It was rumoured that musician David Bowie was interested in buying the property, but it was eventually sold to musician Jimmy Page who still lives there today.

Jimmy is currently involved in a bitter property dispute with his neighbour, musician Robbie Williams, in regard to a proposed extension to Robbie's house.

It's provided tabloid fodder for years and is currently still ongoing!

Hampstead and Highgate Village

Hampstead is perched in the hills of North London and has been attracting wealthy city dwellers for centuries, when rich Georgians would spend their free time taking in the waters at the beautiful Hampstead Heath.

It's been home to notable artists and authors throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in particular and today is home to a number of modern celebrities.

Hampstead residents include(ed): Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Fry, Harry Styles, Jonathan Ross, Anna Pavlova, Slash, Sting, Sam Smith, Lord Byron, Ian Fleming, John Keats, Emilia Clarke, Dame Judi Dench, Ricky Gervais, Jim Henson, Boy George, George Michael, Tim Burton, and Benedict Cumberbatch. But there are literally hundreds more!

Boy George

One of the most unique homes in Hampstead has recently been put on the market!

Photo Courtesy of Aston Chase YouTube

This gothic mansion on Well Road has been home to musician Boy George for years but is now up for sale with an asking price of £17Million.

Harry Styles

The white mansion seen here is just one of many properties in the real estate portfolio of Harry Styles.

Photo from Google Street View

Known as Erskine House, Harry bought the home in 2012 at the age of 18 for a bargain £4.8Million.

The Grove

Just around the corner from Hampstead Heath sits the charming area of Highgate, and a singular street that has been home to numerous celebrities: The Grove.

Here you will find homes that once belonged to celebrities like...

Jude Law, who bought this house in 2010 for around £8million, and then recently sold for £13million...

Kate Moss, who sold this house, which was once home to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, in 2022...

Jamie Oliver, who has since moved to an estate in Essex...

CC3.0 by Simon Edwards Esq

Sting, and his wife Trudie Styler...

Annie Lennox...

CC4.0 by Gareth E. Kegg

and George Michael, whose home was bought by super fans of his for £19million in 2020.

CC4.0 by No Swan So Fine

Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea is probably one of the best-known of London's luxury neighborhood with name recognition that spans the globe.

Home to a royal park and palace it makes sense that this leafy area with huge mansions would be a popular destination for London celebrities - and celebrity spotters!

A number of popular bars, restaurants and clubs are in this area attracting local and visiting stars.

Kensington & Chelsea Residents include(d): Stella McCartney, Rowan Atkinson, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Bernie Ecclestone, JK Rowling, Freddie Mercury, Paul Smith, and Roman Abramovich.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury once lied in a. charming Kensington mansion known as Garden Lodge.

In 2023 the house was emptied of its' contents which were all put up for sale by Sotheby's.

St. John's Wood and Primrose Hill

Framing the west and northern edges of beautiful Regent's Park, St. John's Wood and Primrose Hill are modern day celebrity hot-spots.

The Abbey Road recording studios have been bringing celebrities here for decades and in the 1990's, Primrose Hill became well known for the number of young celebrities who moved into the area, known as "The Primrose Set."

St. John's Wood and Primrose Hill residents include: Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Moss, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Daniel Craig, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Craig, Harry Styles, Suki Waterhouse, Ewan McGregor, Keith Richards, Damian Lewis, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and Lily Allen.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has lived in this home in St. John's Wood for decades.

Although he owns properties throughout the world it is common to see him in this affluent London neighbourhood.

Tim Burton

The home seen above belonged to Tim Burton but was recently sold for a cool £17.5million!

Photo Courtesy of Aston Chase YouTube

The director and screenwriter is now primarily based between Oxfordshire and his new home in Hampstead.


With its' central location and elegant stucco buildings, Belgravia has been home to affluent Londoners for centuries.

Previously the most expensive neighbourhood in London (surpassed now by Hampstead), this location still attracts wealthy residents from across the globe.

Particularly popular with politicians and foreign tycoons, Belgravia is home to some of the most stunning mansions in the city.

Belgravia residents include(d): Margaret Thatcher, Mary Shelley, Lord Kitchener, Stanley Baldwin, Neville Chamberlain, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Joan Collins, Mozart, Ian Fleming, Winston Churchill, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Sir Michael Caine, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Hurley, Nigella Lawson, Jose Mourino and Roman Abramovich.

Andrey Goncharenko

This behemoth of a house belongs to Andrey Goncharenko, Russian billionaire businessman.

His property portfolio consists of four London homes, including Hanover Lodge in Regent's Park dubbed "the UK's most expensive home."

The Lodge cost him £120Million and combined with his other London properties, he owns £250Million worth of real estate in the city!

Margaret Thatcher

No. 93 Eaton Square has been home to two British Prime Ministers: Stanley Baldwin the 1910's and Margaret Thatcher lived here in 1990.

Photo From Google Street View

The property consists of two interconnecting homes: a four bedroom main house and a mews house with two rooms. It was last put on the market in 2021 for £23Million.


Outside of central London, Richmond is home to some of the wealthiest people in the city.

The location means there is more space for larger houses as well as plenty of greenery to enjoy.

On the banks of the River Thames and containing a Royal Park, Richmond is a charming district in Southwest London.

Richmond residents include: Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Brian May and Pete Townshend.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

Known as Down House, this property was built in 1780 on Richmond Hill and overlooks the Thames River.

Photo by Jim Linwood CC2.0

Once owned by the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan, it was bought my Mick Jagger in the early 1990's.

After their separation, Jerry Hall remained in the house and Jagger moved to the flat next door!

Cheyne Walk

Located in Chelsea, Cheyne Walk gets its' own section on our list because of the sheer numbers of famous residents who have lived on this street.

Past and present, Cheyne Walk has attracted so many celebrities that nearly every house on it has been home to a notable celebrity. Find out who below...

No 1 - Earl Cadogan

No 2 - John Barrymore

No 3 - Keith Richards

No 4 - George Eliot and Michael Bloomberg

No 6 - Sir Arthur Sullivan and Gerald Scarfe

No 10 - David Lloyd George

No 13 - Ralph Vaughan Williams

No 14. - Bertrand Russell

No. 19 - Sir Hans Sloane

No. 21 - James McNeill Whistler

No. 22 - Dame Elizabeth Taylor

No. 23 - Sol Campbell

No. 27 - Bram Stokeer

No. 48 - Mick Jagger

No. 96 - 101 - Diana Mitford, Sir Marc Brunel and Isembard Kingdom Brunel

No. 109 - Auguste Rodin

No. 119 - J. W. M Turner and Ronnie Wood

Carlyle Mansions - T. S. Eliot, Henry James, Ian Fleming, W. Somerset Maugham, Sol Campbell, Joe Strummer, George Best, Laurence Olivier, and Susan Fleetwood.

Current residents also include the Prince and Princess of Greece.

And just around the corner from Cheyne Walk, on Oakley Street, is the former home of Bob Marley!

It's worth mentioning that the land on which Cheyne Walk now stands once belonged to one of our most famous kings: Henry VIII - making him the first celebrity to live in Chelsea.

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Updated: April 4th, 2024
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