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Central London Food Tour | Leather Lane Market

Updated: March 30, 2015

London is a culinary capital and food tours here are becoming more and more popular. But at Free Tours By Foot we think paying upwards of £50.00 for a food tour isn’t necessarily affordable and value for money. So we’ve put together a self-guided food tour that is absolutely FREE to take – aside from the tasty treats you’ll need to purchase yourself!

Our food tour takes place in Central London on bustling Leather Lane Market. Providing tasty food and drink for hungry office workers during weekday lunch times, Leather Lane Market has an existence that can be traced back to the Medieval period, but the food today is all modern London: a mix of cultures, flavours and great tastes from across the globe.  This tour takes you from the northern-point of Leather Lane, down to the southern point so there are no directions – just make your way along the Market!

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[Note: This tour should run when the Market is open – so Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 3pm.

We’d also recommend doing this with at least one other person so that you don’t get too full as you go!]

START: Corner of Leather Lane and Clerkenwell Road [Nearest Station: Chancery Lane (G)or Farringdon (H)]

FINISH: Corner of Leather Lane and High Holborn [Nearest Station: Chancery Lane or Farringdon]

 Click map to enlarge or click here for movable mapCentral London Food Tour


Stop A – Grill. My. Cheese. – Grilled Cheese Sandwich [Top of the Market, Leather Lane]

London Leather lane food tour Grill My Cheese Chances are, you’re going to have the best grilled cheese sandwich of your life at Grill. My. Cheese.! With a secret signature blend of artisan cheeses, grilled on organic sourdough bread and grilled to order – these guys take grilled cheese seriously! Sandwiches are served with a variety of sauces and fillings to add a bit of pep – and you can get a bit creative if you’d like and order up a sandwich stuffed with macaroni and cheese with a side of BBQ sauce.


Stop B – King of Falafel – Falafel Wrap [93 Leather Lane]

The falafel wraps at King of Falafel are jam packed with fresh fillings and fine flavours before being grilled to perfection – giving the bread that chewy-on-the-inside-crispy-on-the-outside perfection. The wraps here are MASSIVE and it’s easy to share one between three on this tour. Plump for the standard order with falafel, lettuce, onion and tomato, then spice it up yourself with choices of harissa, sumac, chili sauce and fresh homemade mint dressing. (reviews)


London Leather Lane Food tour PieMinister Stop C – Pieminister – Classic Pie and Mash [91 Leather Lane]

Pieminister is a London institution and they serve up some of the best, authentic, London pies in town. Pies here are a bargain at £4.50 and can easily be shared between two. Treat yourself to some tasty mash for an extra £2.00 or plump for their crispy superfood slaw. The pie menus change throughout the year depending on what is in season but expect huge choice – different meats (beef, chicken, venison), veggie options (goats cheese and sweet potato, wild mushrooms and asparagus), twists on classics (beef steak with Stilton cheese). If you’re counting calories (although everybody knows that food tour calories don’t count…) there are lighter pies that all come in at under 440 calories each!


London Leather Lane food tour Craft Beer House Stop D– The Craft Beer Company – A Cheeky Drink and a Scotch Egg [82 Leather Lane]

The Craft Beer Company is a relatively new addition to London but they have rapidly spread throughout town, and luckily, have opened a branch here in Leather Lane. You’ll have LOTS to choose from here, as beers, ales and lagers change constantly and are brought in from all over the world. Half a pint, a can, a bottle, or the standard full pint – you’ve got options. Speak to the staff about what you like/don’t enjoy and they’ll help recommend the perfect pull for you. While drinking, take an opportunity to nibble on a British pub classic: the scotch egg – a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs then baked or fried. These tasty little treats are a true British staple!


London Leather Lane food tour Daddy Donkey Stop E  – Daddy Donkey – Burrito or Taco [50b Leather Lane]

Daddy Donkey has been at the top of London’s Mexican-food game for years. With choices of burritos, taco, or toastadas with a wide variety of filling choice. Juicy chargrilled chicken, pulled pork, dry-rubbed steak, shredded beef or veggie with home-made guacamole – everything here is delicious so choose your favourite! For the food tour, it’s a good idea to split one of these burritos between three – or an order of three tacos for one per person.  Check out the video below of their spicy burrito eating contest.




London Leather Lane food tour coffee Stop F - The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs – Coffee and Dessert [14-16 Leather Lane]

Purveyors of some of the finest coffee in London, The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is located in a former warehouse with lots of space and seating. All the coffee here is delicious and employees really know their stuff (if you’re curious, you can teak a peek at their website and see what kind of equipment they use!) and are attentive and friendly. This is the perfect place to finish your food tour with a delicious coffee (or tea or a truly decadent hot chocolate) to aid your digestion! If you’re still feeling rumbly in the tumbly then there’s a lovely display of freshly baked desserts that may pique your interest!

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Updated: March 30th, 2015
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