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Private Dubai Tours

Updated: July 13, 2022

Our Dubai Private Tours are great for families, couples, the solo traveler as well as small businesses, colleges and corporations who want a personalized experience of our city.

Why choose us for your Dubai private tour experience?

  • Old Dubai is our hood - we know its ins and outs, its secrets and hidden gems, its alleys and sikkas.
  • History and culture tours - we have those down!
  • Our guides are fun, knowledgeable and certified premium guides (with over 1200 hours of guiding experience each)
  • We go above and beyond to customize, curate and deliver a unique experience
  • Got kids? We got you!
  • Combine walking with wheels? Need a private vehicle - easy.
  • Odd hour layover in Dubai? - Hit us up.
  • Tours can range from architectural, business, educational school tours to shopping, art and food tours.

How to Book A Dubai Private Tour?


Guests can also contact us directly to set up any of our tours as a private tour at:  

Please provide the following information: date, time, number of people in the group, and the type of tour you would like. We are happy to arrange logistics, pickup, transfers and meals as per your requirements.

Private Tour FAQ

  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of guests? Nope.
  • Can you get us tickets to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame and other Dubai Attractions? Easy-peasy. 
  • Do I have to pay in advance? Yes, full payment in advance is required to confirm a tour.
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy for private tours? Less than 48 hours notice is non-refundable. Within 14 days is subject to 50% cancellation fee. 
  • Can you provide transportation by car or bus? Yes, we will arrange SUVs, cars, and buses. 
  • Who all have taken your private tours in the past? From Pfizer and Siemens, to Harvard and Yale, from the waste-no-time solo traveler to families with multiple kids, our private tours are for everyone. 

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