What is the weather like in New Orleans during February?

This post is a summary of the February weather in New Orleans with tips on what to pack and things to do (updated for 2018). February brings cold nights, but pleasant days. Click on the links below to learn more.  If you are coming at the start or end of the month, you may want to read our weather guides to January and March.  

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Early this month the afternoon temperatures tend to be mostly in the lower 60s f (16-17C) while the overnight and early morning lows tend to dip into the middle 40s f (7-8C).  A few of the colder morning can dip down into the upper 30s f (3-4C) or less with 1-2 of these briefly reaching 32f (0C) or less.  As the month progresses the temperatures will warm somewhat and by the end of this month the afternoon temperatures will be mostly in the mid to upper 60s f (19-20C) while the early morning lows will tend to be in the low to mid-50s f (11-12C).  A few of the warmer days this month will reach highs near or above 75f (24C).  During past Februaries, New Orleans has seen extremes as high as 86f (30C) to as low as 16f (-8.9C).


Average Temperatures New Orleans February



About 14 days this month will have sunny or at least partly sunny skies while some rain falls on about 8 or 9 days, however, significant rainfalls of 0.5 inches (13mm) or more occur, on average, only on 3-4 days. Snow is not an issue here in February.


How much rain in february in New Orleans



The weather remains relatively mild this month with a few colder days so a medium-weight jacket or coat with gloves will be needed for those colder days and evenings, however, a sweater or light windbreaker may be all you need for the warmer days. For those few rainy days, you should bring your umbrella or some raingear and don’t forget a good pair or two of walking shoes.


What to Wear in February in New Orleans



The biggest event in New Orleans this February is Mardi Gras. Most of the events and activities in New Orleans this month will revolve around the Mardi Gras so have fun!  Below are our top 10 things to do, but read the full post of things to do in February here.

  • Mardi Gras Parades
  • Pelicans Basketball Games
  • Black History Month
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Prospect 4 Lotus Fest
  • Church in the Crescent Celebrations
  • Kayak on Bayou St. John
  • Visit the Garden District
  • Bar Hop on Bourbon Street
  • Celebrate Presidents’ Day

While you are here in New Orleans you should plan to join us for one of our several “pay-what-you-like tours” including several unique walking tours, food tours, and bike tours.


Written by Fred Pickhardt

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