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London is known throughout the world for the incredible variety of luxury shopping on offer, and one of the most famous destinations in the capital is Fortnum & Mason!

Although worth visiting throughout the year, the store really shines (literally!) at Christmas.

To find out what's on for the 2022 holiday season, look no further!

What is Fortnum & Mason?

Fortnum & Mason is a luxury goods store founded in 1707 by William Fortnum & Hugh Mason.

Originally founded as a grocery store, today shop sells both consumable goods as well as housewares, furnishings, stationery and more.

The shop boasts a Royal Warrant which means they provide goods to the Royal Family and the Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea is one of the best in the city.

All their incredible edible treats are made by the organisation - in fact the honey even comes from bees that live on the roof!

Located right on the heart of Piccadilly, Fortnum & Mason is easily accessible. Your public transport links are:

Nearest Underground Stations: Piccadilly Circus and Green Park

Bus Routes: 6, 9, 14, 19, 38

London Christmas Lights Tour

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Shop

The Fortnum & Mason Christmas Shop preparations begin in July(!!) and it opens in October - staying so until January.

Fortnum & Mason describes itself as, "The Home of Christmas" and you can see why!

The Christmas Shop is overflowing with stunning decorations for your home like garlands, wreaths, baubles, trees, and festive homewares.

Specialty and exclusive advent calendars are on offer that put a twist on the traditional chocolate ones - think a gin, tea, or toy for every day!

You'll also find luxury Christmas crackers containing unique gifts and secret treats on display along side the most beautiful tree toppers you can imagine.

And when it comes to something to eat - Fortnum & Mason has it all!

Normally their Food Hall is vastly extensive but for Christmas, they increase it a further 60%.

You can literally get everything you need to feed yourself and your family at the Fortnum & Mason Christmas Food Hall.

And don't forget the traditional Fortnum & Mason classic: a Christmas hamper.

Coveted around the world, Fortnum & Mason Christmas hampers have something for every one (and every budget).

And the delectable goodies come hand packed in branded wicker baskets that last a lifetime.

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Windows

The windows that line the ground floor of Fortnum & Mason are impeccably decorated throughout the year but Christmas is when they really stand out!

For 2022, the shop windows depict cartoon versions of Fortnum & Mason staff - wearing sharp red uniforms - helping get London ready for Christmas!

Windows depict them delivering hampers, hanging wreathes, hand-making baubles and lighting a traditional Christmas pudding!

The building itself is set up as a giant advent calendar.

Each be-wreathed window showing a number and the interiors boast gigantic pieces of holly suspended in the middle of the main staircase as well as garland on every bannister.

The Fortnum & Mason Clock

Not only is the shop famous for the incredible array of goods inside, it's also an oft-visited spot because of it's stunning clock.

Overlooking Piccadilly, the clock puts on a special show at the top of every hour.

Two huge figures of Fortnum & Mason themselves come out and face each other as the bells play.

For Christmas it's carols that ring out on the hourly display! The clock is worth a visit in its' own right.

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