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Harrods Christmas Shop and Decorations

Updated: November 16, 2023
 By Margaret

It's Christmas time! Synonymous with luxury for well over a century, the window displays at Harrods are some of the finest in the UK.

Although worth visiting throughout the year, the store really shines (literally!) at Christmas. 

To find out what's on for the 2023 holiday season, look no further!

As local tour guides who lead Christmas-themed tours, we are uniquely qualified to write about Harrods's Christmas decorations.

Check out Tour Guide Sinead in the video below as she showcases the lights and window displays from last year.

We've written extensively on tips for those visiting London during the Christmas holiday.

Once you are finished with this post, check out our main guide for Christmas in London.

Harrods Christmas Shop

London is known throughout the world for the incredible variety of luxury shopping on offer, and one of the most famous destinations in the capital is Harrods! 

With 1.1 million square feet of retail space, Harrods is one of the top destinations in England for shoppers - or those who just want to have a browse.

And every year at Christmas, the store goes all out with its Christmas shop.

Given its reputation as one of the finest department stores in the world, it's no surprise that the Harrods Christmas shop brands itself as a Luxury Christmas Shop.

Whatever your heart desires, you are likely to find it at the 2023 Harrods Christmas Department!

The first part of Harrods' Christmas Shop, Christmas World, opened on July 21, 2023, and is a teaser for what is to come later in the season.

Exterior lights, decorations, and Christmas advertising are scheduled to go up and begin in November.

Harrods is full of lovely gifts year-round, but during Christmas, this luxury department store has everything you could possibly want.

This year, the store has divided itself into themed holiday departments to find everything you need, and each department will open the closer we get to the big day:

The Christmas Bear

Harrods teddy bears are legendary and, for the first time in 2023, the cardigan-wearing character is made from recycled plush!

Christmas Trees

Not bought your tree yet? Don't worry, Harrods has you covered with some of the most authentic-looking artificial trees around.

Photo by willyromy2011 via TripAdvisor

Christmas Crackers and Advent Calendars

Not just any Christmas Crackers will do, so the ones at Harrods are a luxury splurge, filled with hand-crafted treats and even fancy baubles.

The Advent Calendars are no different, with the finest branded beauty products in the place of tiny chocolates.


Cake stands, crockery, porcelain plates, and literal silverware, this is an elevated experience.

Think names like Waterford and Wedgwood just for a start!

Christmas World and Decorations

The entire lower ground floor has been turned into a Winter Wonderland this year, featuring beautifully decorated trees and all the accessories you need to make yours just as fabulous.

These stunning decorations also make charming Christmas presents!

Christmas Food

Not only is the legendary Harrod's Food Hall serving up everything you need to make an unimaginable Christmas dinner, but you can also buy fancy treats to gift - or keep for yourself!

Think delicious panettone, traditional mince pies, cookies, hand-crafted chocolates, and luxury branded hampers.

Harrod's 2023 Christmas Decorations

Aside from the ground floor Christmas World, you'll also find stunningly decorated trees, garlands, and wreathes sprinkled throughout all the different floors and departments.

In addition, the interior and exterior are twinkling with hundreds of thousands of sparkling Christmas lights!

Photo by willyromy2011 via TripAdvisor

The 2023 Christmas window decorations have not yet been unveiled.

They are expected to be revealed at the beginning of November and Harrods' Christmas decorations will remain up and sparkling until the beginning of January.

How to Get Here

Harrods is easy to get to, and just a short walk from Westminster and Kensington.

Nearest London Underground Stations: Knightsbridge (there is an exit dedicated to Harrods itself), Hyde Park Corner and South Kensington

Bus Routes: 14, 74, 414, C1

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Updated: November 16th, 2023
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