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There is a lot of great graffiti and artwork lining the streets of Vienna. This post provides information about various street art tours available in the city, including details about both free and paid outings.



There is currently one street art tour in Vienna that runs on a pay-what-you-wish basis. This means that when the tour is over, you can choose to tip the guide on whatever you feel the tour was worth.

Offered by the company Ionart, this tour is approximately 3 hours long. However, it's only offered 1x each week on Saturday afternoon.

This tour includes a variety of locations including both galleries and graffiti to provide an overarching view of urban artwork in Vienna.

Vienna Street Art

The Ionart Vienna Street Art tour must be booked online, but their appointment booking system can be buggy sometimes.

If the booking system site isn't working, try going directly to their booking engine and clicking on the top right button to sign up for one of their tours.

If you’re interested in learning even more about this style of painting, you can purchase an add-on a graffiti workshop and make your own street art-style work.

The cost is €40 per person and includes the tour and workshop.



While the free street art tours offered in Vienna are high-quality, not to mention a real money-saver), they aren’t offered frequently and you need a minimum number of guests to take them.

Below are some of the paid street art tours in Vienna that run more frequently and worth considering as an alternative to a free tour, especially if your trip to Vienna is a short one.

Prime Tours

This is one of the most popular walking tour companies in Vienna, and their street art tour is worth considering for a few reasons.

This tour runs three days a week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) whereas the free tour mentioned above runs only once a week.

Also, unlike other tours, Prime's tour is two hours long rather than three. This can be an advantage to those who don't have a lot of time for a tour. 

Another nice thing about this tour is that the company tells you that you will see 20 street art pieces. Other companies can be vague about how much you will actually see on their tour.

With Prime Tours, you know exactly what you can expect on this tour. The video above will also give you an idea of what the tour is like.

Instant Tours

Instant Tours' Street Art Tour adds a fun twist to your experience.  Guests are provided with a polaroid camera for the tour duration, so they can take photos of their favorite graffiti.

In addition to learning about the artwork you’ll see, your tour guide will give you advice about how to take the best photos with your camera.

This tour is available three days a week and it has no minimum group size, so even if it’s just you and nobody else, you can still enjoy the service. 

While the tour only includes a pack of 8 polaroid pictures, you can purchase more film if you want to take additional photographs.


Whether you want to save money or you’d rather explore this side of the city on your own time, Vienna’s Tourism Board has a self-guided tour you can take whenever you want.

This walking tour is entirely free to take, so you won’t have to worry about your budget while discovering the amazing artwork throughout the city.

Just watch the video below, as it includes a map of all stops, as well as a bit of information about the Vienna street art scene.

If you don’t feel like pausing the video at various points to see where you need to go next, you can use this convenient google map to help you find each destination on this self-guided tour.

While this is an excellent option for those who want just a general overview of the street art in Vienna, it doesn’t have much information about each stop on the tour.

If you want to learn more about the art you’ll see in Vienna, consider one of the other options in this post instead.



There are too many examples of superb street art in this city, so we can’t list them all here. That’s why both free tours and paid tours are so useful.

We do, however, provide details about where you can see some of the best street art in Vienna. You can use this brief list as an alternative to taking the self-guided tour above.

Street Art Passage 

Breite G. 3-1, 1070 Wien, Austria (map)

As the name implies, this is one of the best spots to view some of the graffiti of Vienna.

Street Art Passage Vienna

This passage leads to the Museumsquartier, so you may want to consider walking by on your way to that location.

This site is the permanent home to artwork from French street artist Invader, and it definitely spruces up an otherwise dull architectural design.

Danube Canal

1030 Vienna, Austria (map)

Chances are you’ll want to check out this canal at some point anyway, and while you’re there you will see some of the more interesting street art in the entire city.

Along the Donaukaal (Danube Canal) you’ll find several great examples of graffiti from all kinds of artists, brightening up otherwise unimpressive concrete walls.

Flex Nightclub 

Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien, Austria (map)

Also located along the Danube Canal, this club is covered from top to bottom in beautiful graffiti art, making it one of the most unique buildings in the area.


Flex Night Club


Whether you’re planning to go clubbing or you’re just going to be in the neighborhood to see some of the other street art on display, this is a fantastic place to visit.

The Calle Libre Festival 

This is a yearly event that, if you are in Vienna in August, you should try to attend. The Calle Libre Festival takes place in the 7th District of Vienna (map).

This festival invites graffiti artists to share their vision with the world.



The purpose of the activity is to de-stigmatize the medium and bring legitimacy to the street art scene in this city.

You’ll find urban art popping up all over the 7th District throughout the month.


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