How is the Weather in New York in September?

This post is a summary of the September weather in NYC, including average temperatures and rainfall, as well as tips on what to pack. This is a great time for outdoor activities.



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Early September enjoys daytime high temperatures in the upper 70’s to near 80 F (about 26 C) while near the end of the month the daytime high temperatures are more likely to be near 70f (21C).  

It’s still recommended to have sunscreen during the day, as the sun has the potential to do damage to unprotected skin.


Early September Average Temperatures NYC


Nighttime (and early morning) low temperatures are in the mid 60’s F (about 18 C) early in September falling to the mid 50’s F (about 13 C) by the end of the month.  


Days, when the high temperature reaches or exceeds 90 F (32 C), occur on average just 1 day early in the month, while low temperatures falling below 50 F (10 C) occur only 2 days near the end of the month.

September truly is one of the best times to visit NYC.


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New York weather in September consists of, on average, about 21 days with clear or partly sunny skies (about 70% of the time). 


Average Rainfall NYC September


The risk for a cloudy day with some rain is about 30%, however, significant rainy days where 1/2 inch (13 mm) or more rain falls will occur less than 10% of the time.


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The weather in New York in September varies depending on what part of the month you visit. The month cools down as it goes along, so if you are coming at the end of the month you will want to pack warmer. We’ve made a list below of what to bring:

1. Long pants

Long pants, slacks, jeans, leggings are all good. Cotton or lightweight wool should keep you warm. Long skirts and dresses are also a good option. 

2. Short & Long Sleeve Tops

Since the temperature varies this month, packing a mix of short sleeve tops and light long sleeve shirts should work well. A nice button-up shirt like this one by Goodthreads is great for wearing on its own or layering under a sweater on a colder day. 

mens button up shirt

3. Sweater or jacket

A warm sweater, thick hoodie or medium weight jackets are a must for the nights. If you’re coming later in the month, bring a jacket and sweaters so you can layer on colder days. A simple crewneck sweater like this one is great for layering. 

green sweater


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As we state above, September is a great time to visit the Big Apple. 

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Written by Fred Pickhardt
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