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Is Edge NYC at Hudson Yards Worth It?

Updated: April 5, 2024

The Edge NYC is one of NYC’s five observation decks, the others being the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, One World Observatory, and Summit One Vanderbilt.

When choosing which one to visit, you may be wondering if Edge is worth it, we’ve got our take from a recent visit.

The Edge Experience

Below is a look at the features of Edge NYC. For an in-depth description of the Edge experience, read our post, How to Visit The Edge Observation Deck.

Edge New York City is located on the 100th Floor of 30 Hudson Yards. At 1,131 feet (336 meters) tall, Edge is the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.

The triangular-shaped platform juts out nearly 80 feet from the building. It’s bordered by frameless glass panels for seamless 360-degree views of Manhattan.

The views of Midtown Manhattan are especially good given Edge's location on West 30th Street, about four blocks southwest of the city's biggest cluster of skyscrapers.

The view of the Hudson River and New Jersey is unsurpassed.

As you look down from the angled glass walls, you'll feel what it is like to be suspended mid-air 100 stories above the city streets.

At Edge's Eastern Point, there's room for one person at a time to stand, surrounded only by glass and sky. Have your camera ready so you can share the view with everyone else!

From the top of the Skyline Steps, the view is unobstructed by the glass panels (though they are hardly an obstruction, given that they are crystal clear). You’ll feel like you and the sky are one.

Built into the observation deck is a square area with a glass floor through which you can peer down to the city streets far below.

Edge's unique vantage point offers a spectacular panoramic view of New York City and beyond.

Off in the distance, you can see the Statue of Liberty and between the buildings to the north, you can see Central Park.

On the outdoor deck, there is a champagne bar where one can purchase a glass of bubbly, cocktails, and beer. On the 101st floor, you can dine at the Peak Restaurant.

City Climb NYC

Ever think about scaling a skyscraper? Edge gives you the chance to do it through its City Climb experience.

In addition to having the opportunity to climb up the side of the skyscraper, you'll also have the chance to do so at Edge!

Guests can hang off the side of the building while suspended in harnesses.

See our detailed post about this exhilarating experience and how to get City Climb tickets.

Is Edge Worth It?

On a recent visit to Edge with a friend from Finland, we had the opportunity to get additional input about the visit from a newbie to NYC and see if it was worth it.

We weren’t sure which of the observation decks to go to and we had a budget to choose only one.

We were seeking an outdoor deck for that feeling of freedom. Edge has the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere and this weighed into our decision.

While the Empire State Building has an outdoor deck, we wanted to be able to see the building, which we couldn’t do from its own deck.

Top of the Rock also has an outdoor deck, but it isn’t nearly as tall as the other skyscrapers.

We easily scratched One World Observatory and Summit off our list as they have only indoor observation decks.

We were a bit scared about the idea of being up so high surrounded only by glass rather than a wall. Looking up at the triangular-shaped Edge from the ground below, added to our hesitation.

But we decided to do it and we purchased our tickets. We chose a time slot for noon on a Friday in September which was the best time for us based on our schedule.

It was surprisingly not crowded, though this time of year is post-tourist season.

The ticket line to enter wasn’t long and it took about 10 minutes from entering in the lobby to walking out onto the deck.

On the deck, there were plenty of people, but it was possible to stand next to the glass walls without having to squeeze in among other visitors.

Our nerves were a bit frazzled during the slightly ear-popping 52-second-long elevator ride that whizzed us up to the top.

But once we walked out onto the glass deck, any fear fell away as we were mesmerized by what we saw around us.

The views were jaw-dropping. We easily spent 45 minutes taking pictures, identifying buildings and bridges, and sitting on the Skyline Steps taking in the moment.

Next to us on the steps, some people were sipping a glass of champagne purchased from the bar cart on the outdoor deck.

We did have to wait in a short line to lean out in the one-person corner for that surreal feeling of being suspended in the air.

The only thing that was slightly nerve-wracking was walking over the glass floor square in the deck that looks down 100 stories to the street.

It’s not that big, but it did take several steps to cross from one side to the other. The first time across we took quick steps and barely looked down!

After a second and third crossing, the jitters were gone and we were comfortable sitting on the glass floor for a few minutes to take some selfies.

With our fears gone, and our photos all snapped, we decided to leave to walk along the High Line just a block away.

We definitely felt that Edge was worth it, even though the cost of our tickets ($49 each) was higher than we wanted to spend.

There is simply no better experience than standing in the fresh air and admiring the city around us from so high up in the sky.


There are three types of Edge NYC tickets you can purchase: General Admission, Edge Flex Pass, and Express Admission.

General Admission tickets give you a specific date and time slot that you can enter the Edge. Ticket prices start at $36 for adults, $31 for children and $34 for seniors.

The price varies depending on the time of day you select. Prices reach their peak during the sunset hours.

The Edge Flex Pass allows you to enter at any time during open hours on your selected date. Ticket prices start at $56 for adults, $51 for children and $54 for seniors.

An Express Admission ticket is like the Edge Pass but you enter through a priority lane and with priority elevator access. Ticket prices start at $81 for adults, $76 for children and $79 for seniors.

Add-ons are available, like a glass of Champagne and a personalized photo book

See our complete post on The Edge for a breakdown of ticket prices, deals, and more.

TIP: General admission to Edge is free with the purchase of the New York PassSightseeing Pass, and the Go City New York Explorer Pass.

Read our post comparing the various passes to see which one, if any, is right for you.

Nearby Attractions 

Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards on 10th Avenue between 30th and W. 33rd streets. There are lots of great things to do in the neighborhood.

See the Vessel, with its one-of-a-kind design. Walk the High Line and get a bite to eat at Chelsea Market. Shop at the Hudson Yards mall.

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Updated: April 5th, 2024
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