How to Get to Alexandria King Street During Metro Shutdown

This post offers options for how to get to King Street station in Old Town Alexandria during the Metro shutdown this summer. We have ordered the options from cheapest to most expensive with insight on each to help you decide which one is best for you. 

In the heart of Old Town Alexandria is King Street, which stretches about a mile and is home to around 200 shops and restaurants and some great historic tours.

The best way to get there is by the Washington DC subway system (Metro), as it is conveniently located on the Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines. Unfortunately the Metro shutdown this summer will require you to take alternative transportation to King Street, and we have a few options you can choose from below.


DC is one of the fittest cities in America, and when you get here you’ll see why! People love walking and biking everywhere. Fit in like a local by choosing a bikeshare option to get to King Street during the Metro shutdown.

Capital Bikeshare

Capital Bikeshare is metro DC’s bikeshare program, making it the most accessible. It has 3,700 bikes and 440 stations throughout the greater DC area. Alexandria alone has over 30 Capital Bikeshare stations, making it easy to dock your bike no matter where you want to start exploring King Street. We suggest taking the Metro rail down to Crystal City (Blue and Yellow line) and taking a Capital Bikeshare from there.

Capital Bikeshare has a number of options, from a Single Trip pass to a 24-hour pass or 3-Day Access pass. Use our guide to see how to best use it.

There are a few bike routes to take, the shortest way being the Four Mile Run trail, which takes about 30 minutes:

Bike and Roll

Another popular bike share company is Bike and Roll. You can rent a bike from their location at L’Enfant Plaza (take Metro rail there) and ride it down to their Old Town Alexandria location to explore King Street.

They also have ‘Mount Vernon By Bike and Boat’: bike from their Old Town location to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and after your visit board their riverboat for a narrated cruise back to Old Town.

Bike, Admission to Mount Vernon, and Boat fare are included for $79 per adult and $45 per child (under 13).

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Although the metro rail will be shut down, the buses will still be running regularly. Though not as fast as the rail, the bus is a great, cheap alternative to get to King Street during the Metro shutdown.

You can go straight to the WMATA website to plan your trip. Make sure you click “More Options” under the “From” section and choose the “Bus” option. You can also do “Both” and get as far by rail as it will take you and hop on the bus the rest of the way.

To pay for the bus, you use the same SmarTrip card you use for the rail, so make sure you load your card up!

Our guide to how to use the Metro covers SmarTrip card options.



Taxis are plenty here in Washington, DC. They are usually red and tend to cluster around busy attractions, so you’ll have plenty of luck hailing one.

This is one of the most convenient and direct ways to get to King Street, although it can get a bit pricey.

Taxis have a base charge of  $3 for one person, an extra $1 for a second rider or more. Then the price goes up $2.16 per mile, and if it’s slow with traffic it comes out to about $25 per hour, or $2 every 5 minutes.

Without traffic, getting to King Street from the heart of DC takes about 30 minutes, so you can calculate roughly beforehand how much you’ll be spending.

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If you want the convenience of a taxi but want to save some money, you’ll want to consider a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft.

Uber & Lyft are a taxi alternative which provides rides on demand through an app. You can book a private car for these, which tend to be a little cheaper than a taxi or share the car with another rider for the cheapest option. 

If you don’t want to ride a bike or hop buses, this might be your cheapest option (you can check an estimate for your specific trip here).

Looking for a ride? Download the Lyft App and use Promo Code DCBFRIDES for $5 OFF your first ride with Lyft.

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