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Things to Do in Lisbon at Night

Updated: April 10, 2024

Our tour guides are always being asked by our guests about the best things to do at night in Lisbon. Who better to know than a local?

Using their experiences, we wrote this post about some of the best things to do in Lisbon in the evenings.

Included are free, cultural, and party-focused activities as well as famous attractions.

Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.

1) Enjoy Local Fado Traditions

First things first! If we are talking about Lisbon evenings, we need to start with going to a Fado Restaurant.

Fado is a traditional Portuguese genre of music that started in Lisbon, and finding live performances is one of the best ways to experience the city.

You can find Fado all over the country, but the best place to find it is in Alfama - one of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods.

There you will find plenty of small, cozy restaurants that feature live music. If you want to have a table close to the singers, we suggest going early.

To enjoy the experience, eat a delicious “Bacalhau” or “Sardinhas.”

If you want to go to one famous and typical - go to Adega Machado which opened in 1937!

2) Discover Bairro Alto Nightlife

Bairro Alto is known for being a nightlife hotspot in the city. It is full of shops, restaurants, and bars.

You’ll see the typical winding, narrow streets. They’re perfect for strolling down since the neighborhood has been pedestrian-only since 2003.

It seems that small bars, cafes, and restaurants are in every doorway throughout the district. This makes it easy to make your own pub crawl night since most spots are full of locals and tourists.

Groups of friends stand outside with drinks as the evening starts. Live music in the restaurants transitions into lively club music that plays through the night.

3) Pink Street

Cais do Sodre has recently become one of Lisbon’s most popular spots. It has had some help from Pink Street’s transformation from the old Red Light District.

Pink Street is now a hub for energetic nightlife and draws in tourists for the modern bars and clubs.

In Portugal, we can drink on the streets, so locals spend the first part of their evenings in the open air.

If you want to embrace the spirit, you can be Portuguese for the night and drink some Super Bock on the street. Talking in the street is a popular pre-party event.

Also, you have the Pink Street bars and clubs that stay open a bit later than those you’ll find in Bairro Alto.

Choose one of them and enjoy a crazy fun night - the list includes Viking, Europa, The Music Box, Toquio, and Rotterdam, all in the same street.

4) Go on a Pub Crawl

We all know that the best way to get to know a city is through a tour. If you’re ready for a good party at the same time, a pub crawl is the perfect activity.

Lisbon’s locals and tourists both love a night out, so there will be no shortage of new friends to meet.

This photo is courtesy of Tripadvisor

In Portugal, the nights tend to start after midnight and end around 7:00 am with an amazing and fat breakfast right before bed.

5) Sailing Tour on the River at Sunset

If you’re looking for a relaxing and luxurious way to spend an evening, gliding down the Tagus River at sunset is the perfect tour option.

And believe us, the sunset on the river is one of the most beautiful things to see in Lisbon!

The sky displays beautiful pink and red tones and makes the city views even prettier.

Some sunset cruise options come with drinks, while others focus on commentary from a local guide.

6) Ride the 28 Tram

Riding the 28 Tram on its steep tracks is a popular activity, as it is, unintentionally, a lot like a sightseeing bus and will take you from one end of Lisbon to the other.

Considering the city is covered in steep streets, it is also a great way to rest at the end of the day.

Riding the 28 Tram at night means it could be a bit less crowded, and you’ll get a good view of the city lit up as the nightlife starts coming alive.

If you’ve been to Sao Jorge Castle, you can make it back to Bairro Alto. A great route to take is from R. Conceição to Bairro Alto.

Read our complete post on riding Tram 28 and what you will see during your journey.

If you’re taking advantage of the Lisboa Card, this also comes with a free travel pass that can be used on the trams!

7) Enjoy Opera and Classical Music

While opera is not Lisbon’s most widespread art form, there is a beautiful opera company that performs at Teatro Nacional de São Carlos.

You can find various performances throughout the year in this Milan-inspired theatre.

The theatre is in the Chiado district, which is known for its live entertainment and bohemian style.

In the past, this theatre has hosted lyrical performances from Giuseppe Verdi, concerts with the National Symphony, and ballets with the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra.

No matter what time of year, there will be something beautiful to see or hear at the theatre.

8) Find Nice Views at Rooftop Bars

There are a lot of rooftop bars in the city to take advantage of the beautiful views looking toward the river.

Depending on the neighborhood you choose, the atmosphere and the sights will be different, but they are all enjoyable!

We suggest hunting down a table at Topo, at the top of Martim Moniz shopping center. Most evenings feature DJ sets to accompany your drinks.

Rio Maravilha’s terrace is a perfect option if you’re looking for delicious appetizers and cocktails.

Since there are so many to choose from, we’ve also linked to Time Out’s favorite Lisbon rooftops.

9) Go to a Theatre Performance

The theatre is something you should see in Lisbon.

The Municipal Theater São Luiz at Praça do Rossio has beautiful architecture as well as a great schedule of plays, film and documentary screenings, book signings, and stand-up comedy performances.

The architecture and history of the building are a big draw for private events, but many of them will still be on the public calendar.

If you check the calendar for public showcases by local artists, some of them are free!

10) Miradouros Viewpoints

The light of Lisbon is iconic and so is the moonlight.

If you are not looking for rooftop food and drinks but prefer the views, you can take a tram ride or a walk to many different Miraduoros in the city.

If you are on a romantic trip you need to do this! If you are traveling solo or with friends, it is a perfect opportunity to relax, chat, or take some great pictures.

Since these terraces are free to access, you can visit as many as you like! Each lookout spot will have a slightly different angle looking out over Lisbon.

The Alfama neighborhood has multiple Miraduoros, like Miraduoro da Graça, pictured above. Read more about this amazing vantage point in our post on Alfama.

11) Lux Fragil - The Most Iconic Disco

If you are a house and electro music fan, you absolutely must go to Lux Fragil. The crowd tends to party until morning.

If you’re there all night, we suggest staying on the terrace to watch the sunrise over the river.

Keep in mind that it can be a bit difficult to get into Lux, as well as other big discos around.

Be prepared for lines at the entrance, and you cannot wear beachwear or flip-flops inside.

12) Bike Night Tour

Looking to get your workout in while sightseeing? If you’re ready to tackle Lisbon’s seven hills and enjoy the views, take an evening electric bike tour.

The e-bikes will keep you from getting stuck going up the winding streets.

This 3-hour tour begins at 18:00 each evening and includes the e-bike, a reflective vest, and a helmet to keep you safe.

You will ride past the National Pantheon and Bel Monte Palace, and learn about your local tour guide’s favorite spots.

Find more information on the bike tour here.

13) Evening Tour of Belém

If you’re looking for a walking tour that starts in the late afternoon to early evening, Take Lisboa offers their Belém tour at 16:00 on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

It lasts 2.5 hours and takes you past the bright houses, the National Palace, gardens, and important historical monuments like the Tower of Belem.

You’ll end up close to the River Tagus, which is perfect for finding a cafe or restaurant with open-air seating and enjoying the sunset as you rest after the walk.

Find pay-what-you-like Belém tours here.

14) Take a Ghost Tour

If you enjoy scary stories, go on a ghost tour to learn about the spooky side of Lisbon’s history.

One of the famous tours is Lisbon Mysteries - Untold Stories.

This walk explores places and landmarks with stories you probably haven’t heard - about serial killers, police stories, and local horror stories.

The 2-hour tour will pass by Chiado, Praça do Comérico - where there have been punishments from past centuries - and will enter the cursed Church of São Domingos.

You will also pass through places that have seen World War II events and been part of conspiracy theories.

15) Enjoy an Exploration Game

Interested in learning more about the history of Lisbon? Well, you can do that at night in a fun way by playing a self-guided treasure hunt.

You can play the game at night, or anytime, once you have purchased it as you play with an app.

Over 2 hours, you'll discover some of the most interesting and notable locations in the oldest districts of the city.

Book this Exploration Game or learn more.

16) Visit the Banksy Museum

Bring some cutting-edge street art into your night at the Banksy Museum.

In this immersive digital experience, you’ll see an array of works by this anonymous world-famous street artist.

From murals, projections, and video installations, take in a carefully curated collection of 100 of Banksy's works, including the well-known "Girl with Balloon'  to lesser-known, but just as fascinating, pieces of art.

Banksy: The Exhibition is open until 7 pm on Sundays to Fridays and 8 pm on Saturdays. Tickets are 13€.

17) Time Out Market

This popular food market is quite lively at night with locals dining at more than 25 restaurants and drinking at the market's 8 bars.

The vibe is energetic and hip. Plus shows and special events are held there at affordable prices.

From samba to emo to alternative, there’s always a great gig going on.

Time Out Market Lisbon is open every night until midnight.

Tips from Locals and Travelers

We hope you found this post a good starting place to decide how to spend your nights out in Lisbon. Here are more ideas from members of this Lisbon Travel Tips Facebook group. 

Naturally, Lisbon visitors want to know where to go to experience Fado. Members had some fantastic recommendations, all of which come with blue “thumbs up” endorsements.

If you are seeking areas with nightlife of all kinds, this local agrees with our recommendations for Bairro Alto and Pink Street.

Nightclubbing in Lisbon is a fun way to spend the night, late into the morning! Here's where to go to dance the night away!

Going to rooftop bars is very popular among locals and travelers. Here are a few to check out.

Have a fantastic night out in Lisbon!


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Updated: April 10th, 2024
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