Where to Store Luggage in Lisbon

In this post, we list the many options in Lisbon for storing your luggage from locker storage at airports and train stations to the growing trend in shared economy “Airbnb-style” storage.


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Stasher (formerly CityStasher)

Stasher and its competitors have brought the Airbnb model to luggage storage – use their platform to find an affordable and convenient location to keep your bags for a few hours (or a few days).

This makes it easy to start sightseeing as soon as you land, or do some last-minute exploring after checking out of your accommodation!

Lisbon Luggage Storage Stasher Map

All reservations include €750 of per-bag insurance coverage for lost or damaged items and each bag gets a tamper-proof seal.

The best thing about Stasher is their pricing, just €5 per bag per day.

Cancel anytime and get a full refund. They have 24-hour customer service.

Click here for more information.


Additional Companies

You can find similar, Airbnb-style luggage services with the other companies below.

They’re all slightly different, so you might find something more convenient here.


Nannybag can be found all over Europe and multiple convenient spots in Lisbon where you can drop your bags.Nannybag Luggage Storage in Lisbon

Each bag is covered by an insurance of €1500 per bag.

Their prices are quite good, €6 per bag for the first 24 hours; €4 per bag for each additional day.  

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Reservations and payments are made through their website and there is no fee for canceling as long as your reservation time has not started.

If you have any issues, you can reach their customer service from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (9:00-19:00).

Click here to learn more and make a reservation.


BagBnb is a company that is unique in that storage locations are more varied than just shops.BagBnB Luggage Storage in Lisbon

Their storage locations (they call them ‘Angels’) may be a restaurant/bar/cafe, a hotel, a bike rental shop, a laundromat, and more.

The cost is €5 per bag for 24 hours and reservations are non-refundable or cancellable.

The price includes insurance with coverage up to €200 for each bag.

Click here to make your reservations.



Lisbon Airport

They are located close to the P2 parking lot.

Their rates are charged per day by bag weight, with a maximum charge of €8.60 each day.

  • Hours: 24 hours per day
  • Prices
    • Max €8.60 per day, dependent upon bag weight
    • If you lose your deposit receipt there is a charge of €13.59


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There are lockers in facilities at a few of the Lisbon train stations with 24-hour limits to all baggage stored.

Train Station Luggage Storage in Lisbon


  • Lisboa Oriente
  • Cais do Sondre
  • Lisboa Santa Apolonia
  • Entrecampos
  • Sete Rios
  • Rossio


  • Small lockers €4.50
  • Large lockers €6.00

NOTE: You cannot pay with a card at train stations – storage lockers accept coins only. You also cannot book online – this means lockers may be full during the busy season.  


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Lisbon has a traditional self-storage locker facility run by City Lockers. The storage facilities are unmanned but have CCTV security cameras running 24 hours a day.


  • Rossio Metro Station (6:30 am – 1:00 am)
  • Praca Figueira Parking (24 hours)
  • Martim Moniz Parking (24 hours)


  • 1-Hour Locker Storage, 3 Locker Sizes from €1.50 to €2.50
  • 12-Hour Locker Storage, 3 Locker Sizes from €3.50 to €6.50
  • Check their pricing tiers here.

NOTE: You must pay for your locker in coins only.  

Why not check out the Airbnb-style option above?


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