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How to Get Between London and Canterbury by Train

Updated: February 23, 2023

This post provides information about how to get to and from Canterbury by train, as well as other forms of transportation. 

You may also want to consider an organized day trip as an alternative.


Canterbury is located in Kent, a county in the southwest of England famed for its rich foliage and extensive agriculture. 

The city is most well known for its stunning Cathedral and significance in Chaucer's seminal work The Canterbury Tales.


Trains depart very frequently from all of London's train stations.

However, the fastest trains depart from London St Pancras. During peak times, trains depart even more frequently. 

The length of the journey varies amongst train types, and thus visitors should expect travel time to take anywhere between 50 minutes to 2 hours. 

Additionally, the cost of the journey also fluctuates. 

Those traveling during ‘Peak’ hours will pay more than those traveling during ‘Off Peak’ or ‘Super Off Peak’.

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Tips for saving money on train tickets:

  • Buy ‘Off Peak’ or ‘Super Off Peak’, rather than the standard ‘Peak’ fare.
  • Check whether it’s cheaper to depart from certain stations over others.
  • Purchase your tickets ahead of time. Buy online by at least midnight the night before, and you’ll save.
  • Buy a return ticket rather than 2 one-way tickets. This will massively reduce the overall price of the journey.
  • Deliberate over buying an ‘Anytime Return’ ticket before you do so. Oftentimes, an ‘Anytime Return’ is more expensive than an ‘Off Peak Return’. The former means that you can hop on any train at any time when you’re ready to head back to London from Bath. However, the latter requires that you only travel during off-peak hours, such as after evening rush hour. ‘Anytime Return’ is much more convenient, but ‘Off Peak’ can be cheaper.
  • Remember you might be applicable for discounted travel. Students, people between 16-25, and seniors over 60 all qualify for discounted rail cards.


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Updated: February 23rd, 2023
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