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Where to Store Luggage at Boston Logan Airport

Updated: January 4, 2024

The first thing you’ll find out when you arrive at Logan Airport in is that they don’t actually have any official luggage storage facilities. 

Regardless of the reasons, chances are that if you’re reading this post, you probably need to find a place to store excess baggage that you won’t be able to carry with you everywhere in Boston.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you out!

Even if there aren’t any official facilities, there are several options to consider, including a few locations right next to the airport.

Don't forget to check the suggestions made by users of our Boston Travel Tips group on Facebook!

Luggage Storage Apps

Believe it or not, this type of service actually offers some of the closest luggage storage near the Logan Airport.

If you’re familiar with services such as AirBnB and Uber, you’ve probably used the type of app that allows you to pay individuals for delivery, a place to stay, or in this case even luggage storage.

Rather than try to sell you on all the different services like this that you can use in Boston, we’ll focus specifically on the closest locations to Logan International Airport.

As you can see in the map above, there are actually several stores, hotels, and other locations near the airport that work with Bounce to provide luggage storage.

Here are the closest options as of January 2024:

  • 44 Brooks St
  • 86 Cottage St
  • 125 Lexington St
  • 123 Maverick St
  • 252 Meridian St

All of these locations operate through the Bounce app.

Although you might not be sure about leaving your bags with someone at a small shop or hotel, there’s actually nothing to worry about, because this service provides $3,000 of insurance on your baggage.

Prices start at just $5.90 per bag per day, and you can save up to 15% off using both our affiliate link and the promo code FREETOURSBYFOOT.

Click here to use the Bounce app.

Learn more about the Bounce app and similar services by reading our post covering luggage storage in Boston.

Rowes Wharf Water Transport

No, you’re not losing your mind, this is actually the second best option for storing luggage near Logan International Airport in Boston.

Although it might not seem like the most convenient way to keep your luggage safe and secure, the Water Taxi company actually goes the extra mile to make the whole process as easy as possible.

They currently have a ticket package that they have created specifically for customers who are coming from Logan International Airport.

This combo deal includes the following:

  • Transportation from Logan Airport
  • Luggage Storage at their Downtown Boston office
  • Transportation back to Logan Airport

Learn more about this ticket package from Rowes Wharf Water Transport.

This is an excellent option for anyone with a layover that is likely to last all day.

The entire package is just $45, and when you factor in the easy transportation between the airport and Downtown Boston, it’s definitely worth considering.

We don’t stand to gain anything from this recommendation, because we do not have an affiliate partnership with this company.

Even so, they offer one of the best luggage storage options for travelers coming into Logan International Airport.

Hotel Luggage Storage

If you’re planning to stay in Boston overnight, you could always get a hotel room and store your luggage there.

This is honestly one of the worst options if you're here on a layover, as hotel rooms can be really expensive in this city no matter when you visit. 

Regardless, many in our Facebook Group still consider this one of the best options.

While some luggage storage options can be costly, most of the alternatives we’ve already mentioned will be much more affordable than a hotel room.

That said, if this fits into your plans, make sure to read our post covering the most affordable hotels in Boston.

Keep in mind that hotels won’t typically offer any insurance for your baggage.

Even so, robberies tend to be quite rare at this type of accommodation, so you likely don’t have much to worry about.

South Station Luggage Storage

If all else fails, this is the option that a lot of travelers opt for when looking to store their baggage after arriving in Boston.

While it’s not the most convenient choice, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

This is especially a good choice for those planning to take the SL1 Bus into Boston.

Not only is it the most affordable transportation into the city centre (just $2.40), but it will also take you directly to South Station in under 20 minutes.

There are currently 3 companies offering luggage storage at this train station:

  • Amtrak | $20 per bag per day
  • Greyhound | $10 per bag per day
  • Teddy Ballgames | Call 617-330-1230 for rates

While the transportation between Logan Airport and South Station is inarguably cheaper than the Water Taxi or an Uber, it’s important to note that the luggage storage services here are absolutely more expensive than some of the other options mentioned in this post.

For additional information about storing baggage at South Station, please check our post covering luggage storage in Boston.

Tips From Tourists

When it comes to the subject of storing luggage in Boston, users of our Boston Travel Tips group on Facebook seem split.

Surprisingly, a lot of them actually recommend getting a hotel and asking them to hold onto your luggage while you tour the city.

As we previously mentioned, this might not be a great choice if you're here on a layover or if you won't be in the city for long.

However, it's still one of the most popular ways to deal with the issue of keeping your luggage safe, as most hotels offer this service at no additional cost.

Of course, since this doesn't work for everyone, we can't recommend it for every traveler.

Another service commonly noted by our Facebook group members is the Rowes Wharf Water Transport combo package.

We also frequently see visitors mention their plans to rent a car and use it to store their luggage while enjoying their favorite attractions and activities in Boston.

Even though that is certainly an option we didn't mention in this post, and crime isn't too terribly bad in Boston, there's always a chance your car rental or luggage could be stolen while it is parked.

There's also the cost of a car rental, including deposits, which could be a problem for some travelers.

Regardless, if you can get a good deal on a car rental, one of our Facebook group members notes that the Post Office Square Garage offers decent parking rates.

Check for affordable car rentals at Logan International Airport.

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