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Where to Store Luggage in Atlanta

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Updated: May 10, 2024

This post covers the luggage-storage services available in Atlanta, from sharing economy companies to traditional luggage storage centers.   


Vertoe (AirBnB Method)

Vertoe offers luggage storage services in Atlanta through a strong network of hotels, gift shops, and convenience stores, bringing the sharing economy of Airbnb and Uber to suitcase storage. 

Atlanta Vertoe Luggage Storage Locations

Vertoe is in 20 major American cities with over 300 locations. They have locations near all the major transit and entertainment spots including the Atlanta Bus Station, Mercedes Benz Stadium, SkyView Ferris Wheel, and Downtown Atlanta. 

Their pricing is quite affordable at $5.95 per item for a single day including insurance coverage up to $5,000. 

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Additional Companies

If you're looking for more convenient locations, different prices, or other benefits, there are a few other luggage storage companies in Atlanta that offer Airbnb-style services.


This is one of the most affordably priced luggage storage companies in Atlanta, with prices starting at just $5.90 per bag per day.

There are over 130 Bounce locations in Atlanta, so it should be pretty easy to find a place where you can drop off your luggage.

If you're looking to save even more money, you can use the promo code FREETOURSBYFOOT at checkout to save an extra 5% off.

Bounce provides up to $10,000 of insurance on all luggage and they offer 24/7 customer support, making it easy to get help whenever you might need it.

Learn more about Bounce.

Stasher (formerly CityStasher)

Stasher Luggage Storage

Stasher is another sharing economy company that offers luggage services. 


  • $6 per item, per day
  • $5 for each additional day

This price also includes an insurance value of $1500 per item.

They offer easy cancellation, where there is no charge up to the time of your deposit. 

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BagBnB Luggage Storage Atlanta

BagBnB is another company that offers luggage storage in Atlanta. You can feel safe about your baggage when you choose BagBnB for luggage storage. BagBnB has its presence in every corner of the world and Atlanta is no exception. 


  • $6 per item, per day

BagBnB gives you the peace of mind needed to feel safe about your luggage. They offer luggage storage only online so when you want to store your luggage with BagBnB, you need to book a slot online on their website.

Click here to make a reservation.


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, that now unfortunately no longer has luggage storage services due to security concerns.

However, Vertoe and the other Airbnb-style companies above have convenient locations near the airport. 


Luggage Free

Luggage delivery services mean you don’t need to drop off or pick up your luggage to and from a shop. These services take your bags and suitcases from door to door on your travels.

One such company offering luggage delivery service in Atlanta is Luggage Free. The company makes life easy for travelers with delivery services to and from the airport, hotels, and all major attractions.


Another delivery service is BAGIJ. They have an app where you can find a few locations to hold small, medium, and large bags, or you can request that your bags be picked up and dropped off at your hotel or the airport. 

Bagij Luggage Storage


  • Small bag: $7
  • Medium bag: $10
  • Large bag: $30
  • Delivery Services Pricing Subject to Bag Weight
  • If you are storing bags for 7 or more days, you get 2 days for free.   

These can be pricey premium services, however. Why not check out the Airbnb-style options above? 

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Updated: May 10th, 2024
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