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20 Best MGM Grand Restaurants in Las Vegas

Updated: January 5, 2024
 By Justin

Like many major casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand is home to dozens of excellent restaurants, including at least one 3-Michelin Star location which is sure to please.

Even though their finest restaurants do come with a hefty price tag, this casino also offers several excellent low-cost options for diners on a budget, including one of the best buffets in Vegas!

Top 5 MGM Grand Restaurants

These are the cream of the crop, and that means you can expect incredible dishes inspired by world-famous chefs.

That also means you’ll likely need to make reservations and the menu prices will definitely be high!

If you’re looking for a fancy restaurant that will impress a special someone, these are going to be your best bets within the MGM Grand.

Although there are only 5 options on this list, cuisine varies between French, Chinese, Japanese, and even one Steakhouse.

Joël Robuchon

Inspired by and named after “Chef of the Century” Joël Robuchon, this 3-Michelin Star restaurant has won many awards, including the following:

  • Forbes | Five Star
  • AAA | Five Diamond
  • Wine Spectator | Grand Award

This is the epitome of fine dining, and the restaurant itself is designed to look like a comfortable townhouse with a garden terrace, perfect for a relaxing atmosphere.

Menu options range from $160 - $285 per meal, and you can make reservations by calling 702-891-7925. This restaurant is open Thursday - Monday from 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm each night. Business elegant dress is required.

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

This is the second restaurant inspired by the great Joël Robuchon, and it’s described as a Culinary Workshop.

If you’re looking for a different fine dining experience, the chefs at L'Atelier actually prepare the food right in front of you, ensuring a more personal touch.

In addition to a Michelin Star, the L'Atelier has received the following recognition:

  • Forbes | Four Star
  • AAA | Four Diamond
  • Wine Spectator | Best Of Award of Excellence

Meals range in price from $75-$150 for a 3 course meal, and they offer a la carte options. As with his other MGM Grand restaurant, this location also specializes in French cuisine.

If you’re interested in making reservations, please call ahead of time at 702-891-7358. The L'Atelier is open from 5 pm to 9 pm every week between Thursday and Monday.

Unlike his main restaurant, this location only requires a business casual dress code.

Hakkasan Restaurant

For those who prefer Asian cuisine, Hakkasan is one of the best Cantonese restaurants in all of Las Vegas, and it’s certainly tops when it comes to Chinese food at the MGM Grand.

Chef Pinyo Saewu has received a lot of recognition for his work:

  • Wine Spectator | Award of Excellence
  • Best of Las Vegas | Best Fine Dining
  • Desert Companion | Best of the City
  • Las Vegas Restaurant Week | Platinum Platter
  • Southern Nevada Concierge Association | Best Asian Restaurant

With popular dishes such as Chilean sea bass and Peking duck, diners can expect a variety of comfort food with a twist. Prices start at $148 per meal, but you can order off their a la carte menu as well.

You can make reservations by calling 702-891-7888. Hakkasan is open from 5:30 pm to 10 pm on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings.

They are also open from 5:30 pm to 11 pm between Thursday and Saturday. Dress code is smart casual.

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

If you’re looking for a good steak, this is the best option you’ll find at the MGM Grand, and that’s not the only dish that they specialize in preparing.

In addition to offering a traditional steakhouse experience, Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak also has an excellent lobster and an award-winning wine list.

Prices for their signature dishes range from $75 for a filet mignon to $190 for a Tomahawk steak. They also have a Wagyu menu ranging from $100 - $350. Side dishes start at $4 but run up to $50 depending on the meal.

Reservations can be made by calling 702-891-7318. Guests are welcome from 5 pm - 9 pm during the weekdays of Monday - Thursday, and they extend their hours to 10 pm from Friday - Monday. The dress code at this restaurant is business casual.


While Hakkasan might be the best Chinese food at the MGM Grand, Morimoto shines as the number one Japanese cuisine at this casino.

This restaurant offers a Teppanyaki cooking experience, which means their chefs will prepare food right in front of you.

Although prices are a bit high at Morimoto, they’re still a bit cheaper than most of the other fine dining restaurants at MGM Grand. You should expect to pay $40-$50 for an entree and $10-$20 for side dishes. 

Guests can look forward to a variety of dishes, including sushi, sashimi, gyoza, Wagyu steak, Chilean sea bass, and many other delicious menu items to choose from. Steak prices range from $72 - $135.

Morimoto is open every night of the week from 5 pm - 10 pm, and you can make reservations by calling 702-891-3001. The dress code at this restaurant is business casual.

10 Underrated MGM Grand Restaurants

Although these locations aren’t quite as fancy as some of the other dining options at the MGM Grand, there are still quite a few popular restaurants to choose from that are very underrated, including two that are inspired by the cooking of famous chefs.

The best part about these restaurants is that most of them are quite affordable, so you won’t have to worry about breaking your budget.

Most of these locations offer your standard American cuisine, but there are a few stand-out options providing Pan-Asian, Italian, Greek, and even Creole dishes.

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Inspired by Californian cuisine, Wolfgang Puck created this simple yet dignified bar & grill featuring surprisingly affordable dishes in a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Although this restaurant isn’t exactly considered fine dining, they have still managed to rack up some pretty strong accolades:

  • AAA | Three Diamond
  • Wine Spectator | Best of Award of Excellence
  • InVegas Magazine Awards | Best Celebrity Chef

Menu items range from wood-fired pizza to salmon burgers, focusing on comfort food that is sure to please just about every guest.

Some dishes are a bit more expensive than others, but you can expect to spend about $30-$50 for a full meal.

The Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is open Friday through Sunday from 8 am - 2 am, but they close a bit earlier the rest of the week at 12 am on Mondays and Thursdays, and at 10 pm from Tuesday - Wednesday.

Call 702-891-3000 to make reservations if necessary.

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

Offering perhaps the most unique dishes in the entire MGM Grand, world famous chef Emeril Lagasse brings traditional Creole cooking to Las Vegas with his New Orleans Fish House.

This restaurant specializes in well-priced comfort food dishes, and they have received a few awards:

  • AAA | Three Diamond
  • Wine Spectator | Best of Award of Excellence

In addition to traditional seafood fare such as oysters, salmon, and clam chowder, guests can also look forward to creole classics such as jambalaya and gumbo.

Entree prices range from around $40-$60, while side dishes are closer to $15-$20.

Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House is open for lunch between the hours of 11:30 - 2 pm from Saturday - Tuesday.

They also have dinner hours all week long between 5 pm - 9:30 pm. Call 702-891-7374 to make reservations. Expect a business casual dress code.

MGM Grand Buffet

Believe it or not, the MGM Grand is actually home to one of the best buffets on the Las Vegas strip.

While they focus mostly on American cuisine, there are a lot of great menu items to try and the price is extremely reasonable. Guests can expect a variety of dishes, including the following options:

  • BBQ Ribs
  • Lasagna
  • Crab Legs
  • Omelettes
  • Roast Beef
  • Sushi

At just $27.99 during the week and $36.99 on weekends, the price of this buffet is among the lowest cost buffets in Las Vegas, and it’s perfect for families trying to feed everyone for a reasonable price.

Speaking of which, kids plates are approximately $10 less.

They also offer All-You-Can-Drink passes which cover beer, wine, and mimosas starting at just $21.99.

The MGM Grand Buffet is open from 8 am - 3 pm each day, and there’s no need to make reservations!

International Smoke

If you’re in the mood for some great BBQ, International Smoke offers some of the best menu options at the MGM Grand.

In addition to the traditional fare such as cornbread, pork ribs, and fried chicken, they also have fusion dishes such as Hawaiian Ahi tuna rolls, pork belly fried rice, and lobster mac & cheese.

While we have already covered some of the best places to get a steak, it’s worth noting that this restaurant does offer Tomahawk ribeye steaks and center-cut filet mignon.

Most entrees range from $40-$60, while starters and side dishes will only cost $15-$20. Steaks start at about $58 and run all the way up to $175.

International Smoke is open during evening hours of 5 pm - 10 pm from Tuesday - Saturday each week. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

While it might not be necessary, you can make reservations by calling 702-891-3922.

Grand Wok Noodle Bar

Hakkasan and Morimoto are great Asian restaurants for special occasions, but if you’re just looking for a quick and casual place to grab a bite, the Grand Wok Noodle Bar will likely do the trick.

In addition to several classic examples of Chinese cuisine such as fried rice and orange chicken, they specialize in wok noodle recipes such as Singapore-style curry rice noodles and Hong Kong-style beef chow fun.

Their selection of beverages includes several different types of sake, popular Japanese beers such as Sapporo and Asahi, and even Vietnamese iced coffee!

Prices are very reasonable, with most entree dishes topping out at about $20-$30. Appetizers and side dishes are also very affordable at $10-$15 on average.

Grand Wok Noodle Bar is open Friday, Saturday, and Monday from 11 am - 10 pm, but they only offer dinner hours from 4 pm - 10 pm on Thursday and Sunday night.

Although likely unnecessary, you can make reservations by calling 702-891-7921.

Luchini Italian Restaurant

While there are some lower cost, quicker Italian options at the MGM Grand, this traditional casual sit-down restaurant is much better for dishes such as pasta, antipasto, and other Italian specialties. 

Even if you are just looking for a quick bite, they also offer pizza by the slice which is both affordable and fast!

Of course, if you want an entire pizza, you can also purchase those for about the same price as your local pizzeria – $25-$30.

Some of their specialties include Salmon Lucianos, Jumbo Shrimp Parmigiana, and Seafood Fra Diavolo.

Like many other MGM Grand restaurants, they also have a variety of steaks with prices ranging from $60-$140. Most pastas and house specialties are $20-$40.

The main Luchini restaurant is open from 5 pm - 10:30 pm on Thursday and Sunday, but they extend their hours a bit to 11 pm during the weekend on Friday and Saturday. They’re also open on Monday from 4 pm - 9 pm.

The pizza slice shop is open from 11 am - 1 am on Thursday through Saturday. They’re also open until 11 pm on Sunday and Monday.

If you need to make reservations, please call 702-891-7600.

CRUSH American Grill

As the name implies, this restaurant specializes in a variety of popular American dishes, including woodfire baked pizza, steak, burgers, pasta, and other delicious carb-filled meals that should give you plenty of energy for exploring the Las Vegas strip.

Prices fall in line with most casual sit-down restaurants, ranging from $20-$25 for pizzas, $26 for an angus burger, and $69 for a ribeye steak. Sides all cost $15 and they have an excellent variety of draft beers and ciders.

CRUSH American Grill is open between the hours of 4:30 pm and 9:30 pm from Wednesday - Sunday. Unfortunately, they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Reservations can be made by calling 702-891-3222.

Greek Sneek Mediterranean Grill

No, that isn’t a typo, this restaurant is actually called Greek Sneek. Guests can expect a menu featuring a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including souvlaki skewers, Mykonos salads, gyros, and many other tasty meals.

Among their more unique menu items you’ll find woodfire baked gyro pizzas, charred octopus, and even a cocktail called the ‘Greeced Lightning.’ Prices range from $15-$50 depending on what you order.

Unlike some of the other restaurants at the MGM Grand, the Greek Sneek Mediterranean Grill is open daily from 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

Although you can usually just walk in and get a table without concern, you can also call 702-891-3228 if you feel that it might make more sense to make reservations.

Avenue Cafe

This is probably the most simple, basic, uncomplicated and underrated dining experience at the MGM Grand.

Located right on the casino floor, it couldn’t be more accessible, and they offer a lot of basic comfort foods that are sure to please most visitors.

One of the best things about the Avenue Cafe is their breakfast selection, including buttermilk pancakes, french toast, eggs benedict, omelets, steak and eggs, breakfast burritos and more.

That said, they also offer standard pizzas, burgers, salads, and several excellent cocktails.

Prices for some menu items are very reasonable, but others can be a bit costly for cafe dining. For instance, while a burger will only cost $20, a standard American breakfast (toast, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns) is $31.

Look, we all know the cost of some foods is going up, but that’s just a little ridiculous in our humble opinion.

The main advantage of the Avenue Cafe is that it’s easily accessible and you don’t even have to leave the casino floor, but you should expect somewhat higher prices for that convenience.

This restaurant is open daily from 7 am - 2 pm and reservations are not required.

TAP Sports Bar

If you’re looking for a decent place to catch the game while grabbing a bite, this is one of the better options at the MGM Grand. Not only do they have 60 flat screen TVs, but they also offer a lot of great food and drinks.

You can look forward to the typical bar and pub fare, including burgers, chicken wings, and other delicious dishes that really hit the spot when you’re watching sports. Prices range from $15 - $30 depending on what you order.

Much like the Avenue Cafe, this bar is located on the casino floor near the Hakkasan restaurant. While they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, you can visit any other day of the week. 

Friday and Saturday hours range from 11 am - 10 pm, but they are open from 9:30 am - 10 pm on Sunday and from 9 am - 10 pm on Monday. Thursday hours are more reduced from 4 pm - 10 pm.

5 Quick Eats and Snacks

If you don’t have a lot of time to sit down and wait for a big meal, these MGM Grand restaurants are going to be your best bet.

Most of the following locations offer dining options that shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes to enjoy, and they are all very affordable.


There are a lot of restaurants at MGM Grand that offer pizza, but only Pieology allows you to customize your own pizza with a wide variety of toppings, cheeses, dough, and sauce.

Once your pizza has been put together, it will be placed in a stone oven and baked for two minutes. The entire process should take maybe 5-10 minutes total, making this one of the quickest bites in the area.

Prices are very reasonable at $14.25 for their signature pizzas and $14.85 for a create-your-own pizza. They also offer gluten-free and cauliflower crust to accommodate all guests.

Pieology is open from 9:30 am - 11 pm Monday through Thursday and on Sunday. They extend their hours a bit to 1 am on Friday and Saturday.

Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria

This is another pizza restaurant that is quick and easy to visit. While they don’t offer the same kind of customization as Pieology, they do have other Italian dishes such as stromboli, pasta, and gelato.

While you can order an entire pizza, this is definitely one of those restaurants where it might make more sense to just order by the slice.

Bonanno’s charges anywhere from $40 - $45 for a whole pizza, and just under $8 per slice, which makes them one of the most expensive pizzerias at the MGM Grand.

Although some swear by them, it’s worth noting that this restaurant typically does not receive great reviews, and their prices are definitely a factor. Just keep these alternatives in mind:

  • Luchini Italian Restaurant | Cheaper pizza by the slice, authentic Italian pasta
  • Pieology | Make-your-own custom pizza, much more affordable
  • MGM Grand Buffet | Offers basic pizza options

Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria is open between the hours of 12 pm - 10 pm from Monday - Thursday. Their hours are greatly extended to 5 am on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday they are open from 9 am - 10 pm.

Blizz Frozen Yogurt

It’s almost always very hot in Las Vegas, so you might want to stop here for a frozen yogurt to cool down a bit.

Like many froyo restaurants around the world, Blizz has a wide variety of flavors to choose from and prices are extremely reasonable.

In addition to the frozen yogurt, this restaurant also offers crepes, belgian waffles, smoothies, milkshakes, acai bowls, raw juice, coffee, and other refreshments.

Frozen yogurt is just 79 cents an ounce, and most other menu items range from $5-$10, making this a very affordable spot for a quick bite.

Blizz Frozen Yogurt is open between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm on Monday - Thursday and Sunday, but they extend their hours to 11 pm on Friday and Saturday.

MGM Grand Food Court

If you still can’t decide where to eat, the MGM Grand Food Court has several great smaller restaurants where you can grab a variety of quick dishes. Here are all of the options at this food court:

  • Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs
    • Open daily from 7 am - 3 am
  • Original Chicken Tender
    • Open Mon - Thur, Sun from 10 am - 10 pm
    • Open Fri - Sat from 10 am - 11 pm
  • Pan Asian Express
    • Open daily from 7 am - 12 am
  • Johnny Rockets (Burgers and Fries)
    • Open 24/7
  • Tacos N’ Ritas
    • Open daily from 11 am - 10 pm
  • Häagen-Dazs (Ice Cream)
    • Open Mon - Thur, Sun from 11 am - 11 pm
    • Open Fri - Sat from 11 am - 1 am
  • Bonanno’s New York Pizzeria
    • This is one of two Bonanno’s at MGM Grand
    • Open daily from 7 am - 6 am

Most of these options are very affordable, with prices ranging from around $5 for a hotdog to $45 for a pizza from Bonanno’s.

The fact that a few of these restaurants are open pretty much 24 hours a day also makes this a location you can visit anytime and get something to eat easily.


There’s no surprise here! Vegas is the (other) city that never sleeps, which means that travelers are always in need of some good coffee.

Not everyone is a fan of Starbucks, but if you need a jolt of energy, it’s nice to know you can find them pretty much everywhere.

Even at the MGM Grand there are actually multiple Starbucks locations, including one in the lobby and another in the casino itself. Prices range from $5 - $15 depending on what you order.

The Starbucks in the lobby is open daily from 5 am - 8 pm, while their casino location is open from 6 am - 2 pm.


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