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New Orleans Cocktail Tour

Updated: July 10, 2023

This post is about New Orleans cocktail tours, including haunted tours and general drinking tours and pub crawls, including our pay-what-you-wish tour

This New Orleans Cocktail Tour will take you past effervescent art galleries, funky street musicians, architecture spanning three centuries, and countless sights and sounds you’ve never seen or heard.

And we’ll invite you into the very places where illustrious people had a round or two - from notorious pirates to American heroes, from classic writers to modern movie stars.

Ready? What’ll it be? 

TIP: If you would like to drink with new friends and/or you are hesitant about the cost of cocktails in New Orleans, then consider our pay-what-you-like cocktail tour, where we take you around to try samples of many of the drinks listed below.


There were 5 different companies offering guided cocktail tours in the city (now there's our pay-what-you-wish option).

Each of these seamlessly blends together NOLA’s unique history and drinking culture with delicious cocktails.

Unlike general drinking tours, these tours specialize in cocktails and cater to a more mature audience.

Gray Line and New Orleans Secrets Tours are between 2-3 hours and cost less than $30 per person.

Drinks are not included, but guests are welcome to purchase some if they wish.

Dr. Gumbo, NOLA Culinary History Tours, and Drink & Learn, on the other hand, range in price between $50-$60, but include 4 different cocktails in the cost.

As each of the guided cocktail tours is highly rated on TripAdvisor, your decision should largely be based on availability and whether or not you prefer to try a standard tasting menu or to buy drinks along the way.

Free Tours By Foot

This New Orleans Cocktail Tour will take you past effervescent art galleries, funky street musicians, architecture spanning three centuries, and countless sights and sounds you’ve never seen or heard.

And we’ll invite you into the very places where illustrious people had a round or two – from notorious pirates to American heroes, from classic writers to modern movie stars. 

New Orleans Cocktail Tour

Unlike the other companies listed below, our tour includes samples of a couple of the cocktails mentioned in the section above. 

There is a prepayment of $12 for the samples, and of course, there will be time to purchase and enjoy additional drinks.  

Also unlike other tours, ours operates on the pay-what-you-like model. You get to decide what the tour was worth or what you could afford after the tour has ended. 

Oh, and we limit our groups to 18 total participants.  

Tour information

Reservations: Required. Click here to reserve.  

Where: The tour starts from the Supreme Court Building, 400 Royal Street. Look for your guide with the Free Tours by Foot logo.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Approximately 1 mile in length.

When: 3 pm on random days.

Cost: name-your-own-price tour for the tour, but there is a $12 prepayment for the samples.

Save more money in New Orleans with a tourist discount pass and consider a swamp tour and a plantation tour.

Disclosure: We think you should consider our free tours, but we have also provided other options. While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.

The Original Cocktail Tour by Gray Line

Gray Line’s New Orleans Original Cocktail Walking Tour introduces visitors to the city’s unique dining and drinking culture.

Guests are brought to 3 or 4 of the best bars in the French Quarter, where they learn about the “famous spirits” of the area and the “characters who brought them to life.”

Drinks are not included in the price of the tour but can be purchased by guests along the way if they so choose.

Group sizes tend to be small, making for a more intimate experience

  • Tour Length: 2.5 hours
  • Cost: $29 per person (drinks not included)
  • Daily @4 pm (additional offerings in high season)
  • More information and to book.

This tour receives stellar reviews, averaging 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, with many guests praising the knowledgeable and charismatic guides who lead it.

Reviewers also say that the tour was “exceptional” and “a fun first way to see the city.”

Though some say they wish that there were more stops on the tour 4 is usually the most bars that a cocktail tour will visit in the span of 2.5 hours for health and safety reasons.

Moreover, complaints about this are few and far between, as most guests find the tour length and the number of stops to be ideal. 

New Orleans Culinary and Cocktail Walking Tour

This is a very popular walking tour that combines two New Orleans staples: southern cuisine and cocktails!

The tour begins at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the French Quarter where you will learn how to make delicious local dishes from a professional chef.

You'll then take to the streets of the French Quarter to explore some of the most famous bars in the city and learn more about NOLA's liquid history.

Drinks are not included in the price of the tour, but guests are welcome to purchase some along the way. 

This combo tour receives excellent reviews, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, with some even referring to the experience as the highlight of their trip.

Guests seem especially impressed with Chef Kevin who offers excellent cooking tips for making classic southern dishes such as gumbo and pecan pralines.

Dr. Gumbo

Dr. Gumbo offers two cocktail tours of New Orleans.

The first is their 3-hour Cocktail History Tour, which details the city’s liquid history and includes 4 different cocktails from award-winning mixologists.

The second is their Combo Cocktail & Food Tour, which spans 4 hours and allows guests to sample 10 different dishes and 4 full-sized cocktails.

Guests will learn about the various restaurant family dynasties that exist in NOLA, as well as famous local recipes and the history of each drink and dish.


Cocktail History Tour

Combo Cocktail & Food Tour 

Doctor Gumbo Tours maintains excellent reviews, especially for their Cocktail History and Combo Cocktail & Food Tours, averaging 5 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.

NOLA Culinary History Tours

New Orleans Cocktail Tour is another highly regarded liquid history tour offered by NOLA Culinary History Tours.

Guests are immersed in the city’s unique drinking cocktail culture, visiting several famous bars, and learning the history behind some classic cocktails.

Four drinks and 1 food sample are included in the cost of the tour.

  • Tour Length: 2 hours
  • Daily @ 4 pm
  • Cost: $60 per person (including 4 drinks and 1 food sample)

Like all of their other tours, the New Orleans Cocktail Tour comes highly rated.

New Orleans Secrets Tours

In addition to their several other tours, New Orleans Secrets Tours also offers a 3-hour French Quarter History and Cocktail Tour.

Advertised as a “true New Orleans history and cocktail experience” rather than a “drunken pub crawl,” this tour brings guests to some of the most famous bars in the city.

Drinks are not included in the price of the tour, but guests can purchase them as they wish.

  • Tour Length: 3 hours
  • Cost: $29 per person (drinks not included)

As one of their most popular tours, the French Quarter History and Cocktail Tour has an excellent reputation and maintains a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.

Drink and Learn

Drink and Learn's Cocktail Tour brings guests to some of the most lavish bars in the city and covers some of the fascinating local history.

There are 4 drinks included in the cost of the tour, a St. Charles Hotel Punch, a Sazerac, a Hurricane, and a Praline Liquor.

  • The Cocktail Tour
  • 2 hours
  • $ 55 per person (includes 4 drinks)

Though a smaller company than some of the others included on this list, Drink and Learn still come very highly rated, averaging 5 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.


There are 2 companies that specialize in general drinking tours of New Orleans: Nawlins Theatrical Tours and Pub Crawl New Orleans.

Nawlins Theatrical Tours offers a Drunk History Tour through the French Quarter.

Unlike most cocktail tours, this one welcomes those under 21, as the experience does not require guests to enter any bars.

Pub Crawl New Orleans offers club nights every Thursday which brings guests to some of the best bars in the city.

This tour is especially targeted toward a younger demographic and is less of a tour and more of a fun way to meet new people. 

Drunk History Tour - Nawlins Theatrical Tours

The Drunk History Tour, offered by Nawlins Theatrical Tours is a fun and informative tour that shares the history of some of the best bars in the French Quarter.

The tour passes by dozens of bars, allowing guests to refill their drinks to their liking along the way. Drinks are not included in the price of the tour.

As a family-friendly tour, children are welcome.

Some locations do not allow kids inside, in which case the tour guide will wait by the door with the children while the adults refill the cups.

  • Tour Length: 2 hours
  • Cost: $20 per person (not including drinks)
  • Daily @2 pm and 7 pm.
  • More info and to book.

An extremely fun and popular tour, the Drunk History Tour receives excellent reviews from those who describe it as “hilarious, informative, and engaging.”

The guides are especially highly regarded for their charismatic personalities and ability to accommodate.

Thus far, the only negative review comes from a guest who had their tour canceled at the last moment.

However, this appears to be a one-off experience as no other reviewers complain of the same happening to them. 

Pub Crawl New Orleans

Pub Crawl New Orleans hosts a French Quarter VIP Pub Crawl every Thursday at 8 pm. 

Guests enjoy exclusive free entry, no lines, amazing drink specials, free snacks, and free mechanical bull rides.

This is less of a tour and more of a way to check out New Orleans' hottest nightclubs without having to worry about being charged an entrance fee or waiting in long lines.

The tour is targeted towards a younger crowd.

Drinks are not included in the price, but many discounts are applied. 

This tour is also highly rated, with some guests referring to it as “their favorite night out in NOLA” and a “must-do.” 

Additionally, visitors praise the tour for helping them make new friends and mingle with the rest of the group.

Though some felt that this pub crawl could have been easily done on their own, most guests were happy to have paid for the tour offered them a great way to make new friends.


Haunted pub crawls combine traditional ghost tours with drinking! 

Such tours are not especially scary, but they all do a good job of informing guests of New Orleans’ darker history.

With each of these companies, guests are led to several different historic bars where they are told spooky stories of ghosts, pirates, and famous debauchery.

Legends & Spirits Cocktail Tour

This outing is offered by Legendary Walking Tours, and they provide information about the history behind classic cocktails that came from New Orleans.

In addition to learning about the drinks, you'll also hear spooky stories about the Crescent City and how it played a role in the creation of several cocktails.

Of course, you'll also have an opportunity to drink a few cocktails as well!

  • Length of Tour: 2 hours
  • Cost: $27 per person
  • Daily @ 6 pm

This company has a rating of around 4.5 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and most people who have taken this tour report that it is excellent.

Those who loved the experience say that they loved learning about the history behind some of the cocktails in New Orleans.

They also indicate that tour guides go above and beyond by offering drink recommendations and suggestions of other bars to visit.

Negative reviews are uncommon, and there do not appear to be any specific issues that people typically have with this tour.

Bloody Mary’s Ghost Tour – Haunted Pub Crawl

In addition to their many other traditional haunted tours, Bloody Mary’s Ghost Tour also offers a Haunted Pub Crawl.

The biggest difference between this tour and all the others is that it is primarily a history tour with an added drinking component.

Cocktails are not included in the price, though guests are encouraged to purchase what they like at each bar that is visited.

Guests are also invited to bring their cameras to scope out floating orbs or other paranormal entities.

  • Length of Tour: 2-3 hours
  • Cost: $30 per person (drinks not included)
  • @4:30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

This tour comes highly rated, with most guests praising the experience and the knowledgeable guides.

Though not many reported seeing any ghosts during the tour, all reported having a fun time despite the lack of paranormal activity.

Guests who rated this tour as 5 stars often wrote that they especially liked the historic aspect of the tour and praised the guides for being so informative.

The negative reviews do not appear to have much in common and therefore are not indicative of a consistent problem. 

Ghost City Tours Pub Crawl

Ghost City offers a New Orleans Pub Crawl, which visits the most haunted bars in the French Quarter.

Guests are treated to some of the finest drinks and fascinating ghost stories during their stroll around the city.

Though drinks are not included in the price of the tour, this tour operates every night of the week, while other times do not.

  • Length of Tour: 2 hours
  • Cost: $24.95 per person (drinks not included)
  • Nightly @8 pm
  • All guests must be 21+ and have a valid ID.

This company boasts 100% positive reviews on TripAdvisor, which is proof of the quality of their tours.

Many praised the selection of bars that were featured on the tour, as each was unique and often a bit off the tourist trail.

Guests also report that the guide allowed plenty of time for everyone to enjoy each pub and get a drink or two after learning a bit about the history of each place.

Though not a ‘scary’ ghost tour, per se, this is a great way to learn more about NOLA’s darker history and cocktails. 

Dark Crescent Tours – Plunder & Booty Tour

Dark Crescent Tours’ Plunder & Booty Tour is a famous haunted pub crawl that blends all kinds of strange yet true tales with a drinking tour of the city.

Advertised as “a bit of horror, a bit of mystery, and of course, a bit of drinking,” the tour informs visitors about New Orleans’ darker history. Guests visit 4 bars and get 4 full drinks.

Guides add to the experience by dressing for the part, guaranteeing that the walk is all the more entertaining. The price of this tour also includes tips for the bartenders.

  • Length of Tour: 2-3 hours
  • Cost: $75 per person (includes 4 drinks at 4 different bars)
  • For private booking only

Negative reviews for this company are few and far between.

The Plunder and Booty Tour is especially highly rated, averaging 4.5 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor, with many praising the excellent guides and adequate drink sizes.

Additionally, some even write that this tour was one of the best they had ever been on that the guides were excellent and the drink sizes were great.

A lot of guests also commented on the small group sizes, making the experience feel more personal. 


There are several websites that regularly offer discounts for pub crawls and cocktail tours in New Orleans. 

Living Social and GoldStar each promote various drinking tours on their NOLA page, so be sure to check out their websites before visiting to see if there are any great deals you can score!

Though pub crawls are not featured as part of any discount passes, it is still worth looking through our New Orleans on a Budget page, which details several ways to save during your time in the city!

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