Private New York Tour Guides

This post explains the private New York City tour options that we offer.   Whether you represent a school, a business, or a large family, our private tours are perfect for any group visit.  We offer a range of affordable private tour options. Our prices are for groups, not per person. Private tours can be scheduled for anytime.  Why choose us for your private tour of New York City? Because we are fun! We employ only the best, brightest and most energetic tour guides in the city. We’re among the highest rated tour companies on Tripadvisor for a reason — we’re great at what we do! Read the reviews for yourself.

If you are interested in booking a private tour with us, please submit the Private Tour Booking Form


Private New York Tours

Your tour can start from anywhere in the city, including your hotel or other accommodation. The prices below are for private versions of our public tours.  We recommend a limit of 25 people per tour guide, with our food tours limited to 20.  Be sure to check out our private tour frequently asked questions for answers to some of your queries.

Please be sure to read our frequently asked questions for our private tours below. 


Private Tour (Up To 2.5 Hours)

If the above times do not work for you or maybe you and your party prefer a more intimate tour that allows for more guide time — for questions, for pictures, whatever, then this option is for you!  The cost is $225. **Requests for customized tours will require a quote ** Additional hours are $75/hr. This is the group price, not per person. For private bike tours of 2 hours duration, add $16 per bicycle.

All-in-One Private Tour

Our most popular private tour option. Combine most of the sights covered on many of our tours. The tour allows for customization, so we can substitute sights of your choice. Tour lasts approximately 6 hours and requires a considerable amount of walking. There will be plenty of time to sit, rest and eat. We can even start the tour from your hotel. For more details, please visit the All-in-One tour page. $350. This is the group price, not per person.

Additional Private Tour Options

Our private tours are not limited to our public tour selection. We are also available for custom guided service for wherever you want to go and however long you would like a guide for. We’re with you every step of the way from planning to the tour’s finish. We base our pricing on the above-mentioned tours.

Daily rate $425 (10 hours)

If you are interested in booking a private tour with us, please submit the Private Tour Booking Form

Looking for more than one guide or for a day or multiple days of service? Please contact us for a quote.


Student Tours of New York City

Why choose us for your class trip to the Big Apple?

  • Because we are fun. We employ only the best, brightest and most energetic tour guides in the city. Our guides are young, so your students will relate to them better and vice versa.
  • Because we are affordable. Save your students hundreds of dollars each. We have extensive experience with every aspect of a class trip, including hotel, theater, and restaurant bookings as well as organizing transportation and travel insurance. Save the commission the school tour operators build into their prices.
  • Because we are national. We run tours in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Charleston, New Orleans, Chicago, and Boston. We can be your guides on multi-city class trips. We have a trans-city perspective and always tie together things your students have and will experience(d).
  • Because we are personal. Since we are a small company, and we only book one group at a time, your group will get the extra special attention you won’t get from the larger companies.
  • Because we are experienced. We’re amongst the highest rated tour companies on TripAdvisor for a reason – we’re great at what we do! Click here to see our reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions for Private Bookings

Q: Do you offer name your own price private tours?
A:  In order to book a private tour at a specific date and time to suit your availability, we cannot offer name your own price private tours. Guides are hired to work especially for your group!
Q: Do we get a refund if it's raining or can we reschedule if it's raining?
A:  Your tour request is for a specific date and time, so we must respect the guide’s time and other commitments. The show must go on. We will make any necessary adjustments to a tour to limit outside exposure. Our tours go out rain or shine. Please dress appropriately for the weather.  Of course, extreme weather, such as heavy sustained rains, blizzards, etc, would justify a cancellation and refund, but this is a decision that would need to be made at least 2 days before the scheduled tour, so be sure to check the weather forecast.


Q: Can we pay on the day of the tour?

A: Unfortunately no.  Tours must be prepaid at least 3 weeks prior to the tour date to secure a guide. Unpaid tours are subject to guide availability. Our guides are independent contractors. Until your invoice is paid, we cannot keep your guide from taking other paying work.  Our guides are independent contractors.  When we book a tour guide, we financially commit to them.  We cannot hold a guide to a tour without a financial commitment from you. Unpaid tours are subject to guide availability within 3 weeks of the tour date.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A:  Tours canceled up to 14 days prior to the scheduled start date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Tours canceled with less than 48 hours are nonrefundable.  Our guides are independent contractors and they might have declined other job offers to be available for your tour. We’ve made a financial commitment to them when booking their time. Last minute cancellation refunds are therefore not possible.


Q: Can we pay by credit card over the phone?
A: We can’t take payments over the phone.  We accept payments through PayPal, a secure payment system.  We will send you an invoice via email.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.  You could use any credit or debit card.


Q: Can we add more people to our group after payment?
A: Some of our tours have strict limits to group size, others do not.  However, for the overall comfort of the group and the guide, we do limit group size. This allows the group to ask questions and dig deeper into the history of the neighborhoods. It allows for the group to move comfortably through neighborhoods while respecting those who live and work there.


Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Yes! If you book two private tours or are a returning private tour customer, we offer 10% off the tour(s) price.


Q: Can we start the tour from our hotel?
A: We certainly can for hotels in Midtown and Lower Manhattan.  For other hotels, it depends on how long it would take your tour guide to arrive.  Keep in mind that the booked tour time begins when your tour guide arrives at the hotel, so sometimes it makes more economic sense to meet your guide in the neighborhood of choice.


Q: Can we customize our tour?
A: Our private tour prices are priced for set itineraries.  We certainly can make some minor changes or mix parts of two separate tours to make one unique tour.  However, if you require major modifications, we would need to provide you with a unique quote.


Q: Will my children like these tours?
A: That really depends on your children. But generally, all of our tours are suitable for children. Our tours are designed to be suitable for people of all ages.  This is one of the biggest reasons that guests opt for a private tour.


Q: For private food tours, is food included in the price?
A: No.  Food costs are extra.  All recommended items are less than $4. Suggested amount to bring for snacks is $7-$10, depending on your appetite! Vegetarian and vegan options available at several shops


Q: Can we pay and order food ahead of time?
A: Our restaurant stops have a wide variety of items to choose from. Paying as you go allows you the freedom to pick and chose what you want to eat, if you want to eat, and allows you the freedom to stop in nearby stores to try anything that catches your eye (or craving).


Q: Can we sit down at restaurants to eat on a private food tour?
A: It depends greatly on the size of your group.  We have great relationships with our food vendors, which are mainly small establishments with ties to the community. Some do not have seating, while others welcome us inside. Although they welcome our tours to come through, most cannot accommodate large groups inside their establishments.