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Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Updated: March 10, 2024
 By Margaret

Christmas 2023 has almost arrived here in London!

Our city is known throughout the world as one of the best places to view some incredible Christmas lights.

And perhaps nowhere in London is better known for its fabulous illuminated Christmas displays than Oxford Street.

In the video below, Sinead, a tour guide with Free Tours by Foot, takes you on a short virtual walk of the lights on Oxford Sreet.

This is just an excerpt of our London Christmas Lights Tour, a pay-what-you-wish walking tour.

I'd say that we know a thing or two about decorations in London, which is why we created this short guide.

What Are the Oxford Street Christmas Lights?

Oxford Street is a world-class shopping destination for visitors from all across the globe, right in the heart of the city.

Considering London pulls out all the stops when it comes to Christmas decorations, it's no surprise that Oxford Street is always decked out in beautiful, twinkling lights throughout the festive season.

In years gone by, many celebrities have been invited to flip the switch and officially start London's Christmas Season.

Previous notable include Bob Geldof, Cliff Richard, the Spice Girls, Jim Carrey, and Robbie Williams just to name a few!

Where to Find the Lights

Oxford Street is right in the centre of the city.

It's sandwiched in between Soho and Mayfair to the South, Kensington to the West, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury to the East, and Fitzrovia and Marylebone to the North.

Owing to its central location, it's very easy to get to Oxford Street! It's just a short walk up from Westminster and Soho.

Or consider these public transport options:

Tube Stations: Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Marble Arch

Bus Routes: 7, 12, 22, 55, 73, 88, 94, 98, 139, 159, 390, 453

When Are the Lights Turned On?

This year, the lights will be turned on on the 2nd of November and should shine until the 5th of January 2024.

The lights will not stay on all day but will turn on at 15:00 and off at 23:00.

What Are the Decorations for 2023?

This year's lights are a little more scaled back than in previous years owing to the current hike in energy bills in the UK, matching the display that was put on for 2022.

In addition to the reduced hours mentioned above, the lights have been made with cost-friendly materials like recycled plastic!

In 2023, you can expect to see 5,000 100% recyclable dangling stars made up of over 300,000 LED light bulbs.

The lights dangle over the entire street, turning literally into a star-studded Christmas wonderland, dubbed "Feel the Magic" by the Oxford Street branding team!

The street has also partnered with charity Starlight, which allows members of the public to "sponsor a star," with the money going to hospitalised children in an effort to bring them a more festive holiday season.

The trees lining the street have also been lit and many of the big shops on Oxford Street like Selfridges go all out with their decorations, too.

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Updated: March 10th, 2024
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