Real Philadelphia Tour (Insider’s Guide to Philly)

Look! We’re a lot more than a cracked bell. We didn’t stop improving by 1776 – we kept getting better. And weirder. And better.  The Real Philly Tour is brimming with local tips and insider recommendations. The things we’ll reveal to you on this tour have taken most of us living here in Philly our entire lives to discover. With our help, you’ll learn to be a genuine Philly native in just 4.5 hours!

We’ll reveal the hidden treasures of Philly’s in-between streets, punctuated by the landmarks everyone’s told you to visit. Yep, they’re amazing, but there’s so much more to Philly than founding fathers and declarations.  Become a real Philadelphian, see it the way WE see it. See the everyday, bizarre and wonderful reasons why WE love the first capitol of the United States. The Real Philadelphia tour doubles as a course in speaking to Philly natives. Seriously, you’ll blow their minds when you lay down some knowledge of  Hoagies, and  Water Ice.

BONUS: We’ll end near Reading Terminal Market because, frankly, it’s not a good day until you’ve gotten a taste of Amish cuisine or gorged at Flying Monkey. And there’s ALWAYS room for Bassestts ice cream. Trust us, you’ll want to spend 4.5 hours in Reading Terminal Market, alone.

Things and sites we cover on this tour:

  • Find out about the curse of Billy Penn (yeah, he’s cursed).
  • Italian Market (Learn where to get the best dish, you’ve got a TON of options, we’ll show you the best ones. We stop here for Lunch, about a 45 minute break.)
  • Reading Terminal Market (We finish with food!!)
  • City Hall
  • South Street
  • Murals! So many murals!
  • Percent for Art
  • LOVE Park (of course!)
  • Dr. Physick’s House
  • Masonic Temple
  • Academy of Music
  • Antique Row
  • Magic Gardens
  • Avenue of the Arts
  • Old Pine Street Church (seen in National Treasure…featuring Nicolas Cage)
  • and much more!

++Insider tip #1: A lot of people want to tour all the places that Rocky Balboa ran. Head’s up: the actual distance he runs is something like 31 miles. That’s a totally different tour.++

++ Insider tip #2: Philadelphians love their Mom & Pop shops, which tend to be a little old-school. BRING CASH!++

Tour Information:

Reservations: REQUIRED. Click here to reserve. Groups of 6 or more must contact us before booking.

WHERE: Tour begins from the NEXT to the Starbucks at 8th and Walnut Street. The guide will be at the stairs to the left. Look for your guide in ORANGE!



WHEN: Meet your guide at 10:50am

ENDReading Terminal Market, located at 12th and Arch Streets.


DURATION: Tour lasts approx. 4.5 hours

DISTANCE: Total Distance is approx. 5 miles

WEATHER: Tours run rain or shine, guides will adjust tour route to best accommodate with weather conditions.

Cost: This tour is free to take, and you get to decide what, if anything, the tour was worth when it’s done. A name-your-own-price tour is a tour for anyone’s budget.

Save more money with a tourist discount pass.

Philly Office Contact # – 267-712-9512 (if running late please contact your guide directly)


A: This is difficult to do, as guests will be coming from many different directions. Please use our Google map for directions to the start of the tour. Be sure to set your arrival time to 10:50 am

Q: How will I find you at the start of the tour?

A: I look like this! You’ll spot me either holding a sign with our fun logo or wearing a fancy orange shirt. If you are running late, TEXT directly or meet me at the second stop, Washington Square Fountain.

Q: What about a “clean” bathroom?

A: You are in luck, you have 1 option at our start location. Restrooms can be found at the Starbucks at the corner of 8th and Walnut Street. There is also one at our second stop Pennsylvania Hospital if needed.

Q: Where will the tour end?

A: The tour ends 6 blocks from the Independence Visitor Center at the famous and delicious Reading Terminal Market, located at 12th and Arch Streets.

Q: Where should we park?

A: Personally I am a fan of walking, he he, by foot! If you need to drive to the tour I suggest putting it into a garage since the tour is approximately 2 hours and we are the city of Parking Wars, yes that show is reality, and most parking is only 2 hours. You do not want a souvenir parking ticket, trust me. Here is a link to my suggested parking locations with hints.

Q: What about bad weather?

A: Our tours are “Rain or Shine” and I will adjust the tour route to handle the weather but make sure to come prepared.


A: Another good question. People sometimes ask why we offer a tour at no upfront costs that our competitors offer for $50/person. Well, we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a tour at a price he or she thinks the tour was worth – so just think of our tours as “name your own price”.


A: Please reply by email to this booking invoice directly to let us know that you need to cancel or edit. Be fair to others and give us at least 24 hours notice if possible, so that we have time to offer your spots to others. Failure to give proper notice may result in the placing of future tours to stand-by status.



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Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 267-712-9512