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Best Things to Do in Prague in April

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This post provides a list of fun and interesting activities, attractions, and events you can enjoy in Prague during the month of April, updated for 2020.




The following list covers the best things to do in Prague throughout the month. We include several family-friendly, nighttime, and free activities you can enjoy.

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1) See a Traditional Prague Black Light Theatre Performance

If you're looking for another traditional Czech experience it's easy to immerse yourself in a blacklight theatre performance for an hour.



Thanks to a lack of dialogue there is no language barrier. They still manage to evoke strong emotions and use audience participation via body language and context clues.

Both props and actors are covered with fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark material.

Find tickets for performances on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Prague.

These shows are entertaining for all ages! If you're looking for more family-friendly activities, check out our full blog post on things to do with kids in Prague.

TIP: If you'd like to see a more classical performance, you can also find Mozart concerts with dinner or Prague Royal Orchestra performances in St. George's Basilica.

Both of these options run twice a week throughout April.

2) Enjoy St. Mathew’s Fair

This fair has been celebrated since the 16th century at least, so you’ll really get a good taste of a traditional Czech festival - updated for modern times, of course - here!



St. Mathew’s Fair started in February and runs through April 22, 2020, at the Prague Holesovice Exhibition Centre. There will be rides, games, and live entertainment. 

Don't forget to find the trdelnik pastries and cotton candy (or candy floss!) to munch on while you're going between rides and shows.

This year, the fair is adding a farmer’s market.


  • Tuesday – Friday 13:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 22:00

This is the perfect event for the whole family! For more kid-friendly activities, check out our full post.

3) Party at Prague Majales

April is time to celebrate spring! At the end of April, this festival will be held in towns all over the country, including in Prague. This year, the festival will be on April 25, 2020.



There will be a parade through Old Town before the concerts start in the early afternoon. 

The festival draws a crowd of over 20,000 people, most of them university-student aged. But everyone is welcome to attend! Live entertainment is spread out over multiple stages.

The majority of the bands each year are Czech, with a few Slovak artists.

While few of the songs will be in English, the lively atmosphere is welcoming for everyone. And there are plenty of beer and food tents to purchase refreshments!

Tickets are 500 CZK, and the first time you enter you'll receive a wristband so you can leave and come back at any time.

Find tickets and more information here.

4) Go to the Prague Castle Easter Market

From April 6 - 28, 2020, the Prague Castle grounds will be preparing for spring with the Easter Market. 

You’ll find vendor huts selling jewelry, crafts, glassware, toys, candles, and food. 

One of the traditional items for sale everywhere will be puppets in traditional clothing! 



While you're already on the castle grounds, if you want to learn more about its history and architecture, why not take a guided tour of Prague Castle

If you’re interested in other Easter markets, you can find them on these dates: 

  • Wenceslas Square | April 6 - 28
  • Old Town Square | April 6 - 28
  • Peace Square | April 6 - 22

5) Save Money With a Tourist Pass

No matter what you’re planning to do while visiting Prague, chances are a tourist pass will help you save a lot of money on several popular activities and attractions.

There are currently two types of passes in Prague – all-inclusive and prepackaged. 

The all-inclusive pass includes admission to dozens of popular attractions for a specific amount of time (2, 3, or 4 days).



Prepackaged passes include specific attractions and tours for one flat price.

Here are some of the best attractions included with Prague tourist passes:

  • Prague Castle
  • Old Town Hall
  • Jewish Museum
  • National Museum
  • Petřín Observation Tower
  • Basilica of St. Peter & St. Paul

Some tourist passes also include skip-the-line admission at certain locations, which saves you time as well!

No matter which option you choose, you should be able to save at least 25% - 50% off general admission prices.

For more details, please read our post covering Prague tourist passes.

6) Take a Ride Down the Vltava River 

Spring is still around the corner, but April in Prague is beginning to escape winter temperatures. This means it will be a bit more comfortable to get some sightseeing in from the water!



A very popular way to see the city is from the River Vltava. Dinner cruises are a great option for enjoying a buffet and seeing Prague lit up at night.

A cheaper option is a 50-minute boat cruise during the day.

7) Witches’ Night Festival

If you’re visiting at the end of April you could take part in the Czech tradition that looks a bit like the burning of a Guy Fawkes bonfire. 



People will spend weeks to collectively design the witches that will be stuck on woodpiles to be set alight. The burning dolls symbolize victory of good forces over evil, as well as the end of winter. 

The night is accompanied by choreographed dancing around the bonfire and live music on stages. 

The largest fire will be lit on Petrin Hill on the Vltava River's west bank. Festivities will start mid-afternoon on April 30.

8) Visit Charles Bridge and Climb the Towers

The oldest bridge in Prague is still a popular way for pedestrians to cross the Vltava River.

Construction began in 1357 under the orders of King Charles IV, and it has survived and been renovated multiple times.

Not everyone knows that you can actually climb the towers on either end of the bridge for fantastic views of the city!



All you have to do is look for the entrances at the base of the towers and pay 100 CZK to get to the top. The view from the bridge towers is always less crowded than the view from the City Hall tower!

While Easter weekend will be busy, April is generally a good time to visit since the bridge will be full of visitors during the summer and fall.

For the quietest atmosphere and a great view of the city lit up at night, we suggest visiting after dark.

9) Take a Delicious Food Tour

One of the joys of traveling is discovering a new city through local foods and dishes. Secret Food Tours allow you to do that!



A local foodie will lead you to the best street food and restaurants for savory cuisine as well as sweet treats. You can be sure they'll also have great recommendations for later in your stay! 

As you go on your 6-stop, 3.5-hour walk you'll also learn about the local culture and some interesting Prague facts. 

The regular tour is €76, with an optional €7.50 drinks package upgrade. 

10) Take a Bus Tour of Prague

It won't take too long to get a great overview of Prague's most popular points of interest with the various bus tours available!

The best services are the hop-on-hop-off tours that allow you to spend time at the sights most interesting to you.

Each bus tour comes with commentary available in multiple languages.



If you'd rather spend your time exploring a specific landmark, 

For travelers on a budget, you can also take a pay-what-you-like walking tour of the city.

11) See Caribou or Jiri Korn in Concert

The biggest concerts available in April feature a Canadian band, Caribou, and a Czech artist, Jiří Korn.

You can find all of Prague’s live concerts here.




Jiří Korn

You can find all the concerts in Prague here.

Check out more ideas for things to do at night.


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