Things to Do In Prague

Prague has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years and has a lot to offer visitors.

This post contains our top 10 list of things to do in Prague, as well as the best things to do for free, with your family, and at night. 



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Having difficulties narrowing down just what to do out of all the great options?

Let us help you out with our top 10 things to do in Prague, including tours, attractions, and dining suggestions.

(1) Go on a Sightseeing Tour

Letting a knowledgeable local show you around and tell you all about their city is one of the best ways to discover a new place.

As our name suggests, we are really big on free walking tours



There are numerous hop-on-hop-off bus tours of Prague to choose from as well as a cruise down the Vltava River.

(2) Walk Across Charles Bridge

The oldest bridge in Prague is still a popular way for pedestrians to cross the Vltava River. Construction began in 1357 under the orders of King Charles IV.

Its wide path is made out of sandstone and today is constantly full of street performers, tourists, and a few locals.


Charles Bridge


Not many visitors know that it is possible to climb the towers built on either end of the bridge for the equivalent of a few Euros.

The bridge is also lined in Baroque statues of saints and martyrs – although today they are copies of the originals, which were taken down for preservation.  

For fewer crowds and a great view of the city lit up at night, we suggest visiting after dark. Or, go with a free guided tour.

(3) Explore Old Town and the Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is one of the main features in Old Town Square in Prague.

It was first constructed in the 15th century and has been restored a few times after damage. It has multiple beautiful golden accents and moving parts.



The most interesting part of the clock is that every hour, on the hour, there is a short parade of 12 Apostle figurines that circle the clock while it chimes.

It’s one of 20 notable sight in Old Town Prague.

(4) Prague Castle

This Castle complex has been around since the 9th century and is currently where the President of the Czech Republic keeps his office hours.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is visited by crowds from all over the world.



From Prague Castle, you can see amazing views of the city since it is strategically situated on one of Prague’s hills.

The main castle grounds are always free to wander, and there are free tours of these grounds.

The complex remains open until 22:00 year-round. Check out our free, self-guided tour of the grounds.

If you happen to be near the guardhouse at the top of the hour, you can also watch the Changing of the Guard.

The long hours make this a perfect evening activity if you’re busy seeing the sights in other neighborhoods during the day.

For more things to do at night, check out the section below.

(5) Quirky Art

There are quirky statues and art installations all over the city. How many can you find?

Near Kampa museum, you can find some giant bronze babies.

A cloaked man sits hunched over near Estates Theatre.



Don’t panic if you see the bronze likeness of Sigmund Freud hanging by a hand to a rooftop on Husova Street.

And by the Spanish Synagogue stands an odd headless man carrying a smaller person on his shoulders.

(6) Find Your Prague Team Spirit

Prague is home to several great sports teams.

Both football (soccer) and ice hockey are popular in the Czech Republic, so you can most likely find a game to attend throughout most of the year.

Ice Hockey (September – April)

Football (Soccer) (August – November)

The games are perfect opportunities for family bonding time! And we have more kid-friendly things to do listed below.

(7) Explore the Parks

Kids and adults alike will really enjoy exploring Prague’s parks. Some of the green spaces, such as Petrin Park, are great for hiking and picnics.

Other Great Green Spaces:

  • Letna Park
  • Stromovka



Then, there is Children’s Island. A small island in Vltava River that is dedicated to playground equipment, a family-friendly cafe, and green space for families to enjoy.  

Other Playgrounds Include:

  • The Franciscan Monastery garden and playground close to Wenceslas Square
  • Certovka by Charles Bridge

(8) Find Live Music

From free music to fancy concert halls, there is most likely music to your taste to be found in Prague.

As you walk around the city, keep an eye out for street performers. They can most likely be found at almost all hours on Charles Bridge.



The National Theatre is a beautiful venue where you can find ballets, operas, and theatre performances on a regular basis year-round.

Free classical performances can be found at the Wallenstein Gardens in the early evenings between May and September.

Fans of jazz music will be happy to hear that there are plenty of jazz and blues clubs with nightly live performances, such as at Jazz Republic.

(9) Czech Food Scene

Czech food is hearty and perfect comfort food. For an authentic experience, we suggest walking outside of Old Town and the restaurants that cater to the crowds of tourists.

In local pubs, you’ll find vepro knedlo zelo – roasted pork – and cesnecka – garlic soup topped with a raw egg.



If you’re looking for some help finding the best dishes in this city, consider a Prague Secret Food Tour.

This outing includes 6 stops and at least 6 samples including bohemian soup, a Czech hot dog, and much more!

Restaurants we suggest include:

For more great dining options, check out our article full of suggestions for things to do at night in Prague.

(10) See More with a City Pass

Looking to make the most of your time in Prague? A tourist pass will allow you to save 50% or more by bundling your attractions and paying for just one pass.

The Prague Welcome Card also comes with a 72-hour pass for Prague’s public transport, which allows you to get from attraction to attraction even faster.

Be sure to read our guide on public transportation in Prague. 

Attractions Included in the Pass:

  • Kampa Museum
  • New Town Hall
  • Franz Kafka Museum
  • Astronomical Tower
  • Basilica St. Peter



Staying under budget doesn’t have to mean missing out on all the fun in Prague. Here’s a list of our top 10 free things to do.



Our Free Things to Do in Prague post has even more ideas for the budget-conscious traveler.

  1. People-watch and listen to street performers on Charles Bridge.
  2. Enjoy a free classical concert at Wallenstein Garden.
  3. Visit the Futura Gallery of contemporary art.
  4. Explore the Josefov and New Town neighborhoods.
  5. Find cheap street food like trdelnik.
  6. Enjoy the peaceful Franciscan Garden and playground.
  7. See the panoramic views of the city from the Prague Castle grounds.
  8. Watch the Astronomical Clock show in Old Town Square.
  9. Visit the graffiti-covered Lennon Wall.
  10. See the Infant Jesus of Prague.

For more inspiration, check out our Free Things to Do post.



Prague is known for its nighttime party culture, but there are plenty of other things to do at night in this beautiful city, and here is our top 10 list.



For more things to do after dark in Prague, take a look at our Things to Do at Night post.

  1. Take a Prague Ghost Tour.
  2. See an Ice Hockey game.
  3. Explore the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague.
  4. Listen to local jazz at Jazz Republic.
  5. Enjoy traditional Czech food.
  6. Party with the Drunken Monkey Pub Crawl.
  7. Climb Petrin Hill and look out from the Observation Tower.
  8. Take an evening Prague Zoo tour.
  9. See Prague Castle and great views of the city from the hill.
  10. Discover Prague’s underground tunnels.

To see everything there is to do at night, check out our full post.



Prague is the perfect place for a family vacation. Here is our top 10 list for things to do with kids.



You can find more details and family-friendly activities in our full post on things to do with your kids.

  1. See the hourly show at the Astronomical Clock.
  2. Explore the Art Gallery for Children.
  3. Watch the puppetry at Spejbl and Hurvinek Children’s Theatre.
  4. Go to a football or hockey game.
  5. Take a delicious chocolate tour.
  6. Watch the Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle.
  7. Take an evening tour at the Prague Zoo.
  8. Make your own souvenir at an enamel mug workshop.
  9. Explore the playground on Children’s Island.
  10. Rent a pedal boat on the Vltava River.

Find even more things to do with your kids in Prague on our full family-friendly post.



We have also created guides based on the time of year. Click on the links below for the corresponding time that you plan on being in Prague.


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