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Best Things To Do in Prague in June

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This post provides several fun ideas for things you can do in Prague throughout the month of June in 2022. We include a variety of family-friendly, free and nighttime activities.

For more activities and events, see our master post of things to do in Prague.

Disclosure: While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.


The following list will include quite a few activity ideas for anyone spending time in Prague during the month of June, including concerts, festivities, tours, historic locations you may want to visit and more.

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1. Go to a Concert

Although this city might not be the first location you think of when it comes to concert venues, the truth is that a lot of notable artists love to play here throughout the year.

During the month of June, you can expect the following concerts to be held in Prague:

While these are the only musical performances currently scheduled for June, make sure to check this list of concerts in Prague just in case another band decides to play here soon.

2. Take a Dinner Cruise

Summer is the perfect time to go on a cruise, and there are several boat tours and excursions available in Prague that you may want to consider.

While you could take a sightseeing cruise during the day, we recommend experiencing this city from the water when it lights up after dark.

One of the most popular dinner cruises includes a buffet dinner with several great traditional Czech dishes, live music performed on board the ship, and a free glass of Prosecco.

Visitors can also enjoy free audio commentary about notable landmarks in Prague, and this service is available in 16 different languages!

Purchase tickets for a Prague Dinner Cruise or learn more.

3. Discover the Best Food in Prague

If you’re going to be spending more than a few days in this city, you may want to consider taking a Prague Secret Food Tour to not only discover some of the most popular dishes in the area, but also the best restaurants.

This outing includes 6 stops and at least 6-7 different samples to try along the way, including a Czech hot dog, bohemian soup, and other unique Czech foods such as Knedlo-vepřo-zelo.

Guests can also expect a glass of local beer, Moravian wine or other delicious alternatives. If you’re looking for even more beverages, they also offer an upgraded drinks package!

As you taste the flavor of this region, you’ll also learn about the history of Prague from a knowledgeable tour guide.

4. Get a Good View of the City

There are a lot of great places in Prague where you can enjoy an excellent view of the city, but we recommend two locations in particular: Petřín Observation Tower and the Old Town Hall Tower.

While the Old Town Hall Tower is obviously located at the top of the town hall, the Petřín Tower is a steel structure 63.5 metres tall which resembles the Eiffel Tower.

Both sites provide excellent and unique views of Prague, giving you the opportunity to see everything the city has to offer from above.

Best of all, each of these landmarks is actually included with at least one Prague discount attraction pass, so you can save money on admission as well!

5. Cool Off With a Czech Beer

There are a lot of great local beers in this city, but if you’re curious about which drinks to try first, consider taking the Prague Beer Tour to discover some of the best brews in the area.

This tour includes several stops including at least one behind-the-scenes look at a microbrewery, and you’ll also have the chance to sample 2 different craft beers from the Czech Republic.

As your guide takes you from one stop to another, you’ll learn about the process of making beer and the history of this drink in Prague.

6. Save Money With a Tourist Pass

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this post, a lot of the most popular landmarks and locations in Prague are actually included at no extra cost with a tourist attraction discount pass.

If you’re planning to visit at least 4-5 different locations per day, you could easily save up to 50% off general admission prices using these services.

Here are a few of the more notable attractions included with at least one Prague discount pass:

For more information about how to use these passes effectively to save money, please read our post covering Prague tourist passes.

7. Take the Kids to the Zoo

What better time to take your children to the zoo than during the summer? With warm weather to enjoy, this outdoor attraction is perfect in June and there will be plenty to see and do while you’re here.

Needless to say, the Prague Zoo has a lot of popular animals on display including almost 1,800 different birds, 1,200 mammals, over 1,000 reptiles, almost 800 fish and more.

If you’re looking to make the experience even more special, you can actually take a cruise to reach the zoo and there are combo packages available which include both admission to the zoo and a boat ticket!

Alternatively, it should be noted that the Prague Zoo is actually included with some Prague tourist passes, allowing you to save money on tickets.

8. Go to the Prague Ice Cream Festival

Speaking of family-friendly activities, you won’t find many better than this! After all, what kid doesn’t love ice cream?

The Prague Ice Cream Festival will be held on June 26th, 2022. As you might imagine, there will be several vendors on hand selling a variety of gelato, yogurt, ice rolls, sorbets, and more.

This event will be held at the Prague Exhibition Grounds starting at 10 am, and all you have to do to enjoy some of the ice cream here is to pay for admission!

Tickets range from 100 CZK - 600 CZK ($4-$23.50) depending on which option you choose, and seniors actually get in for free.

9. Celebrate the Khamoro Festival

From May 29th - June 4th, 2022, the Khamoro Festival will honor Roma culture with a variety of musical, dance, and theatrical performances, as well as workshops, seminars and more.

In years past, there have been several events held for Khamoro at multiple different venues throughout the week, so you’ll have several opportunities to enjoy new shows during the festival.

There is also a parade held at Wenceslas Square every year, so even if you’re not interested in musical or theatrical performances, you can always enjoy this public activity instead!

While some events will be entirely free to attend, others may require a small admission fee to get inside. 

10. Explore Prague Castle

Let’s be honest, there’s never really a bad time to discover this incredible historic landmark, but it’s certainly nice to see this location during the summer.

The best part about Prague Castle is that it’s technically free to visit. Although some of the buildings will require a ticket to enter, each of the courtyards and some other sites won’t cost a thing. 

If you’re not interested in entering the additional buildings, you may want to consider taking a free tour of Prague Castle. There are also paid tours that typically include admission to areas that are otherwise off-limits.

Regardless of how you choose to see this notable location, make sure to read our post on visiting Prague Castle to learn more about each of your tour options.

RESCHEDULED: Celebrate Prague Museum Night

In 2022, the Prague Museum Night will take place on August 23rd, and guests can expect participating locations to open their doors for the event at 7 pm.

In years past, the following museums have participated in this annual activity:

  • Antonín Dvořák Museum
  • Czech Museum of Music
  • Ethnographical Museum
  • National Film Museum
  • Sternberg Palace
  • Botanical Garden
  • Mineral Museum
  • Coffee Museum
  • Goethe-Institut
  • And many more!

If you’re looking to save some money on tickets for these attractions, this is an excellent opportunity you won’t want to miss. It should also be noted that some of these locations are family-friendly!

RESCHEDULED: Attend Rumfest

If you enjoy a nice glass of rum from time to time, you may want to consider going to Rumfest in Prague on May 21st, 2022. 

This event will welcome over 100 different brands of rum from all over the world, as DJs play a variety of music and plenty of traditional Caribbean cuisine is provided to go along with your drinks.

This will be the 8th annual Rumfest, and tickets are actually quite affordable at just 400 CZK ($15.50) per guest. The activities will take place at Žluté lázně in Prague's Podolí.


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