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Tours of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Updated: January 19, 2024

This post compares and reviews the various options to visit and tour the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, located just to the north of Berlin.

Many terrible things happened at this location, and it might be difficult for a lot of visitors to experience some of those atrocities and see where they took place.

With that said, the history behind this site is undeniably important to remember. 

Public Walking Tours

This is one of the most affordable ways to be guided through the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. 

Ticket prices range from €12 - €20 per person, which is definitely a good deal considering the length of these walking tours.

Most of these services last between 5 - 6 hours, giving you plenty of time to discover the history behind this location.

Each tour is available either for free or at a discount with several Berlin tourist passes, particularly the Berlin Welcome Cards and the Berlin Pass.

These passes may save you lots of money on the most popular tourist attractions and tours in Berlin by bundling the tickets together in on price.

Public transport tickets (which includes Zone C) may be necessary for many of the following excursions.  

It is recommended to bring a packed lunch along for your trip, as there are currently no facilities for dining at the camp.

Insider Tours

This company is well known for providing excellent walking tours in and around Berlin.

Their Sachsenhausen Memorial tour is no exception, running for a total of 6 hours and covering quite a lot of ground.

While on this outing, you'll see sites such as the gun tower, the security systems of the camp, and the barracks.

Although the journey is definitely disturbing, it's worth the experience to learn more about what conditions were actually like during WW2. See all of Insider Berlin's tours.

Free with the Berlin Pass or save 28% off these prices with the Berlin Welcome Card. In fact, all of Insider Tours' tours are included for free with the Berlin Pass. 

IMPORTANT: ABC Zone Day Ticket is required and is included in both the Berlin Welcome Card and the Berlin Pass.

Reviews for this tour are quite excellent, with an overwhelming majority of guests giving the event a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see some of the reviews).

Although there are a handful of negative comments, they don't appear to indicate any serious issues with the service.

Most visitors felt that this was a very informative and eye-opening walking tour, providing an important perspective on the history behind Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

This trek was especially popular among couples and customers who brought a friend along for the journey.

Berlin Walks

Described as an "emotional tour" of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, this 6-hour trek will allow you to explore the grounds and learn all about its history.

As you discover areas such as the Appelplatz, an incredibly knowledgeable tour guide will reveal the disturbing tales that will forever be tied to this site.

This company also offers free maps of Berlin to help you find your way around the city.

As with similar services, it is recommended to purchase a public transport ticket and bring a bagged lunch along for the walk. See all of their Berlin tours.

Free with the Berlin Welcome Card All-Inclusive or save 25% off these prices with the Berlin Welcome Card.

IMPORTANT: ABC Zone Day Ticket is required and is included in both the Berlin Welcome Card and the Berlin Pass.

Just like their competition, Original Berlin Walks currently has a full 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and Get Your Guide (see some of their reviews).

Several visitors mentioned their tour guides by name, indicating that they were both full of knowledge and very friendly.

Some guests felt that this experience was moving and life-changing, suggesting that it was a very respectful journey throughout the camp. Couples were by far the most likely to leave a positive review.

Sandeman's New Europe Tours

Much like their competitors, Sandeman's also provides a 6-hour tour of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. 

Each tour begins in the morning, so it is recommended to bring a lunch with you. An ABC zone ticket will be required for this tour.

Save 30% off these prices with the Berlin Welcome Card.

IMPORTANT: ABC Zone Day Ticket is required and is included in both the Berlin Welcome Card and the Berlin Pass.

Not only does this company enjoy a 5 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor and a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Get Your Guide (see some of their reviews).

There are a few negative comments, but they didn't denote any common issues with the service.

Sachsenhausen Memorial

That's right – the memorial for this camp actually offers their very own tour of the grounds. At only 2 ½ hours in length, this is a much shorter walk than most of their competition offers.

That being said, this is a very convenient opportunity for anyone who either forgets or neglects to register for one of the other trips, as no registration is necessary.

All guides have been trained by the Memorial Foundation, so you can rest assured that they will provide a lot of useful information.

This tour is included with the price of admission to the memorial and museums. They request that you register at least four months ahead of time since this activity is very popular.

Sachsenhausen Memorial statue.

The Sachsenhausen Memorial Foundation has a score of 4 ½ out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Many guests recommend taking a tour of the site, stating that it's far preferable to simply visiting.

Customers described their walking tour as both moving and enlightening, indicating that they learned a lot about the actual events that have made this location so historically significant. 

  • Ticket Prices: €25 per person
  • Duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Lunch not included
  • ABC Zone Day Ticket is required
  • Offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday


If you want a more personalized experience at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, a private walking tour will be your best bet.

Tickets typically cost at least €100, but you will ensure smaller group sizes and more personal attention.

This is an excellent choice for anyone who has a lot of questions about the concentration camp and its history.

At about 5-6 hours in length, you'll spend at least half a day exploring the grounds with the help of a professional tour guide.

Terra Incognita Tours

In addition to a tour of the concentration camp, this company also provides a guided trip to the Topography of Terror documentation center.

From there, you will be driven to the camp and given a full overview of the premises. Although the ticket price may be higher, this is definitely a more convenient excursion.

Over the course of 6 hours, a professional guide will lead your private group through one of the most disturbing time periods in Berlin's history. Pick-up service is available from any location within 10 km of Brandenburg Gate.

Terra Incognita Tours have yet to receive even one negative review on TripAdvisor. Ratings on other services are similarly excellent, with most guests agreeing that this tour is absolutely fantastic.

Several visitors mentioned that they were very impressed with the personal attention provided by their tour guide.

Some reviewers even indicated that they booked a second outing after having such a wonderful experience on this trip. Families were the most likely to appreciate this opportunity.

  • Ticket Prices: €170 per person
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Lunch not included
  • ABC Zone Day Ticket is not required
  • Available Daily

Sandeman's New Europe Tours

Soviet Liberation Memorial.

Although this tour isn't as lengthy as the rest, it is a fairly interesting opportunity for anyone who wants to learn about the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Clocking in at 5 hours in length, you'll have plenty of time to explore the grounds at your own pace with the help of a professional guide who will pay special attention to your group.

Sandeman's private trip is available for groups of up to 30 people, which could bring the cost down to €13 per person.

A percentage of the profits go toward keeping the memorial in good shape.

This company has received quite a few positive ratings for their Sachsenhausen Memorial tour.

Guests typically had a lot of great things to say about their tour guides and the amount of information they provided.

Some visitors even felt that other private excursions couldn't even compare, suggesting that they would only be working with Sandeman's in the future.

This walking tour was most popular among customers who brought friends along for the journey, but it was also a hit among families.

  • Ticket Prices: €390 for up to 30 guests
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Lunch not included
  • ABC Zone Day Ticket is required
  • Not Currently Available.

Sachsenhausen Memorial

In addition to their public tours, the Memorial also offers private guided treks for groups of up to 30 people. These walking tours are much shorter than the others at only 2 ½ hours in length, but they are much more affordable.

The Memorial Foundation trains all of their guides, ensuring that they are well informed and prepared to offer visitors a historical understanding of the site.

Depending on how many people are in your group, this could actually be one of the cheapest tours of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

The Sachsenhausen Memorial Foundation has received excellent reviews for the services they provide. Guests routinely leave wonderful remarks about their tours and the guides behind them.

Although several visitors describe the experience as either sad or emotional, many guests feel that it is also important to remember what happened here and learn as much as possible from the camp.

Tours at this location were most well received by couples and customers who went with a friend.

  • Ticket Prices: €130 for groups of up to 30 people
  • Duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Lunch not included
  • ABC Zone Day Ticket is required
  • Not Currently Available.


If you're not interested in having a guide show you around, you can actually save money by simply visiting Sachsenhausen concentration camp on your own.

You will not be charged an entrance fee, but donations are accepted in order to keep the grounds in good condition.

This location is a memorial for the men and women who suffered during the Holocaust, and there are plenty of details available at the camp. 

Although we do not currently offer our own self-guided tour of Sachsenhausen Memorial, there is always a chance that we may include this in the future. 

  • Entrance Fee: Free (€1.20 donation recommended)
  • ABC Zone Day Ticket Price: €7 per person
  • Available whenever you wish during operating hours
  • Archive and Library: Open Tuesday–Friday from 9 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Visitor Services: Available Monday–Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM
Map of Sachsenhausen concentration camp


There are several methods for visiting this concentration camp by train. Regardless of which train you take, we recommend using this Google Maps link for directions to the memorial.

You will need to make sure that you have either a BC or ABC travel ticket. You will need to add the C zone to your ticket or pass if you only have the AB card.

For more information, read our guide to navigating the Berlin public transit system.

That being said, make sure to check with tour operators before heading out, as they may wish to meet up with you before making the journey to this memorial.

  • Take the S1 which travels from Berlin-Friedrichstraße station. Get off at Oranienburg station.
  • Take the RE 5 traveling from Berlin-Hauptbahnhof. Get off at Oranienburg station.
  • Take the RB 12 traveling from Berlin-Lichtenberg. Get off at Oranienburg station.
  • Bus lines 804 and 821 also stop at Sachsenhausen Memorial.


Several of the tours we have mentioned above may also be available either at a discount or as part of a combo package.

You can also take advantage of tourist passes in order to save money on these excursions whenever possible.

If you plan on taking more than one tour, make sure to check this section before purchasing any tickets. Feel free to check out our overview of Berlin attraction passes for even more information.

Berlin Welcome Card

  • Berlin Walks – Save 25% off normal ticket prices
  • Free Berlin Tours – Save 25% off normal ticket prices

The Berlin Pass

  • Insider Tours – Both Sachsenhausen Memorial and Third Reich tours are free
  • Fat Tire Tours – Third Reich trip is offered for free
  • Jewish Museum of Berlin – Free entry is included with this pass
  • This pass has been temporarily suspended and is not available as of Jan 2024.

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Updated: January 19th, 2024
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