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Self Guided Berlin Walking Tours

Updated: October 12, 2021

We are happy to have produced several self guided Berlin walking tours and our collection is growing.  We designed these self guided tours to be used on your own time and your own pace or as companion pieces on our guided tours. Some tours are only available as a self-guided tour.  We hope these tours are helpful to you.


  • Berlin Cathedral Berlin Mitte-East Tour - One of the historically and architecturally richest areas of Berlin and located right in the center - hence the name Mitte.  This self-guided tour covers the important monuments and sights of Mitte's East part which no every visitor to Berlin should miss. Complimentary to this tour, you can also explore the Things to see in Mitte West.


  • Berlin Wall deathly love Berlin Wall Tour - During our Berlin Wall Tour, you will learn about the events, figures, and postwar principles that lead to the construction of the wall, and the consequences that were brought about even to this day. This tour will shed some light and perspective onto both sides of the wall, and its impact on German culture and mindset, as well as on Berlin itself.


  • Berlin Friedrichshain RAW Friedrichshain Tour - Berlin’s district Friedrichshain is trendy and rough, with lots of graffiti and a distinct East German charm and an off-beat alternative culture. It’s very low key, and not yet as commercialized with a big student population, low rents, but also a rich history in working class roots. Come and explore this district on a self-guided tour of Friedrichshain.


  • Berlin Neue Synagogue Spandauer Vorstadt Tour - While the old historic center of Berlin was destroyed in World War II and most of the buildings are reconstructions, the Spandauer Vorstadt, between Alexanderplatz and the theater district (e.g. Friedrichstadtpalast with its Las Vegas-like shows) has the real old houses from the 18th and 19th century. This neighborhood had also been the center of Berlin Jewish life and again houses important Jewish institutions. Neglected in socialist times, the Spandauer Vorstadt is beautifully restored today with cafés, shops and much more to explore. Come and explore this Historic Old Berlin -  The Spandauer Vorstadt on this self-guided tour.


  • Berlin St. Thomas church Kreuzberg Tour - This district gets is name from the hill with the cross ("cross mountain") where this tour ends. It is a Berlin district that has enjoyed more and more popularity. Kreuzberg can be divided into east Kreuzberg, more unkempt and rich in immigration (the former SO36 postal code also gives a nickname to the area), as well as west Kreuzberg, the more trendy, bohemian part with the Bergmannstrasse. If you can't take part on a walking tour, take this self-guided tour to get an overview of the main highlights.


  • Berlin Old historic Spandauer Vorstadt - Neue Synagoge Jewish Berlin Tour - Today, surprisingly, the city that is regarded with disdain by many people as the command center Hitler’s Third Reich, is now home to more than 45,000 Jews and continues to grow. Jews are moving to Berlin from places like Australia, Eastern Europe, Russia, France and United States. There are signs once of Jewish life once again and though this tour focuses on the past and the terrible loss of life, the existence of the memorials you will see is a testament to the hopeful future for Jews in Berlin.


  • Schloss Charlottenburg Charlottenburg Tour - Located in the western part of Berlin, this affluent borough with its mansions, churches, and a famous castle is worth exploring. It's filled with history, medieval buildings, Prussian history, and the beautiful gardens of Charlottenburg Castle.



  • Berlin Street Art Haus Schwarzenberg Stinkfish Berlin Graffiti and Street Art Tour - Berlin's underground street art culture portrays the creative character of this city. Many street artists live in the city or they have traveled from all over the world to leave their mark. From graffiti, tags, paste-ups or big murals, you'll find anything Berlin. Some street art is more hidden, some is wide out in the open. This short guide will show you where to find the street art hot spots in Berlin.

About The Author

Anne Wittig

Anne was born in East Berlin and came of age in the unified city. She has an intimate relationship with her city of birth and still calls Berlin home. For the past 10 years, she has managed and written Free Tours by Foot's Berlin blog, detailing the best places to go, where to stay, and what to do in her hometown. This blog has been featured on Berlin's official website, mainstream press like Berlingske, and local blogs like Over 14,000 visitors to Berlin have taken a tour from Free Tours by Foot.
Updated: October 12th, 2021
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