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This post is for those who are driving to and staying in New York City but want to save money by parking in New Jersey.

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So, you are driving to NYC but you are concerned about the high cost of parking or maybe you don’t want to drive into and around the city.

Between bridge and tunnel tolls driving into NYC ($14), together with high parking garage prices ($30-$50 or more overnight!), the costs could really start to add up.

Meanwhile parking garages in New Jersey can cost as low as $4 overnight if you book in advance and prepay with an app like SPOTHERO.

Although you’ll have to pay for public transportation into Manhattan from your parking spot in New Jersey, you are still likely to save a lot of money.

Also, depending on which mode of transportation you take, it can take as little as 30 - 75 minutes to get from your parking spot in New Jersey to your hotel in NYC.

Driving over or under the Hudson River can easily take 2x as long, especially during rush hours.

Below we explore the various options to help you decide which is right for you.

NOTE: This post is for those whose driving routes have them passing through New Jersey.

Parking at Newark Liberty International Airport

 If you are driving in from points west and south, you will almost certainly be driving past Newark Airport. The good news is that there are affordable parking lots adjacent to the airport.

The most convenient lot is the airport’s long-term economy (P-6) parking lot ($21/night). It’s actually the farthest away from the airport but it’s the closest to the airport’s NJ Transit train station.

It is fairly easy to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan. The trip from the lot into NY Penn Station is 24 minutes with mass transit.

This is a great option and there are elevators at the station and plenty of space to put your bags on the train.

There are also shuttle buses from the airport to Grand Central Terminal but you would travel to the main terminal. There is a free shuttle bus that will take you there from economy parking.  

You can see pricing and book parking directly from the airport’s parking page.

1-Way Tickets (as of July 2021):

  • $15.25 - adults
  • $11.25 - child/senior/military/disabled

MetroPark Station

An even cheaper option is MetroPark Station. The lot costs just $12/night for up to 21 days and the NJ Transit ride is less expensive.

MetroPark is close to I-95, I-287, and the Garden State Parkway and is a good option for people traveling to NYC from the south.

They have over 3500 spaces in two garages adjacent to the NJ Transit Station. This is a big transit hub (website).

It takes between  37-45 minutes, depending on the time of day, to get to NY Penn Station by train. The lot is located right next to the train station.

1-Way Tickets (as of July 2021):

  • $10.75 - adults
  • $4.90 - child/senior/military/disabled

Parking at Other NJ Transit Train Stations

There are a lot of NJ Transit trains that are commuter trains serving the suburbs of New Jersey.

You can pay as little as $4-5 a day if you park at some of the NJ Transit stations, such as Ramsey Route 17 Station in northern New Jersey.

1-Way Tickets (as of July 2021):

  • $12.25 - adults
  • $7:70 - child/senior/military/disabled

NOTE: From Ramsey, you will need to change trains at Secaucus Junction Station. However, there are elevators and frequent connecting trains.

It’s a 50-60 min journey from Ramsey Station to NY Penn Station.

In theory, you can replicate this Ramsey Station example at many NJ Transit Stations but many either have no on-site lot or do not allow overnight parking. For some stations, there are nearby lots.


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Updated: October 12th, 2021
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