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Things to do in Dubai in November (2022-2023)

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This post is about visiting Dubai in November (updated for 2010) including things to do and weather.

Dubai in November

The weather in Dubai in November is just amazing – great for being outdoors all day. As the “winter month” arrives, you can plan a perfect day out at the beach or to shop your heart out or to explore the adventure sports in the likes of skydiving, wakeboardingquad bikingdune bashing or a desert safari or a hot air balloon ride, you can do all this and more with less humidity, making Dubai a great place to visit at this time of the year.

With daily temperatures in the late 20s to early 30s and very little rainfall, the month of November offers the perfect temperature to be outdoors and get that suntan without the roasting heat of the summer months.

In addition to a beautiful weather, November also brings in a bunch of festivals and events like DP World Tour Championship, Abu Dhabi F1, Dubai Design Week and the likes for a wholesome holiday experience for every traveller.

Dubai Skyline in November

Top Things & Events in Dubai in November

This section features our top 10 activities to enjoy in November in Dubai.

Be sure to check out our master post, Things to Do in Dubai, for more ideas to all year round.

Several of the items below are already included for free with the purchase of a tourist attraction discount pass.

1. Feast on Traditional Emirati Delicacies

UAE is known to be one of the top dining destinations with matchless multicultural cuisine, but it is the Emirati dishes that have a unique taste and is mainly one of the most prominent aspects of the UAE heritage. The Emirati cuisine constitutes several hearty dishes surprisingly seasoned with an assortment of dishes, including staple food like camel dairy, dates, rice and meat- spices playing the most important part here.

The Emirati spice mix named bzar is testament to this, including, among other things, pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, and ginger, with every family seemingly having their own recipe for the exact mixture. To visit the spice souk and understand the importance of the spices in the UAE Culture, you can join us on our daily Old Dubai and Souk Walking Tour.

A popular dish in the UAE, particularly during Ramadan is the traditional Harees, the main ingredients being wheat and the meat of choice. When preparing the dish, the previously soaked wheat berries are slow-cooked together with butter and the pre-cooked meat, making for a porridge-like dish that is seasoned with cinnamon, pepper, and salt.


Market in Dubai in November


A very famous- one pot dishcalled the Machboos is made using rice, meat, onions, various spices, and loomi. The latter are dried limes (sometimes also called black limes) and give the dish its distinctive taste. To taste Machboos and sample food specialties from the region, join us on our Flavors of Arabia Emirati Food walk tour. This tour brings for you the most authentic traditional Emirati meals over a multi-course dinner walk.

When: 6:30-9:30pm daily

Tour Start Location: Al Ras Metro Station, Exit 2

2. Take a stroll in the Al Shindagha Neighbourhood

Modern Dubai was born in the early 20th century, when the ruling family established itself in the charming neighbourhood of Al Shindagha. Located today on the shores of the Creek, Al Shindagha is prized for its coral-clad houses, traditional wind towers, and attractions such as the Heritage and Diving Museum, and the Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House.

On our 1001 Arabian Nights: Old Dubai By Moonlight, we will walk through the lanes of Al Shindagha Neighbourhood at night. This local neighbourhood is amid renewal and renovation.

We will talk about pirates, traders, pearl divers, and adventurers who travelled on the shores of the Creek, leaving a rich legacy of local traditions and walk by life size replicas of fishing boats where the guide will you the history behind the life on the creek.

As the night will progress, we will delve deep into Al Shindagha to share adventure stories and talk about the rich architectural landscape. You can book the tour here.

On Friday evenings, we visit the Al Shindagha Museum on this tour. Al Shindagha Museum encompasses much of the Shindagha area, on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek, and consist of 23 museums that are opening as part of the Dubai Historical District project, which was first announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, in 2015.  Shindagha Museum tells the universal tale of human innovation, resilience, and the desire for progress which shaped the Dubai of nowadays.

Visitors can explore the heritage, submerging them into true Emirati culture and its origins. The museum also highlights Dubai’s shared heritage with the region and wider world.

Dubai Boats in November

One of the first museums to open in the Al Shindagha neighbourhood is the Perfume House, paying homage to the history of all scented things in UAE. Perfume House is built within the former house of an avid Perfumer, Sheikha Shaikha bint Saeed bin Maktoum. Many of the items inside were part of her personal collection. This includes her perfume application and a 28kg piece of oud she had in her house and which she donated to the museum just a few weeks before she died in 2017, as well as other artefacts from other notable Emiratis, and those sourced from sites such as Saruq Al Hadid, an archaeological site in Dubai.

We also take you with us to explore the history of Dubai in the newly opened Saruq Al-Hadid Archaeology Museum. Featuring artefacts unearthed from the recently discovered archaeological site of Saruq Al-Hadid; rich immersive and interactive displays bring to life the fascinating story of the Iron Age in the Middle East.

Every artefact unearthed at the excavation site, along the edge of the Rub Al-Khali desert, reveals more about the Saruq Al Hadid civilization. Analysis of the precious beads reveal that some of them did not naturally exist in the area. This means the Arab tribes traded with others as far away as India. Comes with an interesting story, doesn’t it?

Take our 1001 Arabian Nights: Legends and Lore from the Trucial Coast tour to know more and delve deep into the past!

When: Every Friday and Sunday at 7pm

3. UAE National Day Cup 2019

Each year, December 2 marks the festivities of the National day of UAE. In honor of the National Day, the  Polo teams compete for the UAE National Day Cup trophy at the grounds of Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club. Come with your family and friends, enjoy a picnic and let your little ones enjoy the Kids Zone.

When: November 29, 2019

Tickets: Free Entry

Polo Picnic Parking: AED 100

4. Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week is an annual event held to celebrate and promote design and creativity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The first Dubai Design Week took place in 2015, and is held every November at venues across the city, with the hub location of Dubai Design District 

Design lovers can unite since The Dubai Design Week is a great reason to visit Dubai in November where over 200 activities, exhibits and performances will take place across the city. Bringing art to the people, the aim of this six-day festival is to involve people in creative thinking with all sorts of installations popping up on JBR Walk and other landmark spots throughout Dubai.

Downtown Design

Downtown Design is the only trade show in the Middle East for design professionals, showcasing a variety of commercial designs from various industries. It was originally launched prior to the Dubai Design Week but was then added as one of the events during the weekly event.

Global Grad Show

Global Grad Show is an event held at the Dubai Design Week every year. It is a showcase of projects from students in top design universities around the world, such as the Royal College of Arts, Keio University and KAIST. The projects are curated based on unique and interesting experiences that range from ultra-technical to incredibly simple.


Abwab translates as ‘doors’ in Arabic. It is Dubai Design Week’s key event for highlighting regional design talent from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The annually remodelled exhibition acts as a snapshot of design activity in the region with a purpose to promote design talent and stimulate information exchange.

Dubai By Foot offers specially curated at tours during the Art Season of Dubai. To book a tour with us, please email at

When: November 13 until November 18

Where: Dubai Design district (D3)

5. Visit the Burj Khalifa

Standing the tallest in the world with a height of 828 m, Burj Khalifa boasts of engineering and architecture feat. The building has a resto-bar on the 122nd floor and two observation decks on the 124th (452 m) and 148th floor (555m). Opened in January 2010, dominating the skyline of Dubai, it offers a breath-taking view of the city till far away in 360 degrees.

To go to the top, you walk past several multi-media exhibits and the double-decker lift takes you up in not more than 10m per second. As you are back on your way after enjoying the view, there is an open souvenir shop, do not forget to buy a keepsake. The place is a paradise for avid photographers. Today it is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai.

Tickets to the Burj Khalifa can be bought online on their website or at the entrance of the Burj Khalifa or inside the Dubai Mall (near the Dubai Aquarium)

You can also take our private tour of Downtown Dubai to know more about the architecture of the marvellous buildings the area has.

Tickets: AED 149 (For 124th/125th floor) and AED 378 for At the Top (148th floor)

6. Visit Ski Dubai at the Mall of Emirates

Do something impossible in Dubai – go skiing in the desert! Located inside the buzzing Mall of the Emirates, you will find one of the most innovative, iconic and exciting tourist attractions to be found in the Middle East.

You can easily recognise it from afar – it’s the slanted building perched on top of the Mall of the Emirates. Surrounded by a cluster of cosy chalets and restaurants, there’s nothing quite like skiing as you watch shoppers pass by in the surrounding windows.

Ski Dubai was opened in 2005. Ski Dubai is the world’s third largest indoor ski slope and the first to open in the Middle East. It has a chair lift and a T-bar; 6,000 tons of snow are at your disposal. Children as well as families can have fun at this ski resort. It has activities for all age groups as well as all skilled people. At the resort, you can also meet Snow Penguins in an up close and personal one-of-a-kind intimate encounter that the whole family will love.

You can check activity prices on their website.

Play with penguins, build a snowman, roll down the hills, ride the Twin Track Bobsled or explore a snow cavern. You can also catch the classic chairlift to the top of a hill where you can ski all the way to the bottom.

Experience real snow and real winter conditions, all inside a shopping centre all year round!

7. Visit La Perle

Created by world-renowned Artistic Director Franco DragoneLa Perle is Dubai’s first permanent show. This uniquely designed theatre features 65 world-class performers, who fly through the theatre, dive into the on-stage pool and invariantly creates a visually captivating show that runs below, on, and above stage.

In what could only be spelled out as one-of-a-kind experience, La Perle takes your breath away and keeps you on the edge of your seats the whole time. Located at Al Habtoor City, the show is open all seven days.

8. Jebel Jais Zip Line

Experience the World’s Longest Zipline In Ras Al Khaimah!

Located in the northernmost emirate of UAE and an hour drive from Dubai Airport, Ras Al Khaimah is beginning to transform into the adventure capital of the UAE with its splendidly located mountain Jebel Jais that borders onto Oman and is the highest mountain range in the Emirates. With 30 km of newly developed highways that have opened towards the peak of mount Jebel Jais, you will come across some of the world’s most scenic driving routes and viewing platforms.

This fun filled ride is designed with two parallel lines for the users to experience this thrill with their near and dear ones. The speed of flight is 150 km/hr with the length of 2.83 kms that approximately would measure over 28 soccer fields. In addition to the thrill, this face-down in a superhero position flight through the sky will land you on a suspended platform with glass floor which is in the heart of these massive ranges 1680 meters above sea level.

This attraction is open to all age groups weighing more than 45 kgs to 150 kgs with minimum height limit of 120 cms. A 3-minute breath taking ride above the highest ranges of UAE will awe you with the spectacular bird eye view leaving you speechless. This incredible Zipline has won the tag of the longest Zip line in the World, making it one of the topmost tourist attractions for the Dubai Tour.

Tickets can be bought here.

Ticket Price: Depends on the day and the time of your booking. Starts from AED 295.

9. Dubai Air show 2019

The Dubai Air show brings together the aerospace community and is the biggest aerospace event in the Middle East, Asia & Africa. Show on show, the Dubai Air show delivers an unrivalled gateway to established and developing markets – with 80% of the world’s population located within eight hours of one of the UAE’s airports. The 2019 show will build on the overwhelming success of the last event which drew 79,380 trade visitors from around the world, 1,200 exhibitors from 63 countries.

When: November 17 until November 21

10. Visit the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi

Imagine F1 drivers are buzzing across the tracks, speeding up to make it to the finish line before anyone, while you are there cheering up your favourite, feeling the wind, the speed and the adrenalin wafting towards you. The Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix offers this and more as it returns for its 2019 edition. While Dubai and Formula 1 are setting up for you, all you must do is select your vantage point, whether you opt for any of stands or lounges or luxurious trackside terrace or even a yacht

When: November 29 until December 1

Location: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi

Pack your bags for a fun filled vacation in Dubai in November!

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