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Things to Do in Mayfair

Updated: January 25, 2023
 By Margaret

One of the most exclusive (and expensive!) districts in the world, let alone London, Mayfair is synonymous with wealth and luxury.

Mayfair is home to charming Georgian houses, 5-star world renowned hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, historic pubs, and the finest shops in town.

If you're looking to explore this incredible district, read our guide on things to do in Mayfair below!

How to Get There

Mayfair is quite centrally located, making it easy to get to from almost anywhere in town.

It's bordered by Green Park and St. James to the South, Regent Street and Soho to the East, Oxford Street to the North and Park Lane and Hyde Park to the West.

Nearest Underground Stations: Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, Bond Street, and Marble Arch

Bus Routes: 2, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 19, 22, 23, 36, 38, 74, 88, 94, 98, 137, 139, 148, 159, 390, 414

Things to Do in Mayfair

Marvel at the Marble Arch

Designed to be the state entrance of Buckingham Palace, the Marble Arch was moved to the corner of Mayfair in 1851.

Built in 1827 by John. Nash, the marble structure was once home to a tiny police station and now sits in the centre of what is essentially a large roundabout.

Photo by Wei-Te Wong CC BY-SA 2.0

An odd, historical stately figure now surrounded by modern concrete.

See Where the Queen Was Born

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed in September 2022, but her long life begin right here in Mayfair.

Marked with a simple green plaque, 17 Bruton Street saw the birth of Elizabeth of York on the 21st of April 1926.

Enjoy a Quiet Moment in Grosvenor Square

Originally developed for fashionable, luxury homes, Grosvenor Square is a quiet green space hidden in the centre of the city and is the second-largest garden square in the city!

It is also the location of London's 9/11 Memorial.

Explore a World Class Art Museum (or five!):

If you're an Art lover then head straight to Mayfair - home to some of the best galleries in the city.

Photo by Neil Howard CC BY-NC 2.0

Here you will find the Royal Academy of Arts, Hamiltons Photography Gallery, the Michael Werner Gallery, the Halcyon Gallery, and the Castle Fine Art Gallery.

Walk in the Footsteps of the Duke of Wellington

One of the most famous figures in British military - and political - history, the Duke of Wellington had a home in Mayfair which still stands today.

Photo by James Stringer CC BY-NC 2.0

With the illustrious address of Number 1 London, Apsley House sits right on the corner of Hyde Park and the beautiful Georgian mansion is open to the public.

Visit the Home of Handel and Hendrix:

Did you know that Handel and Jimi Hendrix lived in the same house?

Not at the same time, obviously, but that still makes this location one of London's most unique and interesting museums!

Closed throughout the pandemic, it is scheduled to reopen its' doors in 2023. Find out more on their website HERE.

If you can't explore it yourself - come along with us virtually below!

Scout Out a Science Museum

One of London's most interesting FREE museums is the Faraday Museum, located here in Mayfair.

Billed as showcasing "over 200 years of history-making science" this isn't one to miss!

Bag a Bargain - or Splash Out at the Shops:

If you like to shop, then Mayfair is exactly where you want to be!

Oxford Street runs along the top of the district and there you will find all the high street brands you recognise like H&M, Topshop and Primark.

Mayfair is also home to the Paul Smith Outlet which gives you the chance to buy luxury goods at an affordable price.

If you're ready to drop some serious cash, then you need look no further!

Here you'll find flagship stores for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Cartier and Armani - just to name a few.

Walk the Burlington Arcade:

Built in 1818, Burlington Arcade is a perfect example of a Victorian covered shopping street - a precursor to today's shopping malls!

Photo by Kurt CC BY-NC 2.0

Known for luxury shops, as well as for the beadles in traditional uniform that patrol the Arcade, this product of a bygone time also has rules against, "singing, humming, hurrying and 'behaving boisterously.'"

So behave yourselves!

Hunt for Antiques:

Located inside a charming and strangely shaped building, the Grass Antique Market specialises in antiques, jewellery, watches and collectibles.

You'll find two floors featuring goods from nearly 100 sellers inside so get ready for some serious browsing!

Brave a Visit to the Most Haunted House in London

Said to be the most haunted house in London, 50 Berkeley Square is associated with a number of tragic deaths as well as decades of reports of spectral hauntings.

The building hasn't been in residential use for some time and is now occupied by offices, and there are no current reports of hauntings...for now!

Find out more about what happened at this house on our London's Dark and Ghostly Past Virtual Tour.

Take a Tour!: If you want to explore Mayfair but aren't sure where to start, let us take you!

Our Mayfair: Tiaras and Ferraris Tour is a great way to see all that this fascinating location has to offer.

Mayfair is also included in our Rock n' Roll Tour and is a short walk from the start or finish points of our Royal Westminster and Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown Tours.

And in the holiday season, Mayfair is well represented on our London Christmas Lights Tour!

Where to Eat and Drink

Have a Meal in an Old Church:

Mercato Metropolitano has recently taken London by storm.

Stylised as a series of Italian markets, these hubs throughout the city each feature numerous different restaurants, markets and bars.

Photo by Christina courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Mayfair offering is situated entirely within the deconsecrated church of St. Mark's making this s truly unique (and delicious!) culinary experience.

Take Afternoon Tea in Surreal Surroundings:

If you're looking for an Afternoon Tea in sumptuous and interesting surroundings then look no further than Sketch London.

Located within an 18th century townhouse, Sketch is a pastel pink paradise and the food is a truly luxurious experience.

The building holds a number of other secrets, too, which we will leave for you to discover yourself...just make sure to take at least one trip to the restroom!

Treat Yourself to Fine Dining:

If you're looking to really treat yourself to some world-class cuisine, then Mayfair has a few options for you!

Consider a meal at Gordon Ramsay's Lucky Cat, or go for Michelin stars at Gymkhana, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Hakkasan, or Le Gavroche.

Taste Paris' Best Macarons in London:

Get a taste of Paris in the heart of London at Laduréee!

Photo by Leo Gonzales CC BY-NC 2.0

Located in the beautiful Burlington Arcade, this is one spot for those with a sweet tooth that you won't want to miss.

Have a Cocktail (or five!):

Looking to have a drink or a cocktail after a day of enjoying Mayfair?

You've got plenty of places to choose from here like Mahiki (a favourite of the Duke of Sussex), Mr Fogg's, Trader Vic's, The American Bar at the Beaumont (their martinis are a must) or the St. James Hotel and Club where you can help yourself to over 50 different types of gin.

Enjoy a Proper Pie at a Proper Pub:

Mayfair isn't always flashy brands and high price tags - there's traditional pubs to be found here, too!

Photo by Kake CC BY-NC 2.0

Our favourite is The Windmill which isn't just a great place to grab a drink but also specialises in some of the most delicious pie and mash you'll find in the capital.

Seasonal Mayfair Events

The Mayfair Art Weekend

Billed as "the annual celebration of the world's International renowned gallery district," the Mayfair Art Weekend takes place every summer.

With a programme of free events, some of which are interactive, the Art Weekend is aim incredible experience.

There are also family-friendly activities so make sure to check out the full schedule especially if you are travelling with little ones!

Summer in the Square

Summer in the Square is a weeks long event delivered for the residents of the area, but it is also open to visitors!

Think food, music, dancing, painting, arts and crafts, fashion.

It's everything you can find in Mayfair crammed into the space of a single festival. Located in Grosvenor Square is not to be missed.

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

The Royal Academy is worth a visit all year 'round but come every summer the Academy plays host to a new exhibition.

The Summer Exhibition began in 1769 (!) and has run uninterrupted ever since, making it one of London's longest-running events.

People looking at the pictures on exhibition at the Royal Academy, London. Engraving by Radclyffe after Sargent. Art – Exhibitions. Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain). Work ID: d6fzp38d.

There's a different topic/theme/artist every year so check out there website above to find out what's on for next Summer.

Mayfair & St James's Literary Festival

Held in Autumn, the Mayfair & St James's Literary Festival is a relatively new event, with 2022 marking just its' second year.

Although young, this event is already one of the most popular events in Mayfair.

The festival has a yearly theme with guest speakers, all star performances, and award-winning filmmakers all taking part.

Christmas in Mayfair

Mayfair really goes all out for Christmas and is one of the best places to see Christmas lights in the capital - particularly Bond Street and South Molton Street.

Both sites are included on our season London Christmas Lights Tour. It's very popular so book early to avoid disappointment!

Mount Street also hosts and annual Christmas Market which is always worth a visit.

Note that the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is located right next to Mayfair during the Christmas season!

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Updated: January 25th, 2023
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