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Trains From Gatwick to London

Updated: April 22, 2024
 By Margaret

Having flown in and out of Gatwick countless times, our local tour guides know all the ways to get from Gatwick to London.

We used their knowledge when writing this post, which covers all the options, including the cheapest options and the most popular train services.

We also asked the members of our popular London Travel Tips Facebook group what they thought was the best mode of transport.

Our group has over 160k members and comprises locals as well as frequent travelers and first-time visitors to London.

You don't need to become a member to read the posts, comments, and recommendations. So, check out our group once you've finished reading this post!

Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express is one of several transportation options between Gatwick Airport and London available to you.

There are many benefits to taking the Gatwick Express.

First off, with departures every 15 minutes between 5:00 AM till midnight, it's probably the quickest and most frequent choice you have.

It is also the most comfortable choice.

Additionally, there are designated baggage racks and more space for bag storage on the Gatwick Express.

Getting on and off their trains with baggage is simple. In contrast, some commuter trains necessitate a flight of stairs.

To know more about the express, visit our post on Gatwick Express.

How Much is the Gatwick Express?

  • £18.50 single and £36.80 return for adults
  • £9.25 single and £18.40 return for children (5-15)
  • Under 5 travel for free.
  • Explore tickets.

How long does the Gatwick Express take?

The travel time between Gatwick and London is approximately 30 minutes on average.

Where Does the Gatwick Express Stop?

This train follows a route that stops at 7 different stations, including Victoria Station in London.

If you’re planning to go the other direction, the route also extends all the way south to Brighton.

Why Choose Gatwick Express?

It’s likely to be the fastest and most frequent option available to you, departing every 15 min between roughly 05:00 and midnight.

It is a 30-minute direct trip from Gatwick Airport to London’s Victoria Station.

It’s a dedicated service that starts from Gatwick, so nobody is already on the train when you board the airport.

And if your hotel or final destination is located near Victoria Station or points north and west, then Gatwick Express will be the quickest option.

In addition to all these, the Gatwick Express also has dedicated luggage racks and more room in general to store your bags.

Southern Rail

The Southern Rail is another transportation option between Gatwick Airport and London available to you.

The train approximately takes 45 minutes between Gatwick Airport and Victoria Station.

As compared to the Gatwick Express Trains, prices vary but are consistently cheaper.

It also offers offers for tickets purchased online or as a group.

To know more about the Cheapest Way to Get From Gatwick to London, click here.

How Much is the Southern cost?

An adult anytime ticket will cost approximately £16.70, making this one of the cheapest trains from Gatwick to London.

How long does the Southern Rail take?

The travel time between Gatwick and London is approximately 45 minutes on average.

Where Does the Southern Rail Stop?

Like the Gatwick Express, this train also stops at Victoria Station.

Why Choose Southern Rail?

The first reason to consider Southern Rail is that it is cheaper than both its counterparts.

An adult ticket cost of Thameslink and Gatwick express cost £18.30 & £18.50 respectively, but on Southern, it only cost £16.70.

So, if you travel more frequently between Gatwick and London, Southern becomes the most economical option.

During off-peak hours, the savings you will realize by taking the Southern commuter trains between Gatwick can really start to add up.

And second, these Southern trains also make stops before reaching Victoria Rail Station, including several areas south of the river, most notably Clapham Junction.

These stops make the trip shorter and easier for those commuters looking to get around there.

Thameslink is another noteworthy option to travel between Gatwick and London.

Gatwick route trains of Thameslink stop at several stations in London, including St Pancras, which makes it an attractive option for visitors staying in North London.

It is also a cheaper option than Gatwick Express.

Thameslink vs Gatwick Express

Also, if you are traveling in a group or purchasing tickets online, Thameslink also offers concessions on ticket prices.

To know more about the Cheapest Way to Get From Gatwick to London, click here.

How Much are the Thameslink Trains?

An adult anytime ticket will cost approximately £18.30, making this only a bit cheaper than the Gatwick Express.

How long do the Thameslink Trains take?

The travel time between Gatwick and London is approximately 1 hour on average.

Where Do the Thameslink Trains Stop?

Thameslink’s route from Gatwick to London includes stops at several stations in north London, including London Bridge and St. Pancras. It does not stop at Victoria Station.

Why Choose Thameslink Trains?

Cost-wise, it is the second most economical option.

An adult ticket cost of Gatwick express cost £18.50, but Thameslink is a bit cheaper at the price of £18.30.

But the biggest advantage of choosing Thameslink is its stops.

The stops include St Pancras and London Bridge Station, so if your final destination is anywhere near the north or east of these stops, then the Thameslink trains will likely be a faster (and cheaper) option for you.

Tips From Locals And Travelers

One of the most frequently asked questions on our popular London Travel Tips group on Facebook is “What is the best way to get to London from Gatwick?”

Group members were all too happy to answer!

Many people recommended the Southern Rail or Thameslink, mainly because it is cheaper than taking the Gatwick Express.

Some preferred the convenience and frequency of the Gatwick Express.

Here’s great advice from two group members to help you choose which train is best.

If you do go by the train, here’s a tip to make sure you don't go the long way around!

If you have other questions about traveling to London, take a look at our London Travel Tips Facebook group. 

You don't have to join the group to read posts and comments. Why not even ask some questions yourself?

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