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The Weather in Chicago in August

Updated: May 10, 2024
 By Mel

This post is an overview of the August weather in Chicago, including snow and precipitation forecasts, as well as tips on how to dress and things to do.

Be sure to look into the weather in July and September as well.


August in Chicago tends to have warm afternoons and early evenings with mostly comfortable mornings and nights.

August can be humid in Chicago, especially during the early part of the month when about half the days will be considered muggy.

By the end of the month, however, only about 1 in 3 days will be muggy.

How Much Rain in August in Chicago

Daytime high temperatures will be mostly in the lower 80s F (27-28 C) early in the month falling into the upper 70s F (about 26 C) near the end of the month.

You can expect about 4 days, on average, reaching or exceeding 90 F (about 32 C), but mostly during the first half of the month.

The record high temperature in Chicago during August is 104 F (40.0 C).

During August, overnight and early morning low temperatures tend to be in the low 70s F (21-22 C) early in the month falling into the mid to upper 60s F (19-20 C) by the end of the month.

A few of the cooler mornings, especially towards the end of the month will dip down to near 60 F (15-16 C).

The record low temperature in Chicago during August is 41 F (5.0 C).


August will see about 20 days, on average, with sunny or at least partly sunny skies.

Some rainfall occurs on about 9-10 days, however, significant rains of 0.5 inches (about 13 mm) or more occur only on 2-3 days.

Average Temperatures in August in Chicago

Daylight hours will average about 14.5 hours on August 1st but decrease to a little over 13 hours by August 31st.

Seasonal Outlook - July to September 2024 Chicago

There is a 75% chance for normal to above-normal temperatures with near-normal rainfall.


Light summer clothes are best for this month with perhaps a sweater or windbreaker for a few of the cooler early mornings.

What to Wear in Chicago in August

Don’t forget to bring some comfortable walking shoes.


Below are the top things to do in August in Chicago.

But, be sure to read our full post on what to do in Chicago in August which includes free things to do, night and family-friendly activities and attractions, as well as our definitive post on the best things to do in Chicago.

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  1. Enjoy an outdoor concert
  2. Go on a Sightseeing Tour
  3. Chicago Hot Dog Fest
  4. Chicago Jazz Festival
  5. Lollapalooza
  6. Chicago Air and Water Show
  7. Attend an August Festival
  8. Bud Billiken Parade
  9. Go out for a cocktail
  10. Check out a Tourist Concession Pass

Be sure to check out all the top things to do in  August in our main post.

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Updated: May 10th, 2024
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