How’s the weather in London in October?

By October in London, summer is gone and the weather tends to be cool and wet. No matter what the weather, visiting London is always a good idea as most of the tourist attractions are open all year round.

Weather in London in OctoberAfternoon temperatures early in the month are in the low to mid 60s f (17-18C) falling into the mid-50s f (13-14C) by the end of the month.   Afternoon temperatures can on some occasion reach into the low 70f (32-23C).   Overnight low temperatures run mostly near 50f (10C) early in the month to the mid-40s f (7-8C) towards the end of this month.

Yes the weather is wet in London, however, there are still about 13-15 days during this month that will see either sunny or partly sunny skies with the remainder of the month being mostly cloudy.  Some rain occurs on about 20 days this month with about 16 of these having moderate to sometimes heavy rains.  At least you do not have to worry about any snow this time of year.


What to wear in London during October

London has one of the mildest climates in the UK; however, as the weather is changeable, it is always best to carry an umbrella. In addition, a light to medium weight waterproof jacket is a must.

(The image above was taken on October 12th on our City of London Tour)

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