What’s the weather like in London in September?

This post covers the weather in September in London, including average temperatures and rainfall as well as tips on what to wear and do this month.



Early September in London you will likely experience comfortable daytime temperatures near 21-22 C (70 F) with a couple of the warmer afternoons reaching up into the upper 25-26 C (70s F).

Towards the end of this month, however, daytime highs trend cooler, averaging only 17-18 C (mid-lower 60s F).


Late night and early morning low temperatures tend to average 13-14 C (in the mid-upper 50s F) early in September, falling to 11-12 C (the low-mid 50s F) towards the end of the month. 

A couple of the colder mornings, especially later this month, will dip down to 8-9 C (into the mid-upper 40sF).


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Skies will be clear or at least partly sunny on 14-16 days this month offering ample time to explore London on foot. 

About 15 days during September will record some rain, however, only 7-8 days will record at least 1 mm (0.04 inches) or more.


Daylight averages about 13.5 hours early in September but falls quickly to about 11.7 hours near the end of the month. 

Wind speed will average about 10-11 mph (16-18 kph) but a few of the windier days will average 17-18 mph (27-29 kph).


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During the warmer days, a light sweater or windbreaker may be all you need for the early morning or late nights but as the weather turns cooler later in the month, a light-weight jacket and or windbreaker will also be needed during the afternoons.

Always remember to bring a pair or two of good walking shoes so you can join us on a walking tour of London! 


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Below is our Top 10 List of things to do in London this month. 

Read the full things to do this month in London post as well as our post on things to do any time in London, for more ideas. 



Don’t forget that you can save up to 50% off of retail admission prices for attractions as well as tours and restaurants if you purchase a discount city pass. Check out our full post to see which one is best for you.

  1. Attend a concert
  2. See a football or cricket game.
  3. Enjoy a play or musical.
  4. Take a City of London walking tour
  5. Go to BBC Proms performances for cheap.
  6. See the popup Underbelly Festival in Southbank.
  7. Take a Harry Potter-themed tour.
  8. Go to a London Fashion Week event.
  9. Appreciate art for free during the London Design Festival.
  10. Save money with a tourist attraction discount pass

Check out our post on Things to Do in London for more detailed look at the best options.

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