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What is a Name Your Own Price Tour?

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Updated: January 9, 2023

We believe that travel should be for everyone no matter your budget and you should decide how much a tour is worth once you take it.

On our name your own price tours, the booking fee reserve your spot since we limit how many people can join a tour. We've seen companies go out with over 100 people.

Reservations allow us to determine how many guides to send to make sure it is a fun and engaging experience.

The booking fee covers administrative costs, marketing, and the content creation for our helpful DC Travel Guide.

The tour itself has no predetermined cost - you can decide after you take the tour and then pay your guide directly. The guide keep 100% of what you pay.

Guides work solely for your appreciation and this is many of our full time jobs.

All guides accept cash (please use US currency as pretty as Canadian money is, we cannot use it here!) and Venmo. Some also have Paypal, credit card swipers, CashApp and other payment services. You can ask your guide prior to the tour when you receive their contact information.

We do have an enforced GROUP POLICY for reservations of more than 5 people. Groups must prepay (this is payment to the guide instead of paying at the end). If you cannot afford the group prepayment, please let us know and we will work with you.

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