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Where did the Beatles Live in London?

Updated: August 11, 2022

Despite the fact they all came from Liverpool, all of the Fab Four have lived in London at one time or another.

For die hard Beatles fans, we’ve put together a list that will take you to the houses and homes that the Beatles – and those associated with them - have resided here in London.

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The Beatles’ First London Residence

[The President Hotel, 56-60 Guildford Street, London WC1N 1DB]

This relatively unassuming Hotel in Bloomsbury is where the Beatles first lived when they came down from Liverpool to London in 1963.

Brian Epstein’s House

[24 Chapel Street, London SW1X]

In January 1965, Brian Epstein moved into this house in the exclusive London neighbourhood of Belgravia.

It was here that the release party for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band took place and, sadly, it was also here that Brian Epstein died of a drug overdose on 27th August 1967.

George, Ringo and Brian Epstein’s Building

[William Mews, London SW1X 9HG]

Here in posh Knightsbridge sits a large block of flats known as Whaddon House. In late 1963, Brian Epstein moved into the top floor apartment here.

Not long after, George Harrison and Ringo Starr shared an apartment on the second floor of the very same building.

And it was here that the Fab Four met before traveling to Buckingham Palace to receive their MBEs.

George and Ringo moved out in 1965 but the building remained famous owing to a legendary party hosted by Epstein in 1964.

Reportedly in August of that year an event took place that was attended by all four Beatles as well as Judy Garland, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

The Only Home the Fab Four Occupied Together in London

[57 Green Street, London W1K 6RH]

57 Green Street in London’s upscale Mayfair neighbourhood has the distinction of being the only home where all four Beatles lived at the same time – all crammed in together in “Flat L.”

The sharing of this flat did not last long as John and Cynthia Lennon and baby Julian moved out as soon as they were able to find their own space.

Where Paul and John composed I Want to Hold Your Hand

[57 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YW]

Home to Sir Richard Asher, 57 Wimpole Street was also the home of his daughter, Jane.

Jane Asher is now better known as Paul McCartney’s girlfriend during the early 1960’s and it was at this house, where Paul lived during his early time in London.

It was in this house where Paul lived, that he and John Lennon penned I Want to Hold Your Hand.

Failed Beatle’s Fashion Shop

[94 Baker Street, London W1U 6FZ]

Both John Lennon and George Harrison are commemorated with a London Blue Plaque placed on the outside of this house on Baker Street.

It was here that the Beatles Apple Boutique clothing store was opened during the late 1960s.

The building was painted in bright eye-watering colours, which led to numerous complaints by the neighbours.

They need not have worried through as the shop was a failed venture that lost the band hundreds of thousands of pounds before it was shut down in 1968.

Ringo Starr and John and Yoko’s Flat

[34 Montagu Square, London W1H]

The basement flat in 34 Montagu Square was occupied by Ringo Starr briefly in 1965 before he moved out and leased the flat to his friends – including Jimi Hendrix.

But for Fab Four Fans this flat is better known as the home of John Lennon and Yoko who lived here in 1968.

34 Montagu Square

It was in October of that year that the police raided the flat and John and Yoko were charged with possession of cannabis. Shortly thereafter, Ringo felt enough pressure to sell the flat.

It’s also of note that Paul McCartney himself said that this flat at Montagu Square was where he wrote Eleanor Rigby.

Paul McCartney’s Current London Home

[7 Cavendish Avenue, London W13 0JG]

Since 1966 this lavish mansion has belonged to Paul McCartney.

Owing to the proximity to the Abbey Road studios, the Beatles frequently used this house as a meeting place before and after recording.

As he owns many properties over the world he is not here all of the time, but it is not unusual to see him in the shops and pubs on the nearby St. John’s Wood high street.

After his divorce from Heather Mills, the paparazzi were camped outside of this house for weeks and occasionally one may find a Beatles fan or two camped outside the imposing brick walls.

It is just around the corner from Abbey Studios for those of you who may wish to visit.

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Updated: August 11th, 2022
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