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Things to Do in Barcelona in November


This post covers the top 10 things to do in Barcelona in November, including evening, free, as well as family-friendly activities, updated for 2022.

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This top 10 list has concerts, football games, tours, and other fun things to do this month in Barcelona.

1. See a Major Concert

 Barcelona has several great artists and bands coming through this November.

If you’re looking for a big, exciting evening listening to your favorite voices - or your new favorite voices - you’re in luck. 

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2. Go to a Sporting Event

In November, you can find football and basketball in Barcelona! This means there's a sporting event to suit many visitors this month.

Football (Soccer)


Taking a tour of the Camp Nou football stadium is a great idea for any football fan, and a hit with the kids! They’ll get to see behind the scenes.

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3. Be Entertained

If magic interests you, you might try the show put on by a top-grossing and world famous illusionist from Barcelona, El Mago Pop.

He has a number of shows in Barcelona throughout November, and tickets can be purchased here.

If you're interested in self help, one of the "most important Spanish-speaking motivational speakers in the wold", Daniel Habif, will be appearing in Barcelona on November 17th.

To attend his show at the Teatre Coluseum de Barcelona, tickets can be purchased here.

4.  Assassin’s Creed Escape Room

Video game fans who love Assassin's Creed may enjoy the Escape The Lost Pyramid experience.

The game needs 2-4 players, and you have 60 minutes to find the exit of the pyramid.

The Assassin's Creed Escape Room is open Tuesday through Sunday, and tickets can be purchased here.

5. See Major Attractions

Lines tend to get very long to enter La Sagrada Familia, so we recommend a skip-the-line tour.

November also means the Picasso Museum should be less crowded!

If you want to see multiple museums, the Barcelona Card is a great option and includes the Picasso Museum.

If you're looking for something else amazing to see, check out Park Guell. This park has gorgeous mosaics created by Antoni Gaudi and is truly a sight to behold.

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6. Go on a Sightseeing Tour

City Sightseeing Barcelona is one of the more well-known names to operate in the city.

They are a hop-on-hop-off style tour, which means you’ll get some great commentary on the way to popular sites and have the time to check them out on your own.

Barcelona Walking Tours

Of course, we recommend pay-what-you-like walking tours to start with.  

Another popular option is taking a catamaran tour or a bike tour.

The adventurous may enjoy this kayaking excursion to explore Barcelona’s coast.

If looking for other fun for the whole family, visit out post.

7. Celebrate All Saints Day

All Saints day is a public holiday in Spain, and takes place on November 1st.

There are church services, and cemetaries may stay open longer.

There are also street celebrations where traditional foods like panellet and boniatos are being served.

The drama San Juan Tenorio may also be performed throughout the city.

The night-of there is often a feast in celebration of the day, one that pulls together family and friends together in a meal.

The feast is called La Castanyada, which comes from the Catalan name for chestnuts, castanyes, something served during the feast.

8. Attend a Flamenco Show

The Flamenco is a traditional Spanish art form, one that is based on folkloric traditions and combines instrumental music, dance, and song

The show, which lasts an hour and takes place at Barelona City Hall Theatre, pulls together some legendary performers.

Tickets can be purchased here.

9. Take a Paella Cooking Class

Paella was traditionally the food of farmers, made with rice and whatever else could be pulled together.

Overtime the paella receipe has developed, becoming one of the most popular dishes in the country (and the world, actually).

If you'd like to learn how to cook a traditional seafood version, classes can be found in Barcelona.

In fact, you will go along to buy ingrediants at La Boqueria with the chef, tasting tapas along the way, before your paella making workship. It's truely a tasty activity!

Of course, you can always find Paella and other delicious foods in restaurants throughout Barcelona.

10. Save Money with an Attraction Discount Pass

One of the easiest ways to save money when you want to see all the sites is by purchasing a discount pass!

They work by bundling admission tickets to take advantage of bulk discounts, which means you can get savings of up to 50% of retail prices.

Attractions Available for Discount Include:

  • Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour
  • Barcelona Bike Tour
  • Camp Nou Tour
  • Barcelona Zoo
  • L’Aquarium Barcelona
  • Picasso Museum
  • Park Guell’s Monumental Zone
  • Montserrat Morning Tour
  • Hard Rock Cafe

If you’re really looking to maximize the time you have in Barcelona, using a tourist pass is the best way to do that.

See our Barcelona Tourist Pass comparison here .



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