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Cheap and easy ways of getting to and from the Berlin airports

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Are you looking for cheap and easy ways of getting to and from the Berlin airports Schönefeld (SFO) or Airport Tegel (TXL) by public transportation? Berlin currently has 2 airports and both are connected to the public transportation system, so there is really no need for you to order an expensive taxi. Yes, taxis might seem more expensive, compared to US prices at least. No matter which airport you arrive, you can easily plan your trip beforehand online, so you know which bus or train to take.

Airport Schönefeld (SFO)

Airport Schönefeld (SFO) was founded in 1934 and had served as the East German airport during the cold war. It is located in the south of Berlin. This airport will become the large BER once the construction is finished in the next couple of years. There are trains and buses that will get you downtown. The S- train station Flughafen Schonefeld is easily reachable within a 6 minute walk from the terminal. Trains leave every 20 minutes, and you will need a ABC ticket, since the airport is in the fare zone C. In addition, there are buses that take off right next to the terminal. The train ride to Hauptbahnhof takes approx. 40 minutes and cost you €3.30.

Airport Tegel (TXL)

Airport Tegel (TXL) is the currently the main airport in Berlin. It was built in 1948 during the Berlin airlift. It is located in the north, and is a true city airport. Once the new airport BER opens, TXL will close. Public transportation from TXL is provided by buses which can connect to U-Bahn or S-Bahn trains.  Since people will be handling their luggage, it is recommended to purchase your bus ticket outside at the bus stop ticket machine. The bus ride takes approx. 15 minutes to S-Bahn train station Zoologischer Garten or the main train station Hauptbahnhof and cost you €2.70

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Updated: October 12th, 2021
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