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Join us for a walking tour and a three-course dinner meal in Old Dubai. You will get to sample food specialties from the region. This tour brings for you the most authentic traditional Emirati meals over a multi-course dinner walk.
We will weave through the Spice Souk where you can smell the beautiful aromas of different spices and have some tea and dates.
We arrive to enjoy Middle-Eastern appetizers via a wooden abra (boat) with stunning views of the Dubai Creek. After some Taboulleh, Hummus & Falafel, sambousek and Moutabel under our belt we head to our main course inside a traditional courtyard restaurant. We will also visit the Al Fahidi Fort and the Dubai Museum to understand the Pearl-Diving history of the UAE. 
With surprise foods, traditions, pallet cleansers, and taste-bud challengers, this food tour is so popular for a reason. Come to find out why and oh…make sure you arrive hungrily!


We will have a small detour through the Spice Souk where you can smell the beautiful aromas of different spices. You will get to know about the different spices used in UAE, their origin as you enjoy a hot Arabian Tea with some dates.


We would then move to our next stop as we take the Abra with stunning views of the Dubai Creek. We will be on the other side of the city where we will walk into the textile souk for our next stop.

We will enjoy starters like Stuffed Vine Leaves, Moutabel (a delicious dip made from eggplant), a classic Middle Eastern salad known as Taboulleh, Kibbeh, Cheese & Spinach Sambousek, and some classic Falafel and Hummus!

Main Course

We will now walk through the Textile Souk. Our guide will tell you more about the souks, the culture and you can also stop at a local shop. We move on to our next stop of the day. It is time for our main course!

We will feast on delicious Machboos Deyay, Saloona, kebabs and some crunchy Luqaimat, a favorite dessert here in the Middle East.

Tour Start Location:

The guide will meet you at the Al Ras Metro station, Exit 2. The guide will be dressed in orange.

Tour End Location:

The tour ends in the Al Fahidi Historic Neighbourhood.

Tour Information:

Tour Name:

Flavors of Arabia: Old Dubai & Souks Tour with Authentic Emirati Cuisine




AED 367 per person or USD 99 per person. Minimum 2 guests per booking required. 


2.5-Hour Walking Tour 

Tour Schedule:

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Special Note: 

It is difficult for us to accommodate allergies and special culinary requests because the traditional middle-eastern cuisine is focused on meats, nuts, and dairy.