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Dubai By Foot offers a number of specialized Dubai Tour Packages. Furthermore our packages are tailor made for our guests, who like to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai and hence want to experience the city firsthand.

Dubai is an expensive city so our packages are designed to get maximum bang for one’s buck deals for our guests in order to make their trip as enjoyable as possible.

Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai Highlights Package:

Savor the best of Dubai in two days with this popular combo of tours and experiences. Take a 4-hour city tour, enjoy a traditional Emirati meal, soak in the sky line of Dubai form At the Top Burj Khalifa’s 124/125th Floors, and spend one evening experiencing the classic Dubai Desert Safari.This package is best experienced over two days. 

Dubai Highlights Package Costs AED 1449/person or USD 395/person. Minimum 2 person required. 

This Packages Includes:

Dubai Tour Packages, Deals and Discounts, Kids Package

Dubai 3 days with Kids Package:

In Dubai with Kids? Contact us for customized packages that include a visit to the Burj Khalifa, Legoland and Atlantis Lost Chambers!

This Package Includes:

  • Burj Khalifa 
  • Legoland
  • Atlantis Lost Chambers


Dubai Tour Packages, Deals and Discounts, Couples PackageDubai Couples Package:

In Dubai with your Partner? Let us curate a romantic evening out for you on yacht watching the sun set on Dubai.

This Package Includes:

  • Yacht ride in the Marina Area during Sunset
  • Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee



Dubai Tour Packages, Packages and Offers, Deals and Discounts

Dubai Cultural Immersion Walking Tour Combo:

Take our signature Old Dubai and Souk Walking Tour, followed with our four-course Middle-Eastern cuisine Food Tour for an absolute Emirati cultural immersion experience on your Dubai trip.

The cost of the this combo is AED 499/person or USD 135/person.

 This Package Includes:

To book any of our tour packages or know more about them; drop us an email on We will get back to you with the detailed itinerary and best deals as per your requirements and budget.

Also, do look up our blog about deals and discounts for some more packages and Offers.