1001 Arabian Nights: Legends and Lore from the Trucial Coast

Come along on this nighttime tour through the historic bylanes of Al Shindagha along the Creek, to hear tales of historical figures from long ago. Pirates, traders, pearl divers, and adventurers all travelled these shores with various agendas, leaving a rich legacy of local lore. The ancient art of storytelling will take you back to simpler times, to a land where only the wind and camels carried dreamers long distances…

On this tour we will visit the Saruq Al Hadid archeological museum which showcases ancient treasures from the desert. On Friday evenings, this tour will instead visit the Al Shindagha Museum which showcases the development of Dubai over the centuries. Price for this tour includes admission to the museum visit.

Sights we see or talk about on the 1001 Nights Tour:

– Sheikh Saeed AL Maktoum’s House
– Pirate Tales
– Saruk Al Hadid Archeological Museum
– Al Shindagha Museum (Friday evening only)
– Heritage and Diving Boats

Tour Information:

When: Offered several times a week at 7PM

Price:   AED 150 per person or USD 40 per person. Minimum 2 guests per booking required. 

Duration:  Approximately 2 hours 

Departure Point: Meet outside Al Ghubaiba Metro Station Exit 4

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Modern Dubai can trace its roots to the 1900s when the ruling dynasty established itself in the historical neighborhood of Al Shindagha. Situated on the edges of the creek, Al Shindagha is known for its coral and stone clad houses, traditional wind towers, narrow lanes, and charming courtyards. This recently restored neighborhood is in the midst of a renassaince and revival. Local authorities are in the process of adding additional musuems, restaurant, and cultural landmarks.

The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and Museum was the official residence and workplace for the ruler of Dubai from 1912 to 1958. Sheikh Saeed was the grandfather of the present ruler of Dubai and was a visionary leader instru

mental to the cultural and economic development of Dubai. Constructed in 1896, this house will give you the sense of what it was like to live in a previous era. A time when life revolved around pearling season and the ever changing tides.

Tour Itinerary

Our 1001 Nights tour begins at the entrance to Al Shindagha, and will take you by an old lookout tower and life size replicas of fishing boats. The sights, sounds, and smells of a port city will be on full display as trading dhows from the Gulf sail in and out of the creek. The tour will pass restaurant and spice vendors who are catering to locals and visitors alike. As we enter the historic district the guide will give an overview to life on the creek and put the surroundings in their historic context. From there the tour will go inside a state of the art museum which will use audio and video techniques to tell the story of the Emirate. As the night progresses, the tour will go deep into Al Shindagha to share adventure stories and to further explore the rich architectural landscape. Visitors will feel transported to a time and place very different than the ultra-modern metropolis of Dubai.



When the tour ends, guests will be able to dine at a traditional Emirati restaurant or take an abra ride across the creek to continue the adventure. The Al Ghubaiba Metro Station is close by and provides connectivity to the rest of the city.