Why Choose a Walking Tour of Dubai?

See Dubai Up-Close | Dubai Walking Tour

By choosing a walking tour of Dubai, you can see the details of the city up close. Instead of just viewing the big monuments, you can traverse the heart of the city. Our Dubai walking tour gives you to a chance to really soak up the atmosphere and feel the energy of the local crowds. Whether you’re stopping over for a day, or planning a longer visit, we believe a walking tour is the best way to truly experience the city.

The narrow streets of Old Dubai are perfect to explore with a walking tour. We offer a variety of tours, including food tours, art tours and a tour of the historic Al Fahidi District


Stay fit on your trip

Dubai is famed for the amazing variety of food on offer. Whether you’re munching on falafel from a street vendor or tasting a gold-leaf cupcake from a boutique bakery, it’s pretty easy to gain a few extra pounds while in the city. By choosing a walking tour of Dubai, you’ll have an engaging way to keep your fitness levels up – so you can treat yourself later. We encourage you to wear your fit bits on our tour and track your steps!

Want to indulge while staying active? Our Food Tour of Dubai is a walking tour with plenty of stops to try a variety of different cuisines.


Meet new people

There’s no such thing as assigned seating on a walking tour. Instead, you can easily mingle with anyone else walking with you. This makes it a lot easier to meet new travel companions from different backgrounds. Feel free to strike up a conversation with someone around you – you never know where you might find a new friend.


Take Better Photos

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to take a decent photo from a moving vehicle? By choosing a walking tour of Dubai, you can easily adjust your position, lock the focus and watch the light. Plus, you can always request your guide to take a group photo – no need to rely on selfies.