How to Get Tickets to Harry Potter: The Exhibition in NYC

Updated: 15 noviembre 2023

Harry Potter fans in NYC have something to be excited about because Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be here from May 19, 2023, to October 15, 2023.

This post covers ticket prices, directions to the exhibit, and what you can expect when you visit.

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The exhibition is open 7 days a week. Entry starts at 9 am and the last entry is at 7:30 pm (hours may vary by day).

Ticket prices vary by the day of the week. Mondays and Tuesdays are the least expensive.

Prices rise on Wednesday/Thursday, again on Friday, and the most expensive days are Saturday/Sunday. 

The ticket prices listed below are the lowest prices available for that type of ticket and include taxes and fees.

Audio guides are available for an additional $8.71.

Tip from the Tourists

Mostly, people raise a budget-conscious question about whether the exhibition is worth the money. A member from Our Facebook Group, responds affirmatively, highlighting the exhibition's interactive nature, including a bracelet that visitors scan in different rooms.

Timed-Entry Tickets

  • Adults (16+) / $29.99 - $43.50 
  • Children (ages 3-15) / $25 - $27
  • Children under 3 are free
  • Select a date and an entry slot time (ex: 12:30 - 1 pm, 1 pm - 1:30 pm, etc)
  • You can enter any time during the 30-minute time slot you selected
  • Late arrivals are not guaranteed entry but will be accommodated if space permits

Purchase Timed Entry tickets here.

** Save 10% on adult tickets on weekdays in July with this promo code HPXNYCGO or by using this link to make your purchase.

Tip from the Tourists

Most of the people inquire about the time spent at the exhibition. A member from Our Facebook Group, sharing her experience, mentions spending over an hour there, noting that the duration can vary depending on personal interest and crowd levels.

VIP Timed-Entry Tickets

  • $ 75.00 per person (children under age 3 are free)
  • Enter at any time on your selected date
  • Skip the line via a dedicated VIP entry 
  • No fee to change dates
  • An exclusive, collectible lanyard
  • A free audio guide (an $8.00 value)
  • $10 off of one purchase in the gift shop

Purchase VIP Timed Entry Tickets here.

Tip from the Tourists

People wonder if visiting the exhibition is worthwhile than just going to the Harry Potter Store. A member from Our Facebook Group, informs her that the exhibition has its exclusive store within the building, offering unique items only available with the exhibition.

Flex Tickets

  • Choose the month you would like to visit and you can enter on any date and time
  • $ 61.50 per person ages 3 and up (children under 2 are free)

Purchase Flex Tickets here.

Getting there

The exhibition is located at Herald Square at the corner of 34th and Broadway (map).

By subway: M/B/F/D and R/Q/N/W to “34th Street” station.

By bus: M5, M7 and M55 to “Ave of the Americas/W. 34th Street” stop.

Check out our post on how to use the NYC subway.

What to Expect

This massive exhibition, spread over two floors and 30,000 sq. ft. is a fantastic immersive experience that transports guests into the Harry Potter universe.

As you walk through a series of galleries and exhibit spaces, you’ll enter the Wizarding World of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The exhibition is filled with authentic props, artifacts, and costumes.

Harry Potter Exhibition

Before entering the exhibition, you will attend a Sorting Hat ceremony where you will receive a ‘magic wristband’ which unlocks most of the interactive displays.

You will also choose a favorite Hogwarts house, wand, and Patronus at a touch-screen kiosk. 

The first exhibit you will pass through showcases a first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone encased inside a Gringotts-themed vault. Videos and quotes re-introduce the story.

You’ll have the opportunity to attend four Hogwarts classes: Divination, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Potions. 

The exhibit also features several setpieces like Harry’s ‘cupboard under the stairs’,  Newt Scamander’s suitcase, Hagrid’s hut, and Professor Umbridge’s office. Perfect for photo ops! 

Harry Potter Exhibition

On the Quidditch Pitch, toss a Quaffle through a series of elevated hoops. Take a look through a peephole next to the pitch for a view of the Quidditch World Cup.

At the end of the exhibition spaces is the Pensieve Theater which stores Harry’s memories. On an enormous screen, you’ll relive moments like Harry’s first steps inside Hogwarts and his first Quidditch game.

On your way out through the Exhibition Store, you can pick up exclusive merchandise like hoodies, hats, t-shirts, sweaters and scarves, a stuffed owl or cat, or a magical chess set. 

Potterheads, why not make a day of it? After the Exhibition, stop by the Harry Potter flagship store, and then Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway!

Read more about Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

Tip from the Tourists

People ask if the exhibition is a permanent feature or its just seasonal. A member of Our Facebook Group clarifies that it is seasonal and only available until October.

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