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Where to Find Free Wi-Fi in New York

Updated: July 10, 2023

This post tells you where you can find free Wi-Fi throughout New York City. We will also tell you where you can charge your devices for free!

You may be surprised at just how many locations you can easily find free Wi-Fi that is set up by New York City for the public to use.


You can see the list of NYC Parks with access to Wi-Fi by looking at the NYC Parks Wi-Fi page.

Below are the better-known parks and public spaces with access to free Wi-Fi.

Lower Manhattan 

These locations are sponsored by the Downtown Alliance, an excellent resource for getting around Lower Manhattan. 

There are a total of 20 locations, so check the website. But these are locations you are most likely to visit in Lower Manhattan.

These are places you may have planned to visit. The network is #DwtwnAllianceFreeWiFi 

Manhattan Parks

Many parks work with AT&T service to provide free Wi-Fi. Below are the parks you are likely to visit or be near.  Look for the network attwifi.

Some parks also offer 10-minute free Wi-Fi sessions through Spectrum or Time Warner.

These are Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, and Union Square Park.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Use your free Wi-Fi to video the stunning views from this lush waterfront park between Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

Free Wi-Fi is available at Pier 1, Pier 6, Empire Fulton Ferry, and Main Street. 

DUMBO Wi-Fi provides free access to the northern portion of the park, between the two bridges.

Main Street and Empire Fulton Ferry have access to this free network.



Every subway station underground has free Wi-Fi. It is available in all public areas including platforms, mezzanines, and ticket areas.

Whether you are on the train or in the station, you can access the network TRANSITWIRELESSWIFI by following the easy instructions below:

NOTE: When you are on an above-ground train (which will not be often) you will not be able to connect to Wi-Fi, but you can use your data. But beware of heavy data charges if you didn't set up a plan or get a U.S. Sim Card (See our post Tips on SIM Cards).

If you are new to the subway, be sure to read our top tips on using the NYC subway system and our guide on choosing the right MetroCard (subway pass) for you.

Grand Central Terminal

Access free wifi in Grand Central Terminal in the vicinity of the Station Master’s Office near the waiting area for ticket-holding passengers, near Track 36.

Penn Station

Free wifi is in the Moynihan Train Hall, where the Amtrak trains are located (closer to the 9th Avenue side of Penn Station.

Look for the network #Moynihan-PublicWiFi and you can log in with Facebook or Instagram, or register using your email address.


If you are visiting NYC as a tourist, then the odds are that you will spend much of your time inside NYC's most popular attractions. With only a few exceptions, each of these attractions offers free wifi.

If you are planning on visiting at least 2 of the most popular paid attractions, then you will want to consider purchasing a tourist attraction discount pass.

These passes can save you anywhere from 20-50% off of the ticket prices to popular attractions and tours and often provide skip-the-ticket-line priority access.

Even the free and pay-what-you-like attractions and museums offer free wifi, so be sure to take advantage.

Likewise, if you are considering purchasing a hop-on-hop-off bus ticket to get you to and from these various attractions, then keep in mind that all such buses offer free wifi to their passengers.

Be sure to read our guide on choosing the right bus tour.



This innovative and totally free connectivity service can be found at over 1,500 specially designed kiosks (referred to as “Links”) throughout New York City.

Not only is there free Wi-Fi, but they also have USB ports for recharging your mobile devices! 

People can use Links to make free voice calls within the U.S. and in case of emergencies, Links have a “911” button built in for people to contact the city’s emergency service.  

Click here to locate their over 2,000 kiosks in NYC (or just keep your eyes open when you are walking around).

Click here for user-friendly instructions on how to log on to Link's Wi-Fi at a kiosk.  The video below explains it really well! 

New York Public Library Branches

As these are public spaces, you can enjoy free wifi in most NYC library branches.

You do not need to have a library card to do so. In most cases, wi-fi is available only inside the library branch.

Find a branch near you.

Apple Stores

The best of both worlds. Free Wi-Fi and devices to use if you don't have one!

You can also recharge a device, use the restrooms and just sit back and chill out.

  • World Trade Center 185 Greenwich St
  • Chelsea 401 W 14th Street (at 9th Ave),
  • SoHo 103 Prince Street (at Greene St),
  • Midtown East  45 Grand Central Terminal,
  • Midtown East 767 Fifth Avenue (bet. E 58th & E 59th St)
  • Upper West Side  1981 Broadway (at W 67th St),
  • Downtown Brooklyn 123 Flatbush Ave (Hanson Place)
  • Williamsburg 247 Bedford Ave (at N 3rd)

Shops, Cafes, and Stores

Starbucks, move over. There are some new free Wi-Fi kids in town! More and more chain shops and restaurants have free Wi-Fi. 

Wherever you are, check your Wi-Fi settings, there's a good chance that the location has free Wi-Fi.  

Some big chain stores that have free Wi-Fi: Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts being the most well-known (see this map of all the Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts locations in NYC) include McDonald's, Panera Bread, Target Stores, Whole Foods supermarkets, and more.

There are too many to list here so use Open Wifi Spots for an interactive and comprehensive listing of NYC Wi-Fi. 


Perhaps you are taking several tours with us and want to know where you can surf the web while waiting for your tour to start.

Maybe you forgot to check your email and need to see the picture of your guide to you know who to look for.

Have no fear! Here are free Wi-Fi locations close to the meeting points of our various Free Tours By Foot tours.

TIP: Our tour participants can also ask to use our tour guides' hotspot service on their phones for quick searches or email downloads.

They are categorized by the neighborhoods in which our tours start. (Don't forget that all subway stations have free Wi-Fi, so take advantage before you head above ground).

Lower Manhattan Tours

  • Lower Manhattan Tour 
    • The Downtown Alliance (see above) has free access to Bowling Green Park, where the tour begins (#DwtwnAllianceFreeWiFi network) 
  • Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, Little Italy and SoHo Tour and  All-in-One Downtown Tour
    • Downtown Alliance has free access at Trinity Church, located at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway.  (#DwtwnAllianceFreeWiFi network)
    • Starbucks at 11 Wall St. (You need to register and sign into a free account).  
  • World Trade Center and 911 Memorial & 911 Memorial and Brooklyn Bridge Night
    • City Hall at Park Row (#DwtwnAllianceFreeWiFi network) 
  • Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights, and DUMBO Tour, and All In One Brooklyn Tour
    • City Hall at Park Row (#DwtwnAllianceFreeWiFi network) 
  • SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown
    •  The Frog's Crown Bakery at 204 Spring St.
  • Lower East Side, Nolita, and East Village
    • LinkNYC now has active kiosks along Bowery from Grand Street to Rivington Street and 1st Avenue from 3rd Street to 13th Street
    • Seward Park, the signal comes from Seward Park Library
  • Greenwich Village Neighborhood 
    • Starbucks at 378 6th Ave. (You need to register and sign into a free account).
    • The Waverly Restaurant also has free Wi-Fi if you’re eating inside before the tour.
  • High Line, High Line Photography & Dark Side of the High Line
    • Starbucks at 22 Greenwich Ave (You need to register and sign into a free account)
    • multiple LinkNYC kiosks at the intersection of 14th Street and 8th Avenue
  • Greenwich Village Ghost Tour Washington Square Park

Food Tours

  • Greenwich Village Food Tour
    • Starbucks at 378 6th Ave. (You need to register and sign into a free account)
  • East Village Food Tour
    • Starbucks at 13-25 Astor Pl. (You need to register and sign into a free account)
  • Lower East Side Food Tour
    • Whole Foods at 95 East Houston St
    • LinkNYC now has active kiosks along Bowery from Grand Street to Rivington Street and 1st Avenue from 3rd Street to 13th Street

Midtown Manhattan Tours

  • Grand Central Terminal & Grand Central Terminal Photography
    • Grand Central Terminal in the vicinity of the Station Master’s Office
  • Midtown Manhattan & Midtown Manhattan Night
    • Bryant Park at 42nd St and 6th Ave (see above)
    • LinkNYC now has active kiosks at 40th and 41st Streets at Broadway

Central Park & Harlem Tours

  • Harlem
    • Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at 515 Malcolm X Blvd.
  • Central Park (Lower Section), All in One Central Park, & Central Park Photography
    • Apple Store across from the Grand Army Plaza
  • Central Park (Middle Section)
    •  American Museum of Natural History at Central Park W & 79th St
    • LinkNYC now has active kiosks along Broadway from W. 67th St to W 78th St
  • Central Park Bike
    • Starbucks at 1380 Avenue of the Americas (You need to register and sign into free account)

Brooklyn Tours

  • Brooklyn Heights
    • Columbus Park (in the plaza behind the Borough Hall building)
    • Starbucks, corner of Court St and Joralemon Sts (You need to register and sign into free account)
  • Williamsburg and Williamsburg Street Art
    • Dunkin Donuts (You need to open and sign into a free DD account)
  • Bushwick Graffiti and Street Art Tour
    •  Swallow Café at 49 Bogart Street (between Grattan St and Moore St)

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Updated: July 10th, 2023
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