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MyStory- 50 Years of HH Sheikh Mohammed

Updated: October 12, 2021
 By Pri

The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has completed 50 years of service to the UAE.

In honor of his services, HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, released a touching letter and took to Twitter to share a heartfelt congratulations letter, mentioning the ruler of Dubai’s journey filled with giving. The Ruler of Dubai went on to thank Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his kind words and appreciated the love and appreciation he has received from his people.

What is the book launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum?

To mark the milestone event, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a passionate poet, and writer released a new book titled “Qissati” which translates to ‘My Story’.

“Qissati” includes 50 different stories from the Dubai ruler’s 50 years of service to the nation, including his conversations with the US and personal stories such as conversations he had with his mother when he was a young boy. The book was initially only released in Arabic at the beginning of 2019, but the English version has also been released now.

The first copy of the book was presented to Pope Francis by HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, during his historical visit to Abu Dhabi the first week of February, also celebrating the Year of Tolerance. The first of its kind book features a chapter on each practicing religion in the UAE, including Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and various Christian faiths.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum published a pledge containing nine articles called “Fifty-Year charter” that aim to develop the quality of life and guarantee a better future for generations. The announcement was made after his 50th anniversary of starting his first mission in serving his homeland and people. The document was announced on January 4, 2019, and he promised that on January 4 each year, the “Fifty-Year-Charter” would be renewed with exceptional projects and programmes in Dubai.

What are the projects for the coming 50 years in Dubai?

1: Dubai Silk Road

The document states that it is Dubai’s destiny to be a hub between the east and west, north and south and a top destination for the world. Dubai is also home to the largest international airport in the world connecting it to more than 200 cities. In the coming ten years, more than a billion passengers will travel through Dubai airport. “Our next step is to build our own silk road in cooperation with brothers and friends. Our region has always been known for its civilization and trade, and we must restore that role. We will work to develop an international system to support our ambitions.”

2: Geo-Economic Map for Dubai

The government will develop a geographical and economic map for Dubai, to turn it into integrated and specialized free economic zones in the coming period. Each geographical-economic sector in the city will have its own board, which runs, promotes, and competes with similar sectors. Each geographic sector will also have its own investment and economic goals, which we will follow up on their implementation in sheer transparency. Each economic sector will also have a governor who will fulfill the goals for which the sector has been set up.

3: Setting up the first virtual commercial city

The first virtual commercial zone will come up in Dubai where Trade licenses will be granted without having to get a residency visa in Dubai. Bank accounts will also be opened, and e-residency visas will be granted according to the highest international and legal controls. The aim is to set up a company with a process easier than the set up of an email account.

4: Central education file for every citizen

Dubai aims to develop an e-central educational file for each citizen, which will document his or her certificates, courses, training, and conferences attended. It will chart out educational plans suitable for each citizen’s health and physical ability, and personal and functional skills.

5: Doctor for every citizen

The city and the government will work to provide medical consultations 24/7 by hundreds of thousands of doctors, specialists and consultants from around the world through a specialized company via smart government applications. “Our end goal is to change the traditional medical system and bring doctors closer to patients, heighten awareness and to utilize the best minds in the medical field in the service of our citizens.”- HH Sheikh Mohammed

6: Free economic and creative zones in universities

Nine-tenth of Dubai’s income source is business. Starting from next year, our national and private universities will be announced free zones where students can carry out their economic and creative businesses and this will be part of the educational system. Integrated creative and economic zones will be established next to universities to support students in education, research, and finance while setting up their businesses. The end goal is not only graduating students but also coming up with companies.

7: Self-sufficiency in Dubai Homes

In cooperation with our citizens willing to create an integrated system to achieve self-sufficiency in water, food and energy in, at least, one-tenth of citizens’ homes to change the lifestyle and maintain our environment. The aim is to create a new economic sector which supports self-sufficiency in water, food, and energy for at least one month or more.

8: Cooperative companies in various sectors

“This is a long-term programme seeking to double citizens’ income and improve the quality of service through the privatization of some public services in addition to setting up cooperative companies to be owned by citizens in a number of vital sectors.”- HH Sheikh Mohammed

9: Annual growth in philanthropy

The spirit of giving and extending a helping hand to others will continue in UAE. The ruler of Dubai pledged to increase Dubai’s humanitarian works and keenness to boost its growth in parallel with its business development.

Sheikh Mohammed’s journey started at the age of 19 when a newly minted graduate from a British military academy began to work for his father, Sheikh Rashid.

His passion to make Dubai the Arab world’s first Smart City is embodied in futuristic projects like flying taxis and the ambition to make a quarter of all journeys in the city autonomous by 2030. In 2015, Sheikh Mohammed unveiled Vision 2021, with national priorities that include world class health and education, and a knowledge-based economy tangible in the forthcoming Mission to Mars and Expo 2020

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Updated: October 12th, 2021
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