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Private Beefeater Tours

The Beefeaters at the Tower of London are world-wide icons - and now Free Tours By Foot is giving you the opportunity to meet them on a private tour! Currently, our team of Beefeaters offer one of London's most iconic walking tours: Jack the Ripper. [NOTE: For Beefeater Tours  which are included with your ticket […]

Currently, our team of Beefeaters offer one of London's most iconic walking tours: Jack the Ripper.

[NOTE: For Beefeater Tours  which are included with your ticket to the Tower of London you must book through their website directly HERE.]


The year is 1888. A murderer known to the media as ‘Jack the Ripper’ is terrorising London’s desperately poor East End. His target? The so-called ‘unfortunates’ – women working on the streets to earn money for life’s basics.

These brutal murders, set in the backdrop of the chaotic filth and Victorian poverty of Whitechapel, will change the world forever. The facts and fictions of the still-unsolved Jack the Ripper case continue to fascinate millions of people around the world. And what better way to walk the footsteps of Jack the Ripper than with an experienced, professional, Beefeater guide?

 width=Prepare yourself for a terrifying experience you’ll never forget by joining a Beefeater on the greatest Jack the Ripper tour in town! Your guide will take you on a journey throughout time and the streets of Whitechapel, on the trail of the mysterious killer, Jack the Ripper. The tales and facts shared with you will be backed up by crime scene photographs, letters, and historical evidence.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! All of our Beefeater guides work and live at the Tower of London and have been leading tours for years - some for as many as 25 - and they'd love to share their experience and knowledge with you on a private guided experience.



Our private Jack the Ripper Tours can start at a date and time of your own convenience (depending on guide availability). Once you've paid for your tour, we will put you in direct contact with your Beefeater guide who will make sure you're given all the info you need, and also that you have a great time! These tours are a unique experience you simply must check out for yourself - so just click THIS LINK to get in touch with us to book your Beefeater Jack the Ripper Tour!



Private Beefeater Jack the Ripper Tours operate at a cost of £195.00 per tour, per group. Payment must be made in full to secure the booking of your Beefeater guide.



A full refund is available for guest cancellations up to 14 days before tour departure and a 50% refund is available for guest cancellations up to 48 hours before tour departure. There will be no refund for guest cancellations less than 48 hours from tour departure.

DISCLAIMER: All of our Beefeater Guides are active duty Wardens at the Tower of London. This means that occasionally, last-minute, emergency or ceremonial events may prevent your Beefeater guide from leading the tour. We do our very best to ensure this does not happen, but as serving members of her Majesty's Fortress, a last minute cancellation may be beyond our control. In the event of a last minute cancellation on our side, a full refund will be given, and a complimentary tour on another date/time will be arranged for you.

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