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Ramadan in Dubai – What to know and how to make the most of it

Updated: October 12, 2021
 By Pri

 “Culture is everything and everything is culture.”

Here is our guide on what to expect if you intend on spending your Ramadan in Dubai, how to learn about it and how to enjoy it fully.

Ramadan is observed in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims all over the world fast during the day to commemorate the first revelation of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Spending your Ramadan in Dubai? Here are the General Etiquette's  in Public and the Workplace that One must Follow:

  • No eating, drinking, shouting or wearing revealing clothes
  • Keep a modest demeanor and good attitude
  • Be understanding, tolerant and patient
  • Be mindful of others’ needs and shortcomings
  • Feed the poor, donate and be charitable
  • If you make a genuine mistake, apologize and be sorry. Do not have a poor attitude.
  • YES join iftars and Ramadan tents!
  • Enjoy the Eid festivities!

Ramadan in Dubai is observed without much disruption to regular services of the city for instance public services like:

  • Government offices are working form 9 Am till 2 PM.
  • Public transportation like Buses, Abra, metros, tram  along with taxi services run at usual timings.
  • All shopping malls are open as usual and close at around 2am in the morning.
  • Most restaurants Offer take away during the day. They offer dine in services only after Iftar at 7 PM.
  • Food outlets inside shopping malls are always open.

The following restaurants offer dine-in services during Ramadan, even in the first half of the day:

Name - Contact
  1. 1762 - 800 1762
  2. 365 All Day Dining - 04 304 9000
  3. 7 Elephants Dubai - 04 354 4354
  4. Al Muntaha - 04 301 7600
  5. Academy Café - 04 295 6000
  6. Aji, Club Vista Mare - 04 552 0244
  7. Al Mandaloun - 04 363 7474
  8. Alfie’s - 04 319 8088
  9. Anise - 04 701 1127
  10. Apres - 04 341 2575
  11. Al Mayass, Sofitel - 04 338 7772
  12. Asia Republic - 04 4262626


If you would like to take a quick city tour of Dubai and learn more about the city and its history and culture, do check out our Whet-Your-Appetite-City-Tour.

About The Author


Pri is a true believer in the Rule of Three - she lives between Dubai, Bombay and Washington DC, speaks three languages and has 3 kids under 3. She graduated from Connecticut College and has a Masters Degree from New York University. Pri is a licensed Dubai tour guide, travel blogger, art aficionado, foodie and curious to check out all things new in her city. Pri has been part of the Free Tours By Foot team since 2015 and loves to make customized itineraries for her guests.
Updated: October 12th, 2021
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