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Sex and the City Tour of New York

Updated: February 28, 2024

One of the best shows to take place in New York City is Sex and the City. Some of our tour guides love SATC and have visited many of the show’s locations!

We made this self-guided tour of SATC locations to help you find places like Carrie's Apartment, Magnolia Bakery and more. Also, we include information on a Sex and the City guided tour.

Lastly, at the bottom of the post, we share what some members of our popular NYC Travel Tips Facebook group have said about hunting down SATC locations and reviews of the guided tour.

Our Facebook group consists of 230,000 locals and travelers who love sharing advice with those visiting NYC. 

There's no need to join to read the comments. So take a look at our group for more ideas or ask a question yourself!

TIP: If taking our self-guided tour sounds too daunting, consider taking the official guided Sex and the City Bus Tour


Below you'll find addresses for some of the most iconic locations from SATC along with a map to help you find them.

We've organized the locations by neighborhood so you can stop by when exploring those parts of town.

Some of the show's locations are pointed out on our guided walking tours and we list those tours below. See our full tour calendar for tour times and availability.

If you prefer to visit these locations by bus with other fans and an entertaining guide, consider this Sex and the City Bus Tour. (Read some reviews below).

Sex and the City Tour Map

Click here for a larger interactive map


A. Carrie's Apartment

66 Perry Street (map)

Though Carrie Bradshaw is supposed to live at 245 E. 73rd St (in a rent-controlled apartment for $700 a month!!), the apartment used for much of the series is actually at 66 Perry Street.

The building next door, 64 Perry, was used for the first three seasons and was then replaced in favor of the fancier-looking 66 Perry for the subsequent seasons. 

Where is Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment NYC

Though it is hard to imagine Carrie without her front steps, the setting for so many great moments in the show, there are none at 245 73rd St.

Read our post on how to get to Carrie's Apartment.

B. Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St. (map)

The cupcakes from this NYC bakery became world-famous when Carrie and Miranda snacked on them during an episode of SATC.

They enjoy the buttercream-topped cupcakes while they discuss Carrie’s new crush, Aidan Shaw.

Read our post on Magnolia Bakery

C. The Meatpacking District (map)

This trendy area is the setting of many of the girls’ nights out during the series.

Also, when Samantha decides to leave her stuffy Upper East Side building (after they judge her for her wild lifestyle), she moves to this neighborhood. 

The final scene of the Sex and the City movie shows the girls heading out for a night in the Meatpacking District.

While in the Meatpacking District, be sure to head over to the High Line.

The series ended before the High Line opened, but you can be sure that the girls would have been spending a lot of time on it had it been there.

D. Louis K. Meisel Gallery

141 Prince Street (map)

Before Charlotte marries Trey MacDougal, she is an art dealer at this SoHo gallery. 

Her dealings with the art community lead to her being a subject in multiple works of art during the series, including one where she is photographed dressed as a man.

Both Onieal's and the Louis K. Meisel Gallery can be seen on our SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown Tour.

E. Jefferson Market Garden

10 Greenwich Ave between 6th Ave and W 10th St. (map)

While planning her wedding to Steve, Miranda is having a hard time deciding on anything. She eschews anything traditional or cliché.

She settles on this beautiful community garden because it is “non-icky” and not traditionally romantic.

We stop by the historic Jefferson Market Courthouse on our Greenwich Village Tour.

F. The Brooklyn Bridge (map)

In the first SATC movie, Miranda and Steve decide to reconcile. They meet in the middle of this historic bridge. 

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the very best things to do in NYC. 

Do it on your own using our guide or join us for our pay-what-you wish tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

G. The Pleasure Chest

156th 7th Ave South (map)

Sex and the City was groundbreaking because of its frank and open discussion of sex.

In “The Turtle and the Hare” episode, Charlotte becomes “addicted” to The Rabbit vibrator, purchased from this store, and stops leaving her apartment.

Eventually, Carrie and Miranda stage an intervention and confiscate The Rabbit.

H. Onieal’s

174 Grand St. (map)

After having their hearts broken by Miranda and Carrie, respectively, Steve Brady and Aidan Shaw partner up and open Scout, a bar on Mulberry St.

The bar is named after Steve’s dog, who he bought as a puppy while still with Miranda as a “practice baby.”) 

Onieal’s, an old speakeasy, served as the bar Scout for the Sex and the City series.

I. Pete's Tavern

129 East 18th Street (map)

This is one of New York City’s oldest bars, located in the Gramercy neighborhood.

It shows up briefly in Season 6 when Miranda casually proposes to Steve as they sit at an outside table.

Read more about Pete’s Tavern from our post on NYC’s historic bars.


J. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir (map)

This beautiful jogging track is seen several times throughout the SATC series and the film.

The Reservoir is a favorite spot for the runner in the group, Charlotte, but all of the girls run the track together in an episode as well.

We cover the reservoir on our Central Park Middle Tour.

K. Loeb Boathouse (map)

Carrie and Big meet at this Central Park restaurant for lunch. 

Carrie goes to lunch after fighting with Miranda, who says she doesn’t want to deal with Carrie’s emotional fallout after another go-round with Mr. Big.

Carrie promises Miranda she will not kiss him at lunch. When they meet up at The Boathouse, Big goes in for a kiss.

To keep her promise and avoid his kiss, Carrie ducks and they both fall into the water.

For more on this great park, read our self-guided tour of Central Park or take our Central Park walking tour.


L. New York City Public Library Main Branch

Fifth Avenue and 42nd St. (map)

This beautiful library is the place that Carrie chooses for her long-awaited wedding to Mr. Big (aka Jonathan James Preston).

She thinks that it is fitting that they get married in the place “that houses all the world’s great love stories.” 

She and Anthony Marentino commence planning a spectacular New York wedding.

The scene in the film, when she gets the idea, shows her going to the library to return a book.

In reality, this would never happen, as the NYPL Main Branch does not have a circulating collection.

Read our blog post if you are planning a visit to the library.

We stop at the library on our Midtown Manhattan Tour.

M. The Plaza Hotel

Fifth Avenue and 59th St (map)

Watch the video.

At the end of Season 2, Carrie runs into Mr. Big in front of this iconic NYC hotel after his engagement party has been held there.

(He is engaged to Natasha, whom Carrie refers to as “the stick figure with no soul.”)

She asks him why he didn’t want to marry her when they were dating.

While he struggles for an answer, she leaves him with a line from “The Way We Were”- “Your girl is lovely Hubble,” and then walks away.

We cover the Plaza Hotel on our Central Park Walking Tour.

N. Tiffany and Co.

727 Fifth Avenue, between 56th and 57th St. (map)

Watch the video.

Charlotte gets a re-do of her engagement to Trey MacDougal in front of this famous jeweler.

Their previous engagement consists of her suggesting casually that they get married and him responding “alrighty.” 

She frets about this terrible engagement story until he walks her to Tiffany one day and suggests they pick out “the most beautiful ring that they have.” 

She responds “Alrighty.” 

From then on she tells people that Trey proposed to her in front of  Tiffany & Co. 

O. Manolo Blahnik

31 W 54th St, between 5th and 6th Avenues (map)

Watch the video.

Carrie Bradshaw realizes when she is trying to buy her apartment from Aidan in Season 4 that she has spent $40,000 on shoes, primarily Manolo Blahniks.

SATC became synonymous with sky-high stilettos.

And Sarah Jessica Parker got so comfortable wearing them over the six seasons and two films that she says she could run a marathon in them. 

P. Russian Samovar

256 W 52nd St, between Broadway and 8th Ave. (map)

Watch the video.

Carrie’s first date with “The Russian” takes place at this traditional Russian restaurant.

They have dinner before they go and check in on a downtown performance artist. 

“The Russian,” Alexandr Petrovsky, is played by the world-renowned ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Barishnykov, in addition to being part owner of The Russian Samovar, is a composer. Some of his compositions can be heard during the episodes in which he appears. 

Q. Columbus Circle Fountain

W. 59th Street and 8th Ave. (map)

Carrie and Aidan sit by this fountain when they decide to end their relationship for good, after two seasons of back and forth.

A sad episode for all the SATC fans who were on Team Aidan.

R. Da Marino

220 W 49th St., between Broadway and 8th Avenue (map)

Watch the video.

Avenue When Carrie and Big decide to give their relationship another try in Season 2, they go out for dinner at this intimate Italian restaurant.

While they are there, Carrie discovers that not only is her boyfriend a regular but that he also regularly gets up to sing with the house band.

Actor Chris Noth is also a real-life regular, just like his character.

Why not have dinner at the restaurant?

S. Lincoln Center

Broadway and W. 64th Street (map)

Petrovsky brings Carrie a stunning pink Oscar de la Renta dress for their night at the opera.

However, Carrie faints and they skip the opera and go to McDonald’s.

For fans of opera and ballet, you can take a tour of Lincoln Center.


T. Carrie and Big's Almost Penthouse

1010 Fifth Avenue (map)

In the Sex and the City film, this is the building where Carrie and Big find the penthouse of their dreams. It's on the posh Upper East Side across from Central Park.

After seeing a grim apartment elsewhere in the building, they are shown an amazing, airy apartment on the top floor. 

Just when Carrie starts to think that it is perfect, she realizes that the master bedroom closet does not match the rest of the apartment for spaciousness.

Big promises to build her a better closet, but doesn’t get a chance to do so before their wedding is called off. 

He goes ahead with the new closet, and this is where Carrie and Big reunite at the end of the film (over a pair of Manolo Blahniks, of course!)


This guided Sex and The City Hotspots Tour, offered by On Location Tours, lets you follow in the footsteps of your favorite four smart, sassy, sexy women.

This guided 3.5-hour bus tour takes you through several trendy neighborhoods and to more than 40 locations in both the TV series and the movies.

The air-conditioned bus makes some stops to allow for photo ops!

During the tour, your guide (a local NYC actress) will share fun facts and filming secrets! 

Just a handful of the 40 sites on this fantastic tour are:

  • Carrie’s stoop in the West Village
  • Magnolia Bakery - taste some delicious cupcakes
  • Buddakan, where Carrie and Big's wedding rehearsal dinner took place
  • Onieal’s near Little Italy -- where you’ll enjoy a Cosmopolitan and other cocktails!
  • The Pleasure Chest, the sex shop where Charlotte bought her Rabbit
  • Even some locations from And Just Like That, like Bergdorf Goodman, Chelsea Market, La Grande Boucherie
  • And many many more locations! 

You are invited to come on the tour dressed up as your favorite Sex and the City character!


Here’s what they had to say about the guided tour and other thoughts about SATC locations in NYC.

Comments about the guided tour were quite positive. Even those who had taken it years ago still remember the fun they had.

Even if you don't go on a self-guided or guided tour, keep your eyes open!

This show had dozens and dozens of scenes filmed all over the city. Chances are you’ll pass one without even knowing!

The fun doesnt have to end when you get home!

Have any questions about Sex and The City in New York City, Take a look at our Facebook group and post a question.

And just like that, you will get loads of replies.


If you really want to make your SATC pilgrimage complete, why not eat at some of the restaurants where the Fab Four did?

Here are just a handful of places from memorable scenes.

Cafeteria in Chelsea is where the girls go often to debrief on their escapades, talk about their love lives, sex lives and everything in between.

Big and Carrie host their rehearsal dinner at Buddakan, an upscale pan-Asian restaurant. It’s here where Miranda tells Big, "You two are crazy to get married. Marriage ruins everything." 

The one little comment causes Big to change his mind and subsequently breaks Carrie’s heart.

Thankfully, they do eventually make the big moment happen at City Hall. Afterward, they head to Junior's Cheesecake for brunch with their friends.

(Did you know that cheesecake is one of the famous foods of New York? )

At Eleven Madison Park, Big reveals to Carrie that he is engaged to Natasha in Season 2.

Samantha and Carrie dine at Balthazar, an upscale French restaurant, known as "Balzac" on the show.

Carrie spends her 35th birthday alone at Il Cantinori when it turns out that her friends and Big can’t make it. It does have really great food though. Why not dine here?

TIP: Some of these restaurants may participate in the bi-annual Restaurant Week when you can save loads of money enjoying a prix-fixe mean.

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Updated: February 28th, 2024
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