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Tate Modern Highlights

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Tate Modern Highlights

London's only pay-what-you-like Tate Modern Tour is here! Modern art can be bizarre or baffling. It can be funny, frivolous or fascinating. Sometimes it can be pretentious, puzzling or seemingly pointless. But it can also be stimulating, thought provoking, absorbing and exciting. It can be all of those things – why else would artists think it’s worth risking everything for? […]

London's only pay-what-you-like Tate Modern Tour is here!

Perched on the banks of the Thames River, Tate modern is the epicentre of London’s contemporary art scene. It’s a culture lover’s paradise and one of the largest modern art museums in the world, complete with cutting edge works, thought-provoking installations and dramatic think pieces.

The Tate has over 4000 artists represented and it can be quite daunting and exhausting trying to see all the pieces as well as making sense of them. We have created this small group tour (maximum 20 people) to show you the highlights of one of the greatest contemporary art collections in the world.

Tour information

Reservations: Required. Click here to reserve. Walk-ups will be permitted, if space is available. width=

Where: Tour begins underneath the chimney of the Tate Modern, between the two entrance doors.


Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

When: View our Calendar.

Cost: This tour is free to take, and you get to decide what, if anything, the tour was worth when it’s done. A name-your-own-price tour is a tour for anyone’s budget.

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