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Not sure which of our many tours to take on your trip to London? Check below for a quick summary of our tours.

  • If a tour doesn’t fit into your schedule or you have a group, we offer private tour as well.
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Due to city regulations and the overall enjoyment of guests, we aim to keep our groups relatively small.   Our tours are very popular and we often are forced to turn away many interested guests.

We do not allow groups of more than 5 to join our public tours. If your group is 6 or more, please check our our private tours page or contact us. Groups of more than 6 family members, friends or colleagues that reserve by making multiple bookings to avoid prepaying will be cancelled or turned away. This includes bookings made under different names.


Tour Summary

Westminster Tour

This tour highlights the best of royal London! Taking in a total of three royal palaces, the Changing of the Guard (when on), Westminster Abbey and the world-famous Big Ben – and more! This is the classic London tour, ideal for first-time visitors and those who just want to know more about the history of this iconic area.

2.5 hours – Slow paced – Accessible

City of London Tour

Taking guest through the oldest parts of London, the City of London Tour transverses 2,000 years of history. Leading guests down famous Fleet Street, past the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, and finishing off at the imposing Tower of London. The highlight of the tour is a riverside photo stop in between two of the most famous bridges in the world.

2.5 hours – Quick paced – Partially accessible (can be managed – alert guide ahead of time)

All in One Tour

Our famous All in One Tour combines both the Westminster and City of London Tours for one-day action packed adventure. The tour begins with royal palaces and the Changing of the Guard (when on) and takes you through 2,000 years of history, finally finishing at the notorious Tower of London.

7.5 hours (including 1 hour lunch break) – First half slow paced, second half quick paced – Partially accessible (can be managed – contact guide ahead of time)

Kensington Tour

This is a fun-for-everyone, educational but enjoyable tour, packed with information, cool facts plus top tips about free activities.  An experienced London guide will take you through the incredible museum district and then through Kensington Gardens, admiring the Palace, parks and fountains nearby.

2.5 hours – Slow paced – Accessible

Street Art and Graffiti Tour

For street art enthusiasts around the world, this tour is jam packed full of eclectic, interesting, shocking, and beautiful street art. This area of London is practically blanketed in some of the most famous street art in existence. Guests will traipse along these cobbled streets, exploring all the art there is to see: from massive murals and pieces that take up entire buildings, to the tiny hidden pieces you’d miss if you didn’t have anybody to tell you where to look! And did I hear somebody say ‘Banksy’..?

2 hours – Medium paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets)

Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown Tour

Never quiet, always fun, and attracting a wide mix of people from all over the world, Soho’s atmosphere and history make it a must for any tourist (or locals!) visiting London. See the spot where the eradication of cholera began, where the Huguenots buried their dead, where Henry VIII built a royal park and be led along the avenues described in the 18th century as “a notorious place of ill-fame!” And get the rock n’ Roll history of London – this is where Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin got their start, where Bowie and the Beatles recorded!

2 hours – Medium paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets)

Rock n’ Roll Tour

London’s first free rock n’ roll tour, this is a true “bucket list” experience! This nostalgic tour will take you on a journey through performances, recordings, album covers, and legendary gigs – both firsts and lasts! You’ll get the behind-the-scenes stories of infamous nights out, lives, loves, and the tragedies and triumphs of some of musics iconic legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, The Sex Pistols, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Prince, The Small Faces, Queen, Carly Simon, U2 and Bob Marley – just to name a few!

2 hours – Medium paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets)

East London Food Tour

The UK’s only pay-what-you-like food tasting tour! This tour explores the food history and culture of the East End. Wander down the ‘curry mile’ while you sample samosas and Indian sweets; taste the fish and chips voted as “Best in London” year after year; peruse the hippest food trucks in town; nosh on a salt beef beigel and finish with a sweet American import. This food tour of London is completely unique in that you design your own menu. Your guide will bring you to the best cafes and shops in East London and explain their history and specialties – but you decide and purchase what you would like to eat!

2 hours – Slow paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets)

Dark Side of London Ghost Tour

This tour takes guests on a walk through the sinister past of the Dark Side of London, hearing ghost stories, tragic tails, and creepy facts and figures, all the more unsettling because it is true! Visitors will learn the salacious history of the Bishop of Winchester, visit the infamous ‘Clink’ (the prison so legendary that it has lent its name to all others) and stand before an old Victorian hospital famous for grave-robbery. Hear the grim origins of many medieval nursery rhymes, and enter the City to visit a skull-festooned church that holds the remains of the woman who brought the Black Plague to England. The tour finishes at the largest ‘Plague Pit’ in England – only discovered in 2003.

2.5 hours – Medium paced – Partially accessible

Jack the Ripper Tour

This tour, exploring the most famous unsolved murders in history, is filled with twists and turns, dark alleys and deception. Uncover macabre theories about the famed Victorian killer and his helpless victims while wandering the narrow lanes of Whitechapel. Your skilled guide, a true ‘Ripperologist,’ will entrance you with sinister tales of the area once known as “Darkest England.”

2 hours – Medium paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets) – ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12

Night Tour – Twilight on the Thames

Bright and towering skyscrapers, illuminated bridges, and twinkling lights that line the river appear and light the way for your London Night Tour! Stroll along the beautiful river Thames, taking in the sunset and the stunning views of London’s night time facade. As the lights of the city come alive, we will enjoy the atmosphere and cross world-famous bridges to take in the best night time scenes London has to offer. With a focus on London’s night time past, we will also talk Thames as we follow the river through town, blending centuries of history with the modern bright lights of the big city.

2hr 15min – Slow paced – Accessible

Harry Potter Tour

Your expert guide will take you through London, pointing out sites and locations from the Harry Potter books and film series. The entire tour will be filled with fun facts, film references, and the chance to see numerous locations referenced in the Harry Potter books. The journey will take you by foot and also via the London Underground (remember that scar of Dumbledore’s?). Expect to see the Leaky Cauldron where Harry is first introduced to the wizarding world, the real Diagon Alley, the Minitry of Magic and right down to Piccadilly Circus where the trio apparate into London in the final book.

2 hours – Medium paced – Not accessible owing to Underground journey (contact guide ahead of time to discuss)

Southbank Tour

Join an award-winning guide on a stroll along London’s spectacular Southbank Thames Path, regularly ranked as one of the world’s finest walks. From our vantage point on the river, the London from the Southbank Walk takes in sweeping vistas of London’s most famous attractions – Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Savoy Hotel, the Tate Modern, HMS Belfast and so, so much more.

2hr 15min – Slow paced – Accessible

Greenwich Tour

This tour explores a real UNESCO World Heritage Site, with renowned architecture and many famous museums and buildings, which collectively have served as symbols of British cultural and naval power for over 400 years. We will admire the unique architecture of the first classical building in Britain, Queen’s House, as well as hearing the story of the only surviving tea clipper, Cutty Sark, in the world. Your guide will take you on a walk through the gentle green hills of Greenwich Park and straddle the eastern and western hemispheres on the Meridian Line. You will restaurants, historic pubs and Old Greenwich Market, where you can choose to have lunch after the tour.

2 hours – Slow paced – Accessible (note: cobbled streets)

Hidden City: Secrets, Sins and Scandals

Have you ever wondered what secrets lie beneath the 2000 year old streets of old Roman Londinium? Perhaps you have pondered the conspiracy theories born of the capital’s many secret societies? Interested in finding the strangest and most bizarre aspects of the “Square Mile” and seeing things that most tourists never encounter? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this is the tour for you. Go deep into over 2000 years of strange history that will delight, intrigue, unsettle and even tittilate you on this 2 wonderful tour of the hidden secrets, scandals and sins of the Old City.

2 hours – Medium paced – Partially accessible (contact guide ahead of time)

Camden Tour
Camden is London’s most alternative neighbourhood with quirky fashion, independent markets, great eateries, craft beer, street art everywhere and a wealth of musical and literary heritage. Our two hour tour will stroll the canals, markets and venue’s and leave you in one of the coolest parts of London the insider knowledge of how to have the time of your life.

2.5 hours – Medium paced – Accessible (cobbled streets)

British Museum Tour

The British Museum is on of the greatest collections of artefacts from world history. Join our two hour pay-what-you-like tour as we use some of the museum’s most famous objects to tell the story of our shared humanity. Highlights include: the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon and Easter Island Sculptures, Aztec art, Saxon silver and much more.

2.5 hours – Slow paced – Partially accessible (stair cases to visit galleries on upper floor – contact us for more information)

Theatreland Tour: From Shakespeare’s Bankside to Today’s West End.

London’s Theatreland: From the Shakespeare’s Bankside to today’s West End.

The only pay-what-you-wish Theatreland Tour has arrived! This walk will start by taking you back in time to Shakespeare’s London*, and will bring you right up to the present day and into the future of Covent Garden and the West End. Filled with theatre trivia and top tips for viewing shows, this tour is the best introduction to the West End you could have.

*(due to Health and Safety concerns we are no longer able to offer actual Time Travel)

2.5 hours – Medium Paced – Not Accessible